Post Patch tier list

Ok so before I say anything remember that this is entirely opinion based and up for discussion. That being said I am level 70 now and have experienced and played as all the characters. This is also taken from the opinion of 4 of my friends who are as high level as me. Before you post about how much of a dumb-ass I am, read my reasoning and then call me a dumb- ass. And jeez this was such an unnecessary amount of work. I started and then was too stubborn not to give up… so **** it.

S tier

A tier
-Oscar Mike

B tier
-Shane and Aurox

C Tier
-El Dragon

D tier
-Whiskey Foxtrot

S tier


  • ok so before I get the hate about how the nerf made her less tanky, remember that she still wins every 1v1 she comes up against. She deals great AoE damage and has an easy to land stun. Her Ultimate also gives her more tankyness, damage and acts as an escape. She just offers too much utility compared to any other character

A Tier


  • just so much damage. Holy crap he can shred and suppress a team. I would put him in S tier but he can be pressured by the enemy team. He has a decent escape but if the pressure is constant, he falls off.


  • he heals people… really well. However people are figuring out how to work around it. If you are playing against a Miko, target him immediately and force him to back off.


  • Benedict only has 1 counter in the game and that is Marquis. Otherwise the skies are his and he should never make himself vulnerable by being close to the firefight.

[Oscar Mike]

  • People have this character in low tiers and I’m wondering why. He has great assassination/ burst damage. He has great wave clear with his grenades. His ultimate is fantastic at position control/ team fights. Seriously though, he has no downside.


  • Ok so whoever thinks this character is bad did not play or build him right. Build all tank and life steal and watch this un-killable monster survive all 5 people trying to kill him. (also if he is paired with a Miko, just give up now). His ultimate is also one of the best CC options in the game.

B tier


  • First off, Screw this super easy and free character. However she is still good post nerf so ugh, B tier I guess.


  • Great for team fights. Over shields are annoying to deal with. Just a solid support.


  • Most Thorns do not exploit her amazing movement. She deals great damage if you learn how to use her bow and her ultimate is a free kill. I see too many Thorns trying to snipe with his character when her best option by far is playing bait and punish style. She is near un-killable if played correctly.

[Shane and Aurox]

  • This character is an assassin and people play them like a tank . Seriously though just use invisibility burst somebody down. They run away and then use the fetch to pull them back and they’re dead. I only leave her in B tier because her wave clear and tankyness for her size are subpar.


  • Great duelist but can get shredded by chasing a thorn or any character that can evade melee attackers well.


  • Good damage but can have ultimate canceled by CC. However if they can’t CC it, the damage is insane


  • Pure wave clear because pillars can be easily avoided by enemies. Super elusive and hard to kill through.


  • Hooking people is so fun and useful. Ghalt is also a great counter to Miko because he can pull him away from whoever he is healing. The damage buff put him in B tier.


  • Great CC options. Play kind of passively until the team fight starts and then go all in. Too often people with Montana think they can survive anything and they don’t play smart. Also the frost mode slows which is amazing.


  • Best Stun in game. I have literally stunned all 5 of the enemy team in one fight. Build tank and chomp minions until you are a crazy tank with god-like CC. He is in B-tier because his early game is kinda weak. (Also a lot of people don’t know this, but you can cancel his stun and don’t have to wait the full time)


  • Solid Tank with good wave clear and decent damage

C tier


  • TBH, this character has crazy potential. I was very on the fence about his tier. His ultimate is amazing and his CC is good. However he is squishy and right now gets outclassed by the easier supports.

[El Dragon]

  • Probably belongs in B tier as well but it was getting too crowded so someone needed demotion. He got nerfed by the patch and his size present issues as he is not that tanky.


  • Great for tanking but unfortunately is very easily avoided and killed by range.


  • This character is just not that great at any one skill in particular. Her assassinating is meh because her burst is not enough and people can see her coming. Her team fight is below average as well.


  • She simply does not do enough damage to be a true threat. However she is incredibly elusive and hard to kill.


  • Another case of not being good enough at one skill in particular. He gets wrecked by other ranged characters and I feel his contributions are limited to his blind and… well… not much else

D tier (characters that need buffs or I’m just missing something)


  • He is just kinda bad. He doesn’t do much damage and he can be shredded by melee characters. It’s a shame because I love Toby’s character design. The best way to play Toby is too bunker down in the back where he can abuse his wall. However his contributions are still minor even if he play’s very defensive.

[Whiskey Foxtrot]

  • This character is so below average compared to most characters in this game. His Ultimate is his only good quality. His sticky bomb is terrible and overall this champ just brings nothing to the table.

I doesn’t like the fact that Ambra and some others are faster than Mellka.
Mellka as an assasin needs to be faster than most of the characters (not all, but most). When Mellka is running away, the character who follows her is every time able to catch her (if its no tank except galilea).


Excellent tier list and justifications. You sound like you know what you’re talking about.

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About Toby, At least in Meltdown he can be pretty crazy. In the early game he can single handedly control a whole lane and in the late game (once the grinders move) you place him behind the back turrent shield yourself and the turrent and wreck havoc. I saw him dominate whole teams solo that way. I cant talk but incursion but if your aim is good and true he can ve a beast in meltdown.

S+A should go down a tier. Her spike reduction really crippled the assassin role and without A up she’s just completely subpar compared to everyone else in B tier, especially the likes of Thorn, Ambra and Reyna.

I agree with fire, she really lost her bite.

Looks good to me. I’d personally consider Orendi A tier but I agree 100% on the other character assessments.

Besides putting Caldarius in C Tier (I’d go D Tier in all honesty, he has just as many things wrong as Whiskey Foxtrot does.) I don’t see anything wrong. I actually would put Kelvin up a tier just because he can get crazy max health (Which I hope becomes patched), but I agree in your justification.

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I honestly think Caldarius should be A or higher since he has good burst damage and decent sustained damage. His harass and mobility is where he truly shines though as he can basically be anywhere on the map within seconds. I’m not saying he can single handily solo the game but his ability to gather crystals and and be everywhere on the map is obscene. Ask yourself what helps put you ahead and stay ahead? Building everything to gain a level advantage and ensuring your minion waves reach the objective.

If anyone would like a demonstration of his ability i would be happy to play a match or 2 tonight and post the results.

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In agreement with most of the listing. I’d probably move Phoebe and Orendi up to A list, and Boldur all the way down to D (because he is awful). Other than that, I’m good with this.

Understandable, his mobility is one of the reasons I like him. The problem is that if he doesn’t have the DPS to back that up he won’t be a harassment, he’ll just be a fly. I actually will agree with you on the crystals, that is a very good element which can help the team.

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Like i said if you think his damage is bad I’ll do a match or 2 tonight and post the score so you can see he does have high damage potential you just have to learn the character a little more.

Hey, that would be great. I’m fine with seeing the results, best of luck. :slight_smile:

yes I agree caldarius is fast and can rack up crystals. However Benedict and Thorn can do this just as fast if not faster. Both of them also wreck Caldarius because they can out range him. Oscar Mike is not as fast as him but can bully him in out of a lane super quickly due to a superior gun and better AoE burst. Caldarius may get raised if he gets a buff but I think his damage is far too low to merit a higher tier at the moment.

Both characters you listed that can “wreck” him are both bad match-ups against him so I’m a little confused? They both are fast i agree but Cal is simply in another class of speed atm with the correct helix choices. I’ll just post the stats and you can decide for yourself if he’s bad or needs a buff or not.

Wish Caldarius could go a bit higher but his damage really is pitiful if he isn’t doing the in-and-out. Currently, if you deal with anyone that can quickly shield or heal, you pretty much go

“Hey guys, you better get them down to 60% or something or I won’t go ham because I can’t kill anyone above that. Btw, I can’t kill anyone being healed by Miko”

Bigges issues I’m facing though is that I’m dashing THROUGH enemies with his Gravity burst. IT gets annoying that the terrain detecting on that thing is so good at preventing a long dash snipe but using it on enemies and I just go through them 25% of the time. There’s also the issue that in Incursion, if people are doing the backdoor, you can’t do much because your KAMEN KICK ult is as good as disabled while fighting in there. Caldarius really needs that ult or half of his burst goes poof.


I don’t see how Benedict has a bad matchup va caldarius. Benenedict can get higher than caldarius at any time an simply rain rockets out of caldarius’s useful range. Then all Benedict has to land is a tracer rocket and caldarius is dead. Speed doesn’t matter if the rockets are homing. A good thorn will also land the volley and blight on caldarius which forces him to play much more defensive. And good luck killing a mobile thorn with his below average TMP.

That’s because his ult much like Thorns is half his burst damage. To assist you with the Miko and friend match-up If they don’t have any hard CC dance around them in the air and focus on getting crits on Miko “really easy” while constantly using flashbangs to further enrage them. when Miko hits about 50% dash in with his burst/flashbang/ult to secure the kill. I don’t see people really using his air dash as much as they should 'I’m always dash".

Benedict’s rockets have a slow travel time and are very hard to hit him with. Cal would have no problem catching Thorn or Benedict period. Thorn gets a 30% boost from walking in her blight for a 5 second duration while Cal gets that from just using any skill + a very fast air dash + gravity burst. “the fastest and furthest traveling dash in the game” Did i mention his blind that allows him to get behind someone really easily?

Caldarius can’t catch a good Benedict. Benedict goes up not side to side. If the Benedict is on the ground trying to run away laterally, he is playing the character wrong. Caldarius can literally do nothing if Benedict camps the platform on top of the bridge.