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announcing something that’s obviously “hyped”, and presenting something completely different… it’s what we can call a “PR Suicide”

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(When) Will it be on Steam though, seeing as this is a thing?

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Do I trust him as a person? No, because I don’t know him, BUT …

He runs a business and he knows that bad press sticks to a company forever. He won’t tease a Borderlands 3 that directly and then don’t deliver on it.

It’s also different from his other teasers, which were just tweets from his Twitter and more hints and “riddles” than anything concrete. This however is almost as good as a confirmation due to its obvious signs like “Exit 3” and the Borderlands-y look (although the other titles didn’t actually use cell shading like this picture seems to do, the other BLs used a technique called outlining). The pixelated look could come from a basic zoom or could hint at other things.

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There’s no reason to believe that Pitchford or GBX are trolling fans. This is one of the effects of certain Youtube accounts throwing rumors at the wall to see what will stick for their own purposes (views, subscribers).

The Know claimed that a confidential, inside source said that GBX would reveal BL3 at The Game Awards and certain Borderlands-centric Youtube channels amplified that claim, despite Pitchford tweeting that he would not be attending The Game Awards.

Some Borderlands fans watched the entirety of the The Game Awards stream and were frustrated that GBX didn’t announce BL3 at the event. Many thought GBX had trolled them. Their frustration and distrust has been displaced onto Pitchford and GBX when it should lie with The Know, who made the false claim, and the Youtubers who echoed it, and maybe even themselves for so quickly believing clearly unsubstantiated claims from untrustworthy sources whose entire schtick is amplifying unsubstantiated rumors and speculation. (This doesn’t apply to anyone in this thread).

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I’m just purely questing it. We have seen in the past how GBX handled some presentations, and we saw them make a lot of hints and other stuff in the past few years. Hinting at a game unveil is one thing, but they could easily use the Borderlands style like in this pic to get them lots of press. They have stated about having other things in development too.

Last year was a huge disappointment… And being that B2 is my favorite game and Maya is my favorite character of all time, I am very hopeful it’s a real hint.

Gearbox have stated in another tweet - " Hinting at another game" so that gives it more traction to me. But hey…just got to wait for the big day now. Must buy some sleeping tablets :smile:

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Don’t worry, it’s going to be OK, man.

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Given the assumption that Take-Two’s financial report from last year (that stated a major title would be released in their next fiscal year) referred to the Borderlands franchise I have thought that PAX East of 2019 would be the earliest BL3 could be announced. I do think this will be about BL3.

We may not get a firm date and it could be as late as the end of the fiscal year (March 31 2020), but, for the first time, not being one to listen to YouTubers and Twitch streamers nor any other source of rumours no matter how official they imply their sources to be, and fully understanding the difference between a hint or tease and a post by an official Gearbox representative, and so by being skeptical avoid disappointment, I do believe this will be the official announcement for the next Borderlands game (not “just” an announcement of a BL1 re-master for example).

As I understand it the story and tone of the next Borderlands game will be closer to BL1 than BL2 - but don’t take my word as anything more than an opinion unsubstantiated by links to actual facts. In that light though it wouldn’t be surprising to see artwork reminiscent of BL1. Differences in techniques like the removal of a cell-shading like appearance would be expected since the game is using Unreal 4 instead of Unreal 3.

tldr; yup I’m excited, am hoping for a September release but won’t be disappointed unless it’s delayed a few months into Take-Two’s (2K’s) next fiscal year (past Mar. 31, 2020).

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I am remembering Randy P said the release windows were much shorter now. I expect that the Remaster will drop soon after the show and September for Borderlands 3. I would also not be surprised if Remaster has some new content that ties it to BL3 somehow. Maybe the Remaster has reworked the Weapon Proficiencies into a format more like what we are going to get in BL3. So many possibilities here!

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You know, I wouldn’t even rage if it was Homeworld 3.

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Welcome back!

Also, I know a few around these parts who’d be more than happy if it was a new BiA title.

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Has everyone seen the latest image? I am utterly confounded.

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…this one

I think they are trying to say it’s a hidden image. That’s my wife in the foreground, and some weapon salesman in the back. Not sure what games it’s from, looks kind of glitchy an old. Maybe C64 days?

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Yeah, that’s the one. I can see who it is, and where, but…why? Are we getting 8Bitlands too?

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Unreal Engine 4 apparently has the same compute technology of the Commodore 64. So i assume they are showing off the new amazing graphics, trying to show BioWare and Ubisoft their graphics suck.

I’ll have to get a GPU upgrade for this :smile:

…but yeh. Strange image

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Art department using MS Paint confirmed. That means the music is probably a .mid file?

This, on the other hand…

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smells like a new IP,
i don’t see it too “borderlands-ish”

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Pretty much my thought too, didn’t they say it was another game also? Yeah, twitter says “Time to tease another game”, so I think each of the images on the feed is a different game.

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A lot of folks (myself included) think it’s something to do with We Happy Few.

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