Post Your Level 60 Build Here

(Yes I know this has been a topic back in January, but I didn’t want to revive an old thread, and the cap to 60 has been confirmed so…)

I personally play all 4 characters, but I’m curious as to what you all use…maybe I could learn something…use this site to build trees:

URad Moze Lvl 60
(REALLY hope they fix Tenacious Defense for 1 HP builds)


Until they balance action skills so they aren’t just ways to trigger annointments… Build discussions aren’t very valid. (Sorry to say). Annointments are far too strong still.


I’m gonna get pissed if I have to refarm from scratch with the current ■■■■■■ drop rate for 2 miserable skill point

What I’d use. Point distribution in blue always depends on what gear I use and what content I play, but the big news with 3 more points is that I can have corrosive AS element via Blight Tiger.

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How do you know it won’t happen next patch? It’s not that farfetched

Phaserker I assume? It always sucked not having that Corrosive AS option

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yeh Phasezerker 4 lyfe

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Nice…don’t see a lot of clone builds lately…which action skills do u use? what anointments do you rely on?

Well i before ppl are now.relaizing it with thr new takedown. Clone bang is meta. Gaurdian rsnks clones back insta anyways.

I lose nothing and get ase spams and im invulnerable skillless God mode with dome shield.

Transformer shield and electric infinite ammo clone with plaguebearer or burner launcher electric is unkillable. As it heals itself.

I present thee skill less easy mode

I also have snowshoeshield any slide or.slam rockets trivilized the game.

While ill never kill as fast as phazezerker amara ill almost never die.

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I don’t know it won’t happen…
However if they don’t… then the discussion is irrelevant
If they do . Well the. Changing to skill trees and action skills could completely change the meta and what skills are worth while and how people structure their builds… which means discussing now is still irrelevant.

Here will be mine for Fl4k. Paired with a nice Bounty Hunter COM.

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I had something similar…

Do you miss out on not having Unblinking eye?

Fade Away feels a little weaker, but outside of Fade Away it feels more potent. I think I miss The Power Inside the most from my previous spec. I went with He Bites and Who Rescued Who for the pet survivability with Not My Circus and the CH/Pearl/Frenzy stacking.

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What if we get a 4th tree with the next levels. The planning will be for naught.

I’m not expecting 4th trees until after DLC4 and we are looking down the barrel of true endgame.

It’s just for fun man

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You think build planning is a game? It’s srs bsnss.

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People have died for less I’m sure :laughing:

Looks like Frenzy 5’s Bounty Hunter’s time has finally come.

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