Post-PC Crossplay Update Connectivity Issues

I’ve been playing with a friend online since before the recent PC-Crossplay Update, at the time we would have occasional connection disruptions (every 90 minutes or so we would get disconnected and our Discord call would drop (this happens with no other game or activity)) and we would just reconnect and start up again.

After the update, we’re now getting mutual mini-disconnects/lag spikes every 20 to 30 seconds. Enemies will freeze, guns won’t show stats, menus are non-navigable, players will teleport, etc. As well as the above kick-us-out-of-the-session disconnections.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? We’ve tried several methods from the General Network Troubleshooting guide and a couple different similar threads here. I’ve never had this issue when playing with anyone else or when playing before this recent update. Any help is appreciated!


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Yeah we experienced this as well. I’m on Epic, they are on Steam. Both of our internet connections are good (around 100mbs or more) but we kept experiencing lag and eventually I’d get disconnected from their game.

Couldn’t rejoin their game because BL3 said I was offline or they were offline when we were. Shutting down the game and Epic didn’t make us appear online so we both restarted our computers and then were able to invite each other again but after the second disconnect we gave up.

From the looks of it, looks like Shift has been having connectivity issues today. I guess it’s not too surprising since crossplay was just launched, hopefully they resolve these issues soon.

I also submitted a support ticket about it, just to see if there’s any kind of more specialized solution I missed in my search. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it!
Otherwise, like you said, it seems to be a growing pain from the recent crossplay feature addition. Hopefully it’s something they can look into.

Let us know what you find. I’m having the same issue as well.

I also had disconnects yesterday and today, one player on epic, one on Steam. And all steam friends said they had disconnectes too. Nothing fixed it except waiting.

I think we can all safely assume this stems from the Epic exclusivity deal requiring extra crossplay functionality and/or the extra telemetry they collect by using Shift as the matchmaking system backbone. If it were not for Epic, they could simply use Steamworks like they did for BL2. Remember Gamespy from BL1, it was patched out when gamespy died…