Post your current main's gameplay time and their loadout!

How many hours does you main character have? And what is their loadout?

Here is mine.

LVL 70 Nisha 7 days 22 hours 22 minutes

Luck Cannon
Glitched Practicable Thinking
Casual Torguemada
Crapshooter COM
Precision Oz Kit
Adaptive Shield
Quesar Grendade Mod

LVL 70 Jack 5 days 7 hours 58 minutes (I may like middle tree a lot lol)
Fire ebullient accelerated blaster (Maliwan)
Deep Minigun (Dahl)
Potent Ravager (torgue)
Freezing Fridgia (Dahl)

Hippocratic adaptive shield (Anshin)
Sticky lobbed Quasar (Hyperion)
3DD1.E (Hyperion)
Incorruptible Hero class mod (Hyperion)

How do you find gameplay time?

Should also include your BAR

when you’re selecting a character on the right side it should tell you how many days/hours/minues/seconds you have on them

Oh ok. I’ll have to check that out. Don’t think I’ve ever noticed it.

Well I was asking for your mains info and BAR is across all characters buuuuut why not? 39953 and I’ve prestiged once with Nisha

16155 havent been going out of my way to do challenges

Wilhelm: 26 days, 19 hours, 37 minutes

Glitched Maliwan Corrosive Splitter
Glitched Maliwan Cryo Comet Beam
Luck Cannon

Tediore Fast Acting Shield
Homing Shock Transfusion
Celestial Enforcer COM

Playtime be damned (can’t remember it, let alone on how to check it on the PS3 version).

Lvl 60 Athena

Bladed Torrent
Swift Shrediffier
Too Scoopes

Longbow Tesla (still searching for a Stormfront)
Celestial Gladiator

Actually don’t have a “main” per se, as I just play through each.

Going through UVHM at lvl 70 with Timmothy (doppelganger). Don’t know game play time … will check tonight.

Don’t have exact skill tree, but heavy on the last 2 trees, and some of the first came with the last 10 lvls. Lots of money, company man, and digi-jack skills.

These weapons/gear were farmed for lvl 70 by joining another UVHM game:

Glitched Jackobs Pistol
(some other nice weapons for when the need arises like Corrosive splitter, Glitch Fire shotgun, and such).

Quick Shield (got a Kala shield I need to experiment with)
Longbow Homing Shock Transfusion
Shock laser boosting (atmosphere) oz kit? (need to get 3DD1.E for lvl 70)
Celestial Doppelganger

Level 70 Athena: 9 days 4 hours 28 minutes

BAR: 29760

Dastardly Maggie/shock T4s-r
Shock/Fire Torrent
Shock/Fire Bullpup
Fire Shreddifier
Longbow Storm Front

I avoid looking at my play time, because it would make my stomach hurt.

Level 60 Athena: ~87 hours
Torrent (shock)
Vibra Pulse (shock)
Rakehell (shock)
Volt Thrower (shock)
Rapid Release shield
Celestial Gladiator COM
Quasar grenade mod
Voltaic Duality Oz kit (+shock damage in vacuum)

As I type this, it occurs to me that I have more time with Wilhelm, but I had Athena already typed up. Seriously, I just randomly pick one of my characters and start playing… don’t really have a ‘main’.

Don’t have one, I just have most fun with Ravager Clap and Melee Aurelia for mobbing and Luck cannon Nisha and CS Athena for boss fights. The pet classes are fun when I want to be lazy.