Post your best character stats!

since ob is almost over, lets see who has the best stats for his best character.
you can post your actual stats, your best score in a game or even both
i’ll start

Surprised they let you get that far lol. I’ll have to post later

started as 3v5 ended 3v4. found myself more focused on killing than destroying the sentries cuz of that XD
but overall KDR with marq is almost x10. was so close :frowning:

I am generally pushing lanes with Marquis and not specifically going after players. :smile: Higher win percent! I think it would probably be easier to rack up more kills if I played incursion due to single lane. I will have to try it out more at some point. I think I have only hit 10 in like 3-4 games.

I have no idea what passive detonations are…

passive detonations are your bonus dmg on your 3rd attack (2nd with augument)
btw, your win percent is higher than mine only by 0.2% :smiley:
and actually that’s the only game i could reach to 47 kills. the rest were at around max of 30 (and around 22 on meltdowns)

Are you sure it is passive detonations? The lore thing is your ein zwei thing and I am pretty sure I already unlocked that. I may be remembering the number required to complete that one incorrectly.

Phoebe is Bae

the number you have on bests is the highest amount of detonations you had in 1 match, not in general

I had to go a Bass-Ackwards way of doing this, and I blame Sony. Otherwise I learned that Private matches totally count as losses, even if you surrender in 60 seconds.

and yet i thought i’ve got a good KDR XD

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I refuse to believe that lol that’s god status

Your stats are godlike too.

I though I was hot stuff with phoebe till I saw you guys lol dang good stuff

Is there a way to go and find your stats now that the beta is closed? Because idk if I’m 1241/29, but I have some pretty ludicrous Ambra stats as well…

unfortunately it’s impossible now :confused: