Post Winter Update Idea Request. Charity/Trading/Conversion

So the Winter Update looks very very very good to me. It promises quite a lot of rewards. Which includes:

  1. 37 total legendary loot packs.
  2. 50 general loot packs at the least from command rank
  3. 150 faction packs from character upgrades
  4. Huge credit bonuses from quests
  5. An increase to the credits earned per hour rate.

All of this sounds great, i have literally no complaints. But you see, players like me, the Veteran community. We have literally everything we want already. A not so humble brag… here are the only 6 items left in the game that i want.

Not even a single legendary left in that list. I have no use for legendary packs. And with the chances of me actually finding the specific Epics i want out of a pack, it honestly seems like a waste for me to open them. Not only that, it’s even more of a waste to pay for those packs unless it is a lootpocalypse.
My nearly completed gear bank gives me a MASSIVE advantage in this game over newer players. I don’t need the legendary packs, or the faction packs, or the credits. But the new players coming in from the christmas rush DO! These packs are wasted on me. But they wouldn’t be on others.

With this in mind, I want to be able to gift both loot packs, and credits to other players. To be a little more greedy with this, i’d also like to ask that we be allowed to trade specific pieces of gear from our inventory as well. So that maybe, i can give some lucky guy, 100,000 Credits for a perfect roll of one of those pieces of gear on my list.
No matter what we players choose to do with the idea of being able to gift Credits and Lootpacks, it’d be nice to have the option. I feel it would help keep the community closer together as well, since we would also be relying on others for gear that RNG has failed to give us. :’(

If trading and charity becomes something you simply can’t code into the game for whatever reason I have yet another idea as a back up.
There could still something we can use the Credits and loot packs on if we can’t give them away or trade them. The last idea, would be if you could allow us to spend our credits on command/character XP.
I know you may have feelings that this would be unfair to those who are new, because those of us who have credits hoarded would be given a huge advantage. But please, consider this:
Those of us who do have our ranks maxed and our characters maxed with no use for these credits, also have nearly all of our challenges done. ALL OF THEM ALMOST! Yet, the new player? Or the player that literally just got to 105 who has only had the game for a month. They are the ones who have the real advantage in this situation. Because you see, you said in the winter update stream that you would not allow our excess experience to carry over to the new rankings. I find this to be unfair to veteran players because a huge portion of command and character XP points come from those challenges we completed and only got the credit reward for. We have countless rank 5 challenges each worth a total 780 XP total, that has gone to utter waste. However, the new players won’t have these challenges completed, and so, they will be able to rank up to 150 command rank much faster then the veterans. Which is unfair.
If you are not going to give us the XP points we earned in this update, then at least give us a way to catch up. Keep things fair for both new players and old players alike.

At the very least, if you are unable to fulfill ANY of these requests, then please, reset ALL challenges to make things fair for those who want to be on a fast track to max command rank. Make sure it is optional for all players. Something with a “Are you sure?” Pop up about 5 different times and a “ARE YOU REALLY F***ING SURE!?” screen at the end where Isic is yelling at you and calling you stupid for not getting the hint. Something like that would be nice.

I apologize if this is more of a rant then anything else, i don’t mean it to be.

I want to be able to at the very least give away Credits and Loot packs
Would also like to be able to trade specific gear pieces with people.
Would like to be able to trade loot packs.
Would like to be the upcoming level grind to be fair to the new players who just got the game as well as the veteran players who have earned more then them through a very long grind.


I really love your trade-ideas, wanted the same options since the Beta! :heart: I have far to many legendaries I don´t use and would gift away.


Thank you. I wonder if trading was suggested to them in Beta. If so, then i really fear that they just simply don’t have the ability to implement it. That it will just be another one of those things they say is impossible for us like separating PvE and PvP K/Ds.

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My perfect roll Antiquated Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguards isn’t going anywhere for less than a sweet million. :wink:

I think a trading system would be great. There’s some kind of curse on me where, if a friend helps me hunt for a legendary I want, they get it at max roll and I get something utterly horrible. And of course that friend will already have a max roll of that legendary already.


Pretty sure trying to raise 6 million credits sounds much more reasonable to me then trying to rely on this RNG to be perfectly honest.

Also, hehe, yeah, i have the same luck as your friend, and everyone knew it. They kept making me go through story missions to get legendaries, but they could only get pieces either i actually wanted them to have, or pieces of gear that were on my list back when i was hunting for pieces of my own. The stuff they wanted that i thought was crap, they never got.


I hate this so much. T_T I have Miko 100% done and now I can level them up more!!!

Anyways, I’d love to be able to trade my credits for exp. :o

And the trading system is awesome too, I’ve wanted this since the beginning of the game.

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I hate it to. Because i will have no bonuses for Rath or Orendi. However, i feel like they are saying it is to make it so everyone can experience the same grind. But what they really meant by that was… the game didn’t save the data on our extra command XP and Character XP so they literally can’t bring that XP back post update.
Which sucks, i wish they would just be upfront with their limitations instead of white washing it all the time with reason that just get people riled up.
It’s okay for them to have faults, there is so much good with this game that it won’t matter as long as they are honest.

Erratic amplifying shard extractor would be amazing on my deande build. NEED this.

Another feature that would make a great addition to my fantasy SHiFT APIs that Gearbox should totally make for me.

Imagine this… You put up a request for a specific item onto the trading post and offer one or more items you have in your inventory that you are willing to trade for it. Someone sees your post and sends you an automated notification of interest for a proposed trade, if both parties accept, the trade is made all without even being logged into the game! At the very least, being able to poll said trading post to list out items that are up for trade would be a great consolation prize!

You could also hold competitions where people could “donate” prized legendaries/epics into a pool that organizers could hand out to winners. I’m sure people would much rather win a specific item as opposed to a lootpack that probably won’t give you what you want anyway (less work for Gearbox too). :sunglasses: