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You are my inspiration. I’m in my mid 40’s, and I hope I am still playing when I get there.:+1:


Where is the Gaige code lol? I need it :smiley:

All in your head! You never need to stop gaming if you still get the kick!
And the beauty of technology is it keeps advancing, so I figure in 20 years when I’m 80 I’ll be able to control games with my mind so my then-enfeebled arthritic hands won’t be a problem.


I mean, I AM itching to put more miniatures together after assembling Kingdom Death: Monster but this is unreasonable.


You’ve got to admit though - there are some great set pieces in there! How about a Moxxi’s Bar diaorama?

Hi! Are the Gaige Community Day Head and Skin headed our way soon? Haven’t found them in game sadly. Thanks in advance and can’t wait for tomorrow :smiley:

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I’ve been adoring my friend’s Community Day Maya head lately, so pretty!
If I can get my hands on that, I swear my eyes will turn into big ol’ anime stars.

yeah, like that


Gonna leave this here.

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for anyone that wants to download that badass white model as a wallpaper jpeg


Is BL1 remaster going to be a free update for the PC?

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Yes, on 3rd April I believe, if you have the original on Steam.


We’re going on about it over here.


I own them all on steam :smiley:

just got to say who is going to do a play through of all the B.L games?


Well, I’m re-playing 2 new characters in the remastered BL1, and continuing a few characters is BL2, so close enough. I have no interest in re-doing BL:TPS, just not my thing.

Doing much the same, although I’ll probably go and push at least one more character through to max level in TPS. I did get all 6 to the end of TVHM, and that was fun.

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Me. Going to start a new character in each and replay Tales.

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I might soldier on with my Mordy in BL1 and start the new Brick as well.

Right now working on my Hellborn Krieg and will later get to Axton to get those two through TVHM.

One of these days I’ll actually commit to a Pre-Sequel playthrough of at least one of the VHs.