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Kind of reminds me of the electric banjo from risk of rain 2 if anyone happens to play that

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Corporate Buddies
Assault Rifle
Red text: I’m doing this for us.
Combination of any two elements

What? A Maliwan assault rifle? Well as the name and red text suggest, this weapon is what might have happened if Maliwan had succeeded in taking over Atlas. It’s an Atlas assault rifle with the elemental capabilities of a Maliwan.

Functionally, the first bullet of any mag fires darts and then the rest of the mag homes in on your chosen target with a high chance for DOTs. Want to swap targets? Just reload and shoot again. The alternate mode operates the same way but, as with most Maliwan weapons, switches elements. Stats are similar to an Atlas Q-System and because of the darts mechanism there would be no charge time.


Portal Gun
Red Text - “For science, you monster…”

It makes portals, plain and simple.


Good stuff guys :slight_smile:

Just because I recently switched to a Facepuncher Amara build…

{ITEM NAME} Buddha’s Palm
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Tediore
{RED TEXT} Peace is the only option.
{EFFECTS} This weapon takes it damage from your melee. Above average Tediore pistol stats, but smaller than average mag size. Applies both fire and rad at the same time. On reload, the weapon turns into a giant elemental palm that flies very straight and fast with very high splash radius on impact. The fewer the bullets remaining in the clip when reloaded, the higher the damage multiplier. Always comes with a blade attachment (roll 40%, 60%, 120%).
{DESCRIPTION} Just another fun melee weapon like the Facepuncher. Inspired by the movie ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ (2004) where the lead character performs the Buddha’s Palm. Figure Tediore needs something cool, all they got is Anarchy.


Class mod(s) maybe if I have an idea for all VHers

Armorer class mod
Skills: deadlines, stainless steel bear and vladof ingenuity
Effect turns iron bear into iron man armor. Also allows the ability to fly when pressing x and press x to go higher and circle to descend.
Red text: “I am iron man”

We should get pearlescent class mods that alter the action skills of the vault hunters

I say we they should be superhero themed I play moze and she should be altered to iron man where the iron bear weapons be turned into weapons on iron man like wrist rockets for the blue tree weapons. The nukes can be the tank missile from iron man 1. The repulsers be the railguns the bear punches should be turned into melee overrides and the mini guns can be a shoulder mounted miniguns and that’s all the weapons in the iron “man” bear armor on top of pressing r1 to throw grenades and this allows moze to use while action skill is active anoints.

Amara should be like captain marvel and get something like binary ignition. So Amara can use ASA anoints. Fl4k needs like a big pet he can ride on so he can use ASA and give Zane something really fast like an airstrike or orbital strike so he can use ASE anointments.

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Thin Green Line
Gunner class mod
Red text: unsure

Skills: Click, Click, Specialist Bear, Scorching RPMs
Effect: Moze’s magazines cannot refill or reload beyond 35% capacity. Magazine refill bonuses gains 25% increased effectiveness.

This would be Moze’s first legendary COM which enables her to make her green tree to be her main source of damage. With the level of her mags capped (in a similar way to her health with Thin Red Line, hence the name), she would be able to gain continual use from Click, Click whilst using high magazine weapons like Vladof weaponry.

With the 25% boost to mag refill bonuses, we would not need a second point in Redistribution while Scorching RPMs would add two nifty multiplicative bonuses and a point in Specialist Bear would give a nice little something to Iron Bear without having to go too far down the blue tree.


Sounds great.

So, like reserving your health and converting it to shields, you’d reserve your ammo in the mag. Sounds good, but (IMO) that reserved ammo should translate to something, so the more ammo you reserve, the faster you reload, or something, maybe. I know you’re putting a 25% bonus as well, but it’d be good to give a bigger bonus for more ammo being reserved.

Something like:
Effect: Moze’s magazines have 65% reserved, preventing her from reloading more than 35% capacity (rounded up). For each unit of ammo reserved, she receives +0.5% reload speed. Magazine bonuses gain +25% increased effectiveness.

Or does that sound too OP?

And maybe red text something like “saving the best for last, why not just just use the last?” =]

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Yeah that might be a good idea. My main thought behind it is you will nearly always be in Click, Click range which, with a potential 6 points in it, would be a pretty substantial bonus. I think CC is a multiplicative bonus so it would make a meaningful difference and make it possible to use many more weapons in conjuction with it.

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Thinking about a potential extra effect, I think I would put this on it:

“Moze also gains 10% more fire damage after each kill. These stacks are lost if she empties or reloads her magazine. Stack cap: 10.”

Rewarding, powerful and different to Blast Master, Green Monster and Sapper.

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We don’t have any legendary, alien-barreled SMGs besides Smart Gun, so…

(Gold Skin is default)

{NAME}: The Mimic
{MFC}: Dahl
{RED TEXT}: Nothing is true, everything is permitted
{EFFECTS}: Copies the effect of the last gun you had equipped. Examples:
(Switching from…)
-Tigg’s Boom: SMG spawn meteors
-Sandhawk: SMG shoots in bursts of 3 projectiles
-Good Juju: Stacking crit gimmick carries over to SMG
-King’s Call: Crits from the SMG spawn projectiles that home in on targets.
{DESCRIPTION}: Flavor text is an Assassin’s Creed quote…speaks to the unpredictability and adaption of the weapon.


I like the idea of that, but wouldn’t they effectively have to code hundreds of different things for the gun? Make sure it works as Lucky 7, Sleeping Giant, Lucian’s Call, etc. etc. It sounds like something they’d never take on to me.

How about an alternative. The gun takes on a random legendary effect each time it reloads. Reload and it may act like a K/Q’s Call, reload again and it’s a Tiggs Boom/Redistributor, etc. It could pick from, say, five effects and give you a little symbol to show you what was picked similarly to how the Lucky 7 does.


:joy: yea…good thing it’s just an idea…Dev’s would hate me :hocho:

I just didn’t want another Sleeping Giant, since when it reloads, it gets different effects too. Also, it would give players control over its affects, and create some really OP setups, like with Zane’s clone, for example.


Greanade mod
A robot chichken technically. it’s walks to the enemy. By atlas corporation so it’s homes to the enemy.
red text: Peace was never an opption


i love painkiller, nice idea xd

This past week I’ve been playing through the story again as I wait for the level cap and noticed some enjoyable weapon/gear types that I don’t see represented by current endgame gear. So, I bring you…

Vladof pistol
Red text: A world without power, without mercy

Vladof pistol with respectable stats. The special effect is the underbarrel taser. If it hits a crit then seven further tasers burst out and land on the ground to create a similar effect to the Storm Front. The weapon always drops with an element and the taser copies the element of the gun.

Gun looks like a standard Vladof pistol except its element is bursting out of it. So a fiery one is on fire, a cryo one has a frosty effect, etc. Quote is from Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Grenade (only drops on higher Mayhem levels)
Manufacturer: see above
Red text: GET THE F@#£ BACK!
Can drop in any element or none. Strong DOT.

A legendary grenade based on the NUKE effect. Explodes on impact and creates an additional nuke grenade per enemy impacted. Consumes 2 grenades but a grenade is refunded whenever an enemy is killed. Rare versions can have the singularity or homing effect. For an extra bit of pizzazz, the explosions happen in different colours - blue, purple, green, etc. - although the colour is purely cosmetic and there for fun.


Double Boiler

Maliwan pistol
Now, count up your sins!

  • Elements: Corrosive/none
  • Effects: One shot per charge. Corrosive shots have a chance to spawn a singularity that creates additional homing projectiles. Non-elemental shots deal melee damage. Corrosive and non-elemental modes are titled “Cyclone” and “Joker”, respectively.
  • Description: Reference to the titular hero(es) of Kamen Rider W.

A gun that’s balanced correctly so that the anointment doesn’t matter.

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Name: CashSplosion
Type: Legendary grenade
Manufacturer: Vault hunters
Drop: World drop/ mayhem mode 6
Red text: Show me the money
Element: None
Effect: Upon explosion enemies in the blast radius will be turned into gold ( anointeds & bosses are immune but will still take damage), if you damage them they will drop money, if you deal crit damage they will drop cash piles & killing them with a melee attack will make them explode into large cash piles & occasionly a lootsplosion, it always spawns with the midas touch, money, cash & treasure mods


I got it… …Chookity

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{ITEM NAME}____________________ Rocket Boots (literally)
{TYPE} _________________________Actual Rocket Boots Shotgun
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} ___________ " Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" or “light on your feet”



*1 Shotguns your wear on your feet. Each blast sends you aloft 10ft and shots can be directional so then you float above it all. (some bugs already do this)

*2 and yes make them shoot rockets with a helmet targeting system.
:acmsmile: :v: peace :boom: out

[/quote] ____________________________ " Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"