Post patch Miko suggestions? (He feels like a hot mess)

I need some suggestions for how the hell to manage playing Miko. Seems the patch really screwed with his sustainability, rippling to battlefield effectiveness as a support character for healing allies.

I’m fine adjusting his skills, but it was too dramatic - and should have balanced with regen from the heal-beam. Now,
Particularly in the early games (before you have shards for equipment that can augment things) he feels completely incapable of staying alive. I can’t regen fast enough with the huge nerf, and with no shield… I’m spending all my time running from anyone directing damage (since he can’t take much now), and trying to also keep allies healed.

90% of the ‘Do MORE Harm’ Augment side seems useless now too since it’s a waste to put anything into damage skills and basically anything that will help get his health-gen improved.

Any suggestions for how to play what feels like a forced support character who now has to hide?

Yeah, even with a good team, he recovers health too slow now. Miko seems like a waste to have on a team now, more firepower will do better. Miko was always a hot target, now you die or run (both of which make you ineffective at healing your team - which can’t typically can’t kill enemies faster than enemies - WHO TARGET MIKO ANYWAYS - can simply scrub him off the map).

Run away and hide behind your teammates when people are trying to kill you. Your job is to keep your team alive and fighting. Just by having you pick Miko your team is at a disadvantage with its damage output; you need to mitigate that lack of damage by enabling your teammates to output it for you. You can’t do that if you’re dead or getting into 1v1’s.

Don’t pick a support class if you’re not willing to communicate with your team. People aren’t just going to let you sit there and heal the people they’re fighting. You’re going to need your teammates to deal with them for you.

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Miko isn’t fun to play at all in team that doesn’t communicate.Which is, currently, the state of 95+% of PUGs. Its giant crit zone is just too easy to hit for opponents, especially from higher places. Its heal beam is otherwise far too easy too spot, and too short range to safely heal characters currently meleeing. Hiding behind Montana is one of the few things that still work so if a Montana is here that’s a possibility.

In PUG, I clearly recommend going Reyna instead, she’s far more interesting to play as a support and far safer in those case. Plus I heard from a trustworthy source that all those peoples like shields and kicking asses.

There is nothing wrong with Miko now. Miko is a hell of a lot more balanced unlike the incredibly OP status of before.

Instead of Miko being able to keep teammates healed despite the enemy team targetting Miko instead of Miko’s heal target, now if Miko is focused the other teammates need to help protect it.

Miko isn’t a one-it army any longer. Deal with it. Miko is still a powerful support.

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Basically Miko got told you’re a healer but you’re not allowed to heal yourself, whatever kind of sense that makes.

I have no issue with the nerf to Miko’s Biosynthesis. Just take Probiotics mutation with a +Healing Received item and it’s the same as it was before.

To clarify, nerfing biosynthesis not only impacts self healing but ally healing, especially with certain augments. I also feel like I heal slower.

And with items, the early game feels most problematic since you need shards to unlock them (and higher value - esp necessary with the need, the longer into the game it is to equip).