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Hello there!

Have an idea for a gun, shield, artifact, grenade, or class mod for Borderlands 3?


To get you started, here is a template…

{SKILLS} (class mods)
{BONUS STATS} (class mods/artifacts)
{AUGMENTS} (grenades/shields)
{PARTS} (weapons)

Stick to these options to follow the current design of the game, as Torgue doesn’t make shields and Vladof doesn’t make shotguns.


  • Shield (Anshin, Hyperion, Pangolin)
  • Artifact (Eridian)
  • Grenade (Atlas, Hyperion, Pangolin, Tediore, Torgue, Vladof)
  • Class Mod (Class Mod)
  • Assault Rifle (Atlas, COV, Dahl, Jakobs, Torgue, Vladof)
  • Sniper Rifle (Dahl, Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, Vladof)
  • SMG (Dahl, Hyperion, Maliwan, Tediore)
  • Shotgun (Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, Tediore, Torgue)
  • Pistol (Atlas, COV, Dahl, Jakobs, Maliwan, Tediore, Torgue, Vladof)
  • Heavy Weapon (Atlas, COV, Torgue, Vladof)

Otherwise GO NUTS! Your item can be super over-powered, silly and funny, or anything inbetween!

Please be courteous to each other. No hating on someone’s idea, but if you have a suggestion to make it better you may share.


As some may have guessed from my original post, I have several ideas I’d like to share. I’ve been working on these on-off since about when the game came out. Didn’t want to overload the OP so I decided to simply post as a reply instead. Please mods don’t be mad I made a double post :hugs:

{ITEM NAME} The Squirrel
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Anshin
{ELEMENTS} None or Cryo resist only (Extra Fuzzy Squirrel).
{EFFECTS} Low capacity and recharge rate. 0 recharge delay. When not full but not depleted increase movement speed by 40%. When depleted, regen 10% of health over 5 seconds.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and red text are a reference to Hammy the squirrel from the film ‘Over The Hedge’ (2006). This shield is meant for players that like to play in the thick of it, taking constant damage in exchange for a massive speed boost. However it comes with the cost of being a very flimsy shield that is slow to recharge, meaning that if you stop moving you will probably die.

{ITEM NAME} Suck-O-Matic
{TYPE} Rocket Launcher
{MFC} Torgue
{RED TEXT} In case Suck-O-Matic sucks instructions, see page 101.
{ELEMENTS} Shock only
{EFFECTS} Fires a laser-beam-like projectile that will create a super singularity effect with a massive range (player unaffected) and dealing low shock DOT (IE. a super Quasar with low DOT). After about 4 seconds it will explode dealing massive damage. Single shot. Consumes 5 ammo per shot. Long reload time.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and red text are a reference to ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’. In case you were wondering, page 101 simply says “PREPARE TO DIE”. The weapon barrel will have a similar look to the Suck-O-Matic from the episode, even sporting googely eyes on top.

{ITEM NAME} Wedding Ring
{WEAPON} Pistol
{MFC} Dahl
{RED TEXT} Bullets are temporary. Diamonds are forever. (SPECIAL SILVER TEXT: 400 carat)
{EFFECTS} When being held with a full magazine, ignore damage that would have put you into FFYL and instead regen 100% of your health and shields instantly then gain 3 seconds of complete invincibility. Triggering this weapon’s effect will drain the entire magazine.
{DESCRIPTION} Only available at level 50 and will only drop in TVHM/Mayhem 3. Fully automatic with no mode swap. Fixed parts, 100% Dahl. No accessories or scopes. Damage/fire rate slightly below a purple rarity perfect Dahl pistol. 99 accuracy. 400 round magazine size (IE. you can trigger the effect exactly twice before needing to collect more ammo). 10 second reload time that is immune to any reload speed buffs and special effects such as Omniloader. Diamond skin. Sells for $1,000,000 at vending machine. This weapon may be anointed, but only in 3 special anointments:
1- Proposal (When held, increase Luck by 10%.)
2- Flawless (After a kill, reflect all damage for 5 seconds.)
3- Disco Ball (During reload, emit an aura consisting of all elements.) *A reference to a Fragtrap capstone skill in TPS.

{ITEM NAME} Vile Purge
{TYPE} Assault Rifle
{RED TEXT} Get down with the sickness.
{ELEMENTS} Corrosive only
{EFFECTS} Shoots a stream of corrosive goo that will cause corrosive damage and create acid puddles. Very low impact damage but very high corrosive damage and melt chance. Enemies affected by this weapon will leave behind acid puddles and on death explode into a corrosive cloud. Special but long (about 5 seconds) repair animation where the player’s character will vomit on the weapon and emit a corrosive aura.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and effects are a reference to the killer The Plague from the game ‘Dead By Daylight’. The red text is a reference to the song “Down With The Sickness” by the band Disturbed. The weapon will be green with a visible corrosive cloud surrounding it.

{ITEM NAME} Inside Trader
{TYPE} Sniper Rifle
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} Wait… that’s illegal.
{ELEMENTS} Any or none.
{EFFECTS} Two fire modes, BUY and SELL. When in BUY mode, firing will absorb the enemy and charge the weapon. When in SELL mode, firing will shoot the absorbed enemy at high velocity. This will damage both enemies proportional to the strength of the enemy absorbed. Critical hits cause the the target enemy to ragdoll (the “fired” enemy will always ragdoll when hitting another enemy). If the absorbed enemy dies on impact, it will explode and deal splash damage (elemental if applicable). Firing in BUY mode when charged will exchange the absorbed enemy for the new one, or cause the absorbed enemy to simply land at the point of impact with no other effects other than a stagger animation (no damage). Firing in SELL mode when not charged will fire ammo (no sniper, RL, or grenades) and money at the cost of causing damage to the player.
{DESCRIPTION} Basically this weapon uses enemies as bullets. You suck them in with BUY and fire them with SELL. The weapon will not work against bosses, sub-bosses, anointed, or badasses. Using fast travel will discharge the weapon. This weapon does not need to reload but will use sniper rifle ammo with each firing (either mode, charged or uncharged). The red text is a reference to the Halo machinima series ‘Red VS Blue’ (which is also a meme), to the fact that insider trading is illegal, and to the fact that using your enemies as bullets is just very unusual.

{ITEM NAME} Kitten Kannon
{TYPE} Shotgun
{MFC} Torgue
{EFFECTS} Fires kittens that will land on the ground and follow the player around. The kittens will attack any enemy that damages the player, jumping on them, latching on (doing tic damage for a short time), then exploding. Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Maximum of 4 kittens at any time (shooting the gun a 5th time will make the oldest kitten explode).
{DESCRIPTION} A shotgun that shoots adorable kittens. Yes they will meow and purr and hiss (hissing only to signal they have aggro’d to an enemy). The player can also pet the kittens like they can Fl4k’s pets which will make them to seek out and aggro an enemy, regardless if they attacked the player or not.

{ITEM NAME} Bird Blaster
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Jakobs
{RED TEXT} Do a barrel roll!
{ELEMENTS} Fire only.
{EFFECTS} Fires a super fast moving red laser beam that will ricochet off surfaces until it hits an enemy. Has very small explosive splash radius. Direct hits will stun lock enemies. Critical hits will ricochet like other Jakobs weapons and if it was a direct critical hit the ricochets will stun lock the next enemy too (along with the initial enemy). Below average fire rate for Jakobs pistols.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and red text are a reference to Nintendo’s ‘Star Fox’ series. The name specifically refers to Falco, while the red text is a famous line from the game said by Peppy. The stun lock effect is a reference to Falco’s character in the Super Smash Brothers series, as his blaster will stun lock the enemy very briefly, unlike Fox’s blaster which only does damage and does not stun lock.

{ITEM NAME} Godhammer
{MFC} Maliwan
{RED TEXT} Whosoever holds this gun, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of the Gods.
{ELEMENTS} Shock only.
{EFFECTS} Fires an electric arc that can hit multiple enemies at once and will arc shock damage to nearby enemies not directly targeted by the player. Consumes 4 ammo per shot with high fire rate. High damage even for shock SMG. Limited range. Very high recoil. Increases shock resistance and prevents electrocution while being held. Weapon will cease to function if the player’s cash drops below the purchase price of the weapon (IE. you are not worthy). Special hammer attachment that acts like the standard bayonet attachment (boosts melee damage) but will slightly increase melee range.
{DESCRIPTION} The name, red text, and special effect are all references to Marvel’s Thor character. When first equipped the character will say the line “I am mighty”, also a reference to Thor. Purchase price of the weapon at level 50 is exactly $14,000,605 which is a reference to the number of possible futures Dr. Strange saw in ‘Avenger’s Infinity War’ (2018). This weapon has a charge time similar to standard Maliwan SMGs.

{ITEM NAME} The Maggot
{TYPE} Assault Rifle
{MFC} Vladof
{RED TEXT} If you’re 5-5-5 then I’m sic sic sic.
{ELEMENTS} Radiation only
{EFFECTS} Shooting enemies confuses and enrages them. Stats slightly superior to any standard purple rarity Vladof AR. When equipped will cause the player to see the game in grey-scale where enemies are highlighted bright red. When held movement speed increased by 8% and the player’s character will constantly scream as if being burned.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and red text are both references to the band Slipknot (maggot is the term used to describe their fan base; the red text is a quote from their song ‘Heretic Anthem’). No mode swap. The grey-scale special effect is also a reference to the band, specifically the late bassist Paul Grey, whom their entire 5th album was written about and dedicated to. The other special effects are reference to the musical style of the band being super aggressive and angry heavy metal.

{ITEM NAME} Counter Striker
{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Atlas
{RED TEXT} We gonna draxx them sklounst.
{ELEMENTS} Any except radiation. Always spawns with an element.
{EFFECTS} When throw it creates a bubble barrier shield that will reflect and boost incoming damage, adding elemental effects in the process. Shield duration is about 5 seconds, and shield capacity is relatively low compare to actual shields (IE. it can withstand enough damage to buy the player some time but it will not be nearly as effective as Zane’s shield ability or an actual shield). The player’s bullets will not penetrate the shield however they will also not be reflected.
{DESCRIPTION} The name is a reference to the video game ‘Counter Strike’. The red text is a reference to a Key & Peele skit ‘Prepared for Terries’. Both references are about terrorism. The special effect of the weapon is a reference to protecting oneself from terrorists. It does not come in radiation because the use of nuclear weapons is abhorred by nearly all nations of the world.

{ITEM NAME} Jock Itch
{TYPE} Shotgun
{MFC} Tediore
{ELEMENTS} Fire only
{EFFECTS} 100% ignite chance. Average DOT but extended duration. Enemies set on fire by this weapon will create fire puddles that can set other enemies on fire. When thrown the weapon will grow legs and run around frantically, taking aggro from enemies.
{DESCRIPTION} Name and effect are a reference to jock itch, a fungal infection athlete’s tend to get in the groin area. The red text is a reference to the movie ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ (1984), as they pulled a prank on the football team by soaking their jock straps in a substance that causes chemical burns (a sensation that one could compare to actual jock itch). The effect of the weapon when thrown represents a bully chasing a nerd.

{ITEM NAME} Mystery Box
{TYPE} Sniper Rifle
{MFC} Dahl
{RED TEXT} A gun is a gun, but the mystery box could be anything. It could even be a gun!
{EFFECTS} Each time the weapon is reloaded it will take on the effects of a random legendary weapon. Not all legendary effects will be allowed due to compatibility issues (eg. no Tediore reload effects, no secondary mode swap effects, no RL effects). Actual stats may vary depending on which effect is active. The crosshair will also change, which can given an indication of which effect may be active.
{DESCRIPTION} Name and red text are a reference to a ‘Family Guy’ episode where Peter choose to take a mystery box instead of a new boat (later realized to be a very poor decision). This is meant to be a novelty weapon, not a weapon that you would seriously use (though I’m sure someone out there could find a meta for it).

{ITEM NAME} Good Cop/Bad Cop*
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Atlas
{RED TEXT} Give me a liter of cola./I want a damn liter of cola.
{ELEMENTS} Shock/Radiation
{EFFECTS} Hitting an enemy with the tracker dart will cause any damage done to the player to be shared with that enemy. Good Cop has 1:1 damage and a long tracker dart duration. Bad Cop has 3:1 damage (IE. triple damage) but has a third the tracker duration. Tracking dart also functions identically to standard Atlas pistols (bullet homing effect). Higher than average stats for an Atlas pistol.
{DESCRIPTION} Name is a reference to a common police tactic in which during an interrogation one cop will try to get the suspect to talk through sympathy and the other cop will try to get the suspect to talk through intimidation. Red texts are references to the movie ‘Super Troopers’ (2001), specifically the scene where Farva tries to order from a fast food restaurant.
*Same weapon that comes in two variants, similar to King’s/Queen’s Call or Moxxi’s Good/Bad Touch.

{ITEM NAME} Pickle’s Revenge
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} How you like them pickles?
{ELEMENTS} None or Cryo only
{EFFECTS} Exact clone of The Bitch with greatly superior stats. When held and not attacking (firing, melee, action skill, grenade, slide, ground slam) SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the range at which enemies will aggro the player (IE. you have to almost touch them to aggro them). Sub-bosses, Targets Of Opportunity/Legendary Hunts/Rare Enemies, and bosses are immune to the anti-aggro effect. Voice module that will say Pickle’s lines from TPS non-stop.
{DESCRIPTION} Yep, he’s back! This is sort of joke weapon. It’s a much better version of The Bitch to make it super valuable as a weapon, but the catch is you have to listen to Pickle’s voice the entire time you are using it. Basically a test in patience. The secondary effect is a sort of joke about the character, how people would rather ignore him or pretend he doesn’t exist (or maybe that he is so annoying the enemies don’t even want to deal with you). The red text is reference to the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997) in which Will one-ups another guy he had a bit of an altercation with by getting the phone number of the girl this guy was trying to swoon. Only comes in Cryo as reference to the element first appearing in TPS where Pickle’s also first appears. The weapon skin will prominently feature Pickle’s face and it will appear over top any custom weapon skins the player uses.

{ITEM NAME} Lobotimizer
{TYPE} Assault Rifle
{MFC} Atlas
{RED TEXT} Too rock or not too rock?
{EFFECTS} Only 1 fire mode. Special crosshair that will auto-lock on enemies. Fires a slow moving projectile that will home in on an enemy’s crit spot. When it hits the enemy, it will drill into the crit spot causing high tic damage and then explode. The drill animation will be around 5 seconds and during this time the enemy will be stun locked. Sub-bosses, bosses, and anointed are immune to the stun lock effect.
{DESCRIPTION} This weapon is basically a clone of the Cerebral Bore from the ‘Turok’ series. The red text is a play on words (too rock/Turok) combined with a famous William Shakespeare quote (“To be or not to be?”). In order to lock-on to an enemy the player will need to keep the crosshair over them for about 2 seconds. Single shot but the drill tic damage and explosion damage will be high enough to make it comparable to high grade Atlas AR’s. Meant to be a “fire and forget” type of weapon.

{ITEM NAME} Dredded One
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Torgue
{RED TEXT} I am the law.
{ELEMENTS} Always All
{EFFECTS} Near instant mode swap (no animation needed). Triple the standard Torgue pistol the magazine. Has 7 different modes:
1- Ballistic; fires standard kinetic round bursts similar to Dahl pistols, consumes 3 ammo per shot.
2- Incendiary; fires a slow moving arc projectile that splits into multiple flare-type projectiles with high ignite chance but low impact damage, consumes 5 ammo per shot.
3- Stun; fires 2 taser projectiles with electric arc between them, shock can arc to nearby enemies, projectiles will move apart horizontally as they travel (similar to Cutsman), slight charge time, cost 2 ammo per shot.
4- Armor Piercing; corrosive high damage sniper-like round, medium charge time, greatly increased accuracy, cost 6 ammo per shot.
5- High EX; fires shotgun-like spread of multiple explosive rounds similar to Torgue shotguns, spread is a set pattern similar to Nagata grenade, very high recoil, cost 7 ammo per shot.
6- Slow Mo; rapid fire mode with cryo rounds, initial hit causes stagger animation, consumes 1 ammo per shot.
7- Hot Shot; fires sticky projectile that emits a radiation aura, mild impact damage, low fire rate, consumes 4 ammo per shot.
{DESCRIPTION} The name and red text are a reference to ‘Judge Dredd’ series. The red text is a common phrase said by Dredd himself. The special effects mimic the Lawgiver firearm seen in the series (#1-5 have been seen in both comics and films, #7 has only been seen in the films). Slow Mo #6 is a reference to the film ‘Dredd’ (2012) in which the drug made by the bad guys is called slow mo. Fire rates and ammo consumption vary based on firing mode, and more powerful modes cost more ammo. This gun’s appearance will resemble the weapon from the series as well. Possible to come in x2 shot multiplier, Double Whammy Dredded One (instead of Double Penetrating), which is a reference to the film ‘Judge Dredd’ (1996) in which Double Whammy was one of the fire mode options (Stun #3 is similar to the actual Double Whammy seen in the film).

{ITEM NAME} Dodgeball
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Tediore
{RED TEXT} If you can dodge a gun, you can dodge a dodgeball.
{EFFECTS} Can be reloaded on a full clip. Full auto. Slow reload speed and very high accuracy for a Tediore pistol. Super fast travel speed (comparable to the Fastball grenade). Will bounce off surfaces and only explode on contact with an enemy. Very high explosive damage on hit. Has a noticable reload start up animation during which enemies will jump out of the way the same as they do for throw grenades.
{DESCRIPTION} A Tediore pistol that doesn’t need to be fired to be thrown at the enemy. The red text is a reference to the film ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ (2004). Basically a pistol version of the Fastball with added bouncing effect. During the reload start up animation the character will sometimes scream “DODGE!”. This is a reference to the ‘Dragonball Z Abridged’ parody series on Youtube. The reload startup is meant to mimic how one might wind-up and wait a moment to throw an actual dodgeball.


Sniper Rifle
“For snipping.”

I see people type “snipping” instead of “sniping”, so there you go lmao.

•Shot Pattern
Each shot fires two bullets that arc sideways, converging on wherever your aiming reticle is. The bullets can pierce all enemies, but are stopped by terrain/objects.

While the player is running, any damage caused by this gun is converted to Melee damage. This includes DoT caused by elements. So if you have a Fiery Scissors and set a Bandit on fire, they take Fire damage. If you start running, the DoT turns into Melee damage, and reverts if you stop running.


LOL I get it like running with scissors.

Name - Renegade Soldier
Type - Assault Rifle
Manufacturer - Atlas
Red Text - It’s like having another soldier on the field!
Elements - Any
Effect - When reloaded the weapon is thrown and turns itself on a turret. The turret fires full auto and has a shield on its front, the turret also grants health regeneration. The turret lasts 25 seconds.
Prefixes :

  • weapon damage - 15%

  • weapon shield capacity + 28%

  • Health regeneration 1.5% per second

Name - Glory Seeker
Type - SMG
Manufacturer - DAHL
Red Text - Wanna meet my girlfriend?
Elements - None
Effect - When reloaded the weapon is thrown and splits into two turrets. The first turret is full auto and fires a barrage of missiles causing incendiary damage. The second turret fires a burst of 5 shots and has a grenade launcher that causes corrosive splash damage. The turrets last 12 seconds

Name - Obscure Boogeyman
Type - Pistol
Manufacturer - Jakobs
Red Text - The night he came home
Elements - None
Effect - Fires one bullet that always crit, no matter what body part it hits. The bullet weakens enemies to meele damage(+ 50% meele damage).
Prefixes :

  • weapon meele damage + 100%

  • meele damage when hitting an enemy in the back + 150%.

Name - Electrified Mechanic
Type - Pistol
Manufacturer - Maliwan
Element - Shock
Effect - The longer you don’t fire the Mechanic the more damage the next shot does, up to 7 times more damage.
Prefixes :

  • weapon damage + 20%
  • weapon accuracy - 70%
  • weapon fire rate + 15%

Name - The Second Chance
Type - Shield
Manufacturer - Hyperion
Red Text - Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you, not anymore.
Elements - Any
Effect - When shields or health are depleted any kill will fill 80% of your health and shields. This Effect can only be triggered every 90 seconds.

Name - The Suicidal
Type - Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer - CoV
Red Text - Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok
Elements - Any
Effect - Fires a barrage of six rockets per shot
Prefixes :

  • weapon damage - 20%
  • weapon repair speed + 50%
  • weapon splash damage + 35%
  • can fire 7 shots until it breaks

Name - Duct Tape
Type - Shield
Manufacturer - Gearbox
Red Text - It holds for now
Elements - Any
Effect - For each FPS under 60, gain 2% damage reduction, works best in multiplayer


DBZA reference. Nice.

Name: Proton Cannon
Type: Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer: Vladof
Red Text: Here’s my Sunday best
Element(s): Shock

  • Alien barrel
  • Large magazine size
  • 30% chance to not consume ammo

Description: One of War Machine’s Hyper Combo from Marvel vs. Capcom 1.

Name: Tequila
Type: Shotgun
Manufacturer: Jakobs
Red Text: Roses are so obvious
Element(s): None

  • Damaging an enemy grants a stack of movement speed increase
  • Reloading removes all stacks

Description: John Woo’s Hard Boiled

Name: Separator
Type: Pistol
Manufacturer: Atlas
Red Text: Watch them
Element(s): None

  • Splash radius increases with each shot

Description: One of the weapons used by Super Battle Droids from Star Wars Battlefront series

Name: Variable
Type: Shotgun
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Red Text: Unlimited potential
Element(s): Any

  • Projectile size, splash radius, and splash damage increase the longer the weapon is charged

Description: X-buster from Megaman X series.


Moze COMs

Cold Front
Let’s kick some ice!
+ Redistribution
+ Scorching RPM’s
+ Full Can of Whoop-Ass

Moze and Iron Bear deal 20% additional damage as Cryo. Gain +60% Cryo Efficiency.

Ball me, Blazer.
+ Click, Click…
+ Means of Destruction
+ Pull the Holy Pin

Enemies damaged by Moze’s grenades take 25% increased damage. Grenades have a 60% chance to create an additional grenade when initially damaging an enemy.

Zane COMs

Never let them see you bleed.
+ Ready for Action
+ Confident Competence
+ Violent Momentum

Reduce the duration and cooldown of Zane’s Action Skills by 50%. Gain 30% Action Skill Cooldown Rate.

Wet Work
I’m the best there is at what I do…
+ Futility Belt
+ Violent Violence
+ Donnybrook

Kill Skill: Zane’s shots have a 10% chance to cause enemies to bleed 1000% Weapon damage over 6 seconds.

Amara COMs

I don’t see enough dots, more dots now.
+ Wildfire
+ Catharsis
+ Conflux

Gain 8% status effect chance. Enemies take 13% more damage for each status effect applied.

Tiger style.
+ Do Harm
+ Alacrity
+ Awakening

Critical hits grant a stack of Rush and melee damage grants two stacks of Rush.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.
+ Self-Repairing System
+ Who Rescued Who?
+ Hive Mind

FL4K benefits from 30% of their pet’s damage as damage.

Rakk City
Got 'em!
+ The Fast and the Furryous
+ Leave No Trace
+ Ambush Predator

Rakks gain status effect chance and damage the greater the distance. Rakks travel 50% faster and further.

No place for class mods, so I guess I'll just leave this here.

Just one Idea~

Moze class mod Iron Boxer

  • Stainless steel bear
  • Deadlines
  • Explosive punctuation

1000% Iron bear claw damage
50% Movement speed With Claws
100% armor and iron bear now heals 5-20% armor per second the closer he is to an enemy the higher
the regeneration
Now Counts as splash on it (Proc vamp)
(Maaaaaaybe less fuel per punch)

Nano machines son!


Ha. Maybe one day melee Iron Bear will be viable.

Item name: Phalanx Formation

Type: Moze class mod

MFC: Vladof

Flavor text: FORMATIONS!

Effects: Moze has a chance to activate her kill skills by dealing weapon damage additionally Moze’s damage increases based on her overall shields. Increases nearby teammates shields by 50% of her shields. Skill benefits are for Phalanx Doctrine, Thin Red Line, Drowning in Brass.

Description: I came up with this class mod when I was playing with my friend who mains Moze and we started theory crafting future items and this was one of the better ideas we had. Red text and the item are references to the infamous Greek shield + spear formation.


There’s another thread, with the same theme. I’ll add the link, in case anyone wants to compare ideas. =]

and also:

Name: The Kamikaze
Type: Heavy
Manufacturer: Torgue
Element: Kinetic only
Stats: High reload time, slow fire rate, single shot per magazine. Massive damage, massive splash damage radius.
Special Effect: Firing the weapon immediately puts you into FFYL, with maximum time (no penalty for previous FFYL). Shot moves slowly, arcs up and crashes down a short distance away, exploding in a huge blast.

Name: Eternity
Type: AR
Manufacturer: Vladof
Red Text: Almost infinite
Stats: Has reasonably low damage per shot, high fire rate. Small magazine (up to 5 shots)
Special Effect: Has a 99% chance not to consume ammo on each shot. Fire rate & damage increases the longer the trigger is pressed, up to 350% of base.

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Here is my legendary artifact:
Name: Ancient Gearbox
Type: Artifact
Manufacturer: Eridian
Red Text: Scrapmetal for everyone!
Stats: Gives your shield a permanent 5% per second recharge.
2 random stats out of all stats like reload speed, weapon damage increase.
Special Effect: Meele Damage dealt to armor increase your health by 5% of the damage.
You take 10% more damge while under the effect of cryo.


The Meme to end Memes
Torque Alien Launcher
Elements- NA

Red Text: Your Results May Vary

Effects: like the Lucky 7 multiple options ( Depending on roll may launch : A small white cat who improves your shield generation by 50% until dead and two screaming female tinks who fight on your behalf OR 4 Tinks who fight on your behalf (one a badass named Karen, the other three standard tinks with Manager titles) or 4 bandits, 1 badass and 3 normal, badass is named Carl- Carl tries to kill your enemies while standard bandits try to shut him up…

No, I am not drunk yet, just been a long week. Happy Friday all!


Name: Mooncake
Type: Heavy
Manufacturer: CoV
Red Text: That is a planet killer… Chookity
Element: Any
Stats: Massive damage, firing it causes instant overheating and a long cooldown.
Special Effect: Fires a wide beam of green energy that penetrates all targets and cover, beam persists for 0.5 seconds, causing a random DoT to be applied to any enemy it touches.
Weapon appears as a green ball, with big round eyes and a mouth, two little round feet on the bottom and two antennae on top (like mooncake from Final Space). You hold it by the sides while firing.

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Name: The Black Huntsman
Type: Sniper Rifle
Manufacturer: Jakobs
Red Text: Punish all without distinction.
Elements - Any element
Effect: Fires a 100% amp damage bullet at critical hit that spawns an additional Cryo projectile capable of bouncing off terrain that then homes in on the nearest enemy after a short delay, including the original target. Critical hits return 1 bullet to your magazine. Non critical shoots deal 50% less damage.
Stats: 10-14X zoom, 80-90% accuracy (Nor less or more) Handling at 80% always, Magazine size 1, recharge fast, alien barrel, Base Damage: Wedding Invitation, Drop from: World drop, Drop rate: Rare

Description: Could be the first Alien Barrel Jakobs Sniper, An improved version of the Weeding Invitation. Based on Rip Van Winkle character of Hellsing Ultimate.



{MFC} Tediore

{RED TEXT} One more micro-transaction


{EFFECTS} Weapon starts broken. When fired it will work only while draining money from your cash. When money runs out, It stops working again. Check your mail on info on how to create a ticket for a fix.

Weapon explodes on reload sending piles of your cash in five directions that actually do nothing at all… but it looks pretty.

{DESCRIPTION} I think most new game releases need a weapon like this today.

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{ITEM NAME} The Punch Bomb
{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} Hyperion… SMASH!
{EFFECTS} The damage scales from melee and proximity to targets. What’s more, if you are caught in the blast, you are healed rather than damaged and receive a temporary buff to melee attacks.
{DESCRIPTION} The grenade is made of bright green metal with a purple strip around the bottom - same colours as the Hulk to match the red text.

{ITEM NAME} The Fire Hose
{TYPE} Moze class mod
{RED TEXT} Run towards the fire.
{EFFECTS} Moze’s incendiary damage now heals her and has boosted effects against armour and shields. Points in Fire in the Skag Den, Stoke the Embers and Experimental Munitions
{DESCRIPTION} The go-to for builds wanting to set everything on fire. The points all boost incendiary damage for her and Iron Bear and she is now unshackled from Vampyr while tackling the main disadvantage of focusing on one element.
In appearance, the mod would be bright red with a flickering effect like crackling flames.

{ITEM NAME} The Triple X-System
{TYPE} Shotgun
{MFC} Atlas
{RED TEXT} You have three X’s on the back of your neck.
{EFFECTS} Always spawns with the vortex grenade. The singularity marks and draws together many targets for you to then unload several mags with pellets flying at everybody at once. To offset the time taken to set up the grenade, the stats would be very high: high damage, pellet count and fire rate, a magazine of about five and a fast reload.
{DESCRIPTION} This would be the only Atlas shotgun in the game and, as such, a one of a kind weapon. It keeps the white/red appearance common to the manufacturer while being short with a large barrel. Quote is from the 2002 movie, xXx.

{ITEM NAME} Sc4rf4ce
{TYPE} Fl4k class mod
{RED TEXT} Say hello to my little friend!
{EFFECTS} Pet now attack with the same damage type as Fl4k’s current weapon and receive +300% damage during Gamma Burst. Points in Who Rescued Who?, Eager to Impress and The Fast and the Furryous.
{DESCRIPTION} Granting a potent buff to pets which you can have active almost all the time, this mod unleashes the “beast” in Beastmaster and puts pets where they should be on higher mayhem levels. Quote is from Scarface.


Badge of Badassery
0.0 Capacity
0.0 Recharge Rate
0.0 Recharge Delay
75% increased Max HP.

Can come with 3 random mods out of 3 possible.
Badass - 25% Splash Damage Resistance
Macho - 15% Damage Reduction
Splosive - 15% increased Weapon Damage
(picked prefix depends on the combination of mods. If all 3 are in balance, the prefix is “Mister Torgue’s”)

Special effects:

  • plays a guitar riff when suffering a direct hit from a (splash) heavy weapon
  • uses grenade annointments instead of shield annointments

Just a Torgue definitely-not-a-shield.

PS: if you think 75% HP is too much… it’s not really. Only base HP (~12k at 57) scales multiplicatively. The flat HP you can get on relics and mods is just added on top of that without any modifiers. It’s why I have 26k HP with Initiative shield instead of 32k+. The 4.6k+ flat HP on mod and relic doesn’t scale with shield or passives.
Which is DUMB especially when you can get ~ 170k shield strength on 1hp Moze with a Transformer, let alone a high capacity shield. But with Transformer you can just troll everything with shock splash weapons like the Lob. You can literally facetank Wotan shooting at your feet.

Apex Predator
Amara class mod
Helping Hands (green)
Wrath (blue)
Sustainment (red)
Not just any old cat.
Using Phaseslam grants immunity to damage for 3 seconds. Melee attacks increase Gun Damage by 25% (stacks up to 3 times, decays by 1 stack every 10 seconds). Weapon attacks increase Melee Damage by 10% per shot (stacks up to 40 times, decays by 4 stacks every 5 seconds).

It always bugged me that even though Phaseslam was the “run towards the fire” kind of ability, it didn’t even offer a damage reduction, let alone invincibility frames. I’ve been literally shot down so many times mid-animation in mayhem 4 I’ve stopped using Phaseslam outside boss fights completely. This class mod is a wish for people like me who like shooting at things far away but not afraid to CLOBBER their faces when they get too close. It rewards mixing melee attacks with gun damage, so that neither of them gets useless when not fully specced into it, without having to use ONLY facepuncher-white elephant combo. The combination of Helping Hands and Sustainment also promotes usage of zero capacity shields.