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Clearly a font-based first person text adventure set on Pandora: Amperslands.

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With regards to speculation for the other game…
Just throwing this out there…
Project 1v1.

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Maybe it’s Bunkers & Badasses?


If anyone isn’t convinced this picture is at the very least Borderlands-related :

This is without a doubt the exact same model.

In addition, the font used to write “MARCH 28” on the sign is called “Compacta Bold”, and it happens to be the exact same font as the one used in Borderlands.

Even though I’m positive this is Borderlands 3, this could also be the BL1 remaster, or as @Tracer said, Bunkers & Badasses or something like that. But I’m 95% sure this is BL3.

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Also… those are definitely cacti and NOTHING ELSE. Sometimes a long, thin cactus is just a long, thin cactus people.

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Wait, are you actually skeptical that this image implies Borderlands, or did you just see the opportunity to make a dick joke?

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Steganography is the word for this, on Monday i’ll Take a closer look

Sounds like a real ■■■■■

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Confirmed: Duke Nukem and Ishi Sato to be playable characters in Borderlands 3.

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Saw this on Facebook today:

Is there going to be a set of BL playing cards?

Or a Tiny Tina card game?

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Well, that is rather intriguing! Still 9 days to go…

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I don’t care what it is, it’s gorgeous.

It shall be mine.


It shall be mine.

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Tiny Tina Tarot Cards.
With annotations by Tiny Tina.

“Ohhhhhhh snaaaaaappppp… Ya drew the badass skag. That means death. You gonna die.”

Tina… you can’t just make all the tarot cards mean death…

I can… and did… and that’s why my tarot card deck is the ONLY tarot card deck with a one hundred and one percent accuracy guarantee! Everybody die! My cards don’t lie! Blow the bandits sky high… BOOM!!!

The room rattles briefly from a distant explosion.

Okay, I think you might be taking this “acceptance” phase just a little too far…

And that’s why YOU DIE!!! JK. But not really. You is gonna die. Byyyyyyyyyy… oooohhhhh wormhole thresher. Exotic.

Uh… why does the thresher have a top hat?

Uh… cuz she fabulous… duh.

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BulletStorm: Full Clip Edition coming to Switch.

Look at the image.
GBX don’t own BulletStorm, People Can Fly do… so, it can’t be a new Bulletstorm title. Duke… while it would be great, I seriously doubt it.

But, that image is backwards. “Switched” around…

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GBX are the publisher for B:FCE, and Duke in B:FCE was a launch or pre-order bonus iirc?

The PAX tease continues, regardless!


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