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Name: Festival of farts
Type: shotgun
Mfc: Maliwan
Red text: 2 for fermentation and 2 more for decay
Effect: shotgun appears as a goat, which you hold by the two front legs, and aim the rear end at enemies. You feed ammo into the mouth and fire shots from the other end, which take the form of gravel, surrounded by a cloud of corrosive gas. High damage and fires bursts if holding the trigger after charging.
Weapon is a reference to the comedy song Festival of Farts by Kevin Bloody Wilson, about a goat that farts a “lethal load of gravel shrapnel”, “like a shotgun going off”, with the red text being part of the chorus. Given BL3 has a lot of poop jokes, I figured it might as well have a fart gun.

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Name: Yellow carnage
Type: grenade
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Drop: World drop (mayem 6-10) atomix (whatever his name was) (mayhem 6-10)
Element: Radiation
Red text: Bring on the carnage
Effect: Upon detonation creates a very large radiation cloud that coninuosly damages enemies caught within (even through walls), the enemies will also lose aggro with the player & their pets/minions & will also cause them to infight with each other & other enemies for the rad clouds duration & for 30 seconds after, the affected enemies are given a 150% damage boost.

Meant to be a reference to the doom series & the enemies habits of infighting with each other


Name: Aspis Storm
Type: Shield
Manufacturer: Pangolin (I guess)
Red text: “Flail against my shield!”
Effects: 25% Resistance to either Incendiary or Shock damage
While inflicted with a status effect, there is a 15% chance to absorb the damage as health and grants the wearer Storm stacks
When depleted, melee damage is increased by 200% for 15 seconds and a projectile nova is launched at the nearest target, dealing damage based on the amount of stacks built up (which increases the Nova’s damage by 100%)
All Stacks are consumed whenever shield is depleted.


Red text: And it all started with a big BANG.
Legendary Siren COM

Laid Bare, Clear the Mind, Personal Space
Whenever Amara scores a critical hit, orbs of her action skill element shoot out, home in on enemies and explode on impact.

My attempt to give Amara a siren-related crit com. Basically creates a similar effect to the Carrier / Free Radical / K/Q’s Call on all weapons except you can control the element and splash damage is involved. It works equally well in crowds and on single targets because the orbs may either seek out new enemies or circle back on the original target. Should have some nice effects on enemies generally and have even better synergy with weapons which already have this effect. Quote is from the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.


This thing must exist.

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Looks like that one was misunderstood :frowning:


Name: Adaptive Gladiatrix

Manufacturer: Anshin

Red Text: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

Effects: Lowered shield capacity, increased health, and high elemental damage resistance. Releases a slag nova upon break.

Grants 100% bonus elemental damage and resistance to the last element you took damage from. This effect lasts for 6 seconds and has a 25 second cooldown.

Variants: This shield has no variants as the parts are fixed.

NOTE 1: Yes I know that Slag doesn’t exist in BL3.
NOTE 2: The red text is a quote from Sun Tzu.


Name: Crimson defender
Type: Shield
Manufacturer: Anshin
Drop: World drop (mayhem 6-10)
Red text: The crimson merc
Effect: Low capacity, moderate delay, high recharge rate
Grants 30% increased max health, 35% damage reduction, a very powerful health regeneration for 10 seconds upon shield break when full & 120% increased damage with pistols, has a red & black coloration

Name: Crimson avenger
Type: Pistol
Manufacturer: Jacobs
Drop: World drop (mayhem 6-10)
Element: Physical
Red text: Anarchy is the spice of life
Effect: upon hitting an enemies crit spot the bullet splits into 5 projectiles that will seek out other enemies crit spots, if their is only one enemy then the projectile’s will circle back around to hit the same targets crit spots, damage dealt grants a 15% lifesteal for 10 seconds (30 second cooldown), critical hits add 1 bullet to the clip, no damage penalty against armored & shielded targets, has high damage & very high crit damage, high accuracy, clip size of 8, has no elemental capacitor, hand cannon style design, red & black coloration

Both of these are a reference to deadpool


Blizzard Rising
Siren class mod (with a future vault card?*)
Red text: Incompetence.
Skills: Unweave the Rainbow, Go With the Flow, Tempest
Effect: Amara gains +50% cryo efficiency. Effects against frozen enemies can now trigger against slowed targets.

Right now, Amara has great potential for cryo builds but there isn’t a class mod to specifically encourage this.

She does cryo mobbing well right now, but many of her cryo-boosting skills (Unweave the Rainbow, Go With the Flow, Free the Soul, not to mention the Ice Breaker artifact) become useless in boss fights, making those builds substantially weaker against tougher boss situations. This class mod would resolve that. Tempest is in there because it would multiply with everything else on the card (yes, it increases Unweave the Rainbow damage).

Title and red text are a reference to a character in my second book who, yes, has power over ice. I won’t make a plug here as that doesn’t feel right, but do feel free to PM me if you like.

*If they did put it with a future vault card then it would have to be less than 5 keys. Us console guys have to rely on luck to get good class mods and there is currently no way to reroll them.


It’s that time again!

Had these sitting in a text file, might as well just post them. :slight_smile:

{ITEM NAME} Olympus Buff
{RED TEXT} Time to flex on these dudes.
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Anshin
{AUGMENTS} Any (max 2)
{EFFECTS} Increases the following by 100%; melee damage, melee range, melee speed, slide damage, slide duration, slam damage, slam radius. Increases slide speed by 50%. Any time the player exits a slide it will trigger a slam effect. Hidden effect: become totally invincible while performing an emote (this can only be done once per load).

{ITEM NAME} Devil’s Kiss
{RED TEXT} Mwah! XOXO <3
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Jakobs
{ELEMENTS} Corrosive always
{EFFECTS} Full auto clone of the Maggie with higher damage and very low corrosive DOT damage. Crits have 100% chance to inflict corrosive and the effect is permanent until the enemy dies. For each enemy that is taking corrosive damage, increase corrosive damage by 50% with no limit. Crits ricochet and refund a bullet into the clip.

{ITEM NAME} Unholy Parasite
{RED TEXT} Call an exorcist!
{TYPE} Artifact
{MFC} Eridian
{BONUS STATS} Any except fire resistance
{EFFECTS} Adds 10% lifesteal to all weapons. Applies a low fire DOT to player. Cannot come with special prefix (eg. Deathrattle).

{ITEM NAME} Murder Hornets
{RED TEXT} Nature’s little ■■■■■■■■.
{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Atlas
{ELEMENTS} Always Fire
{EFFECTS} A legendary version of the Cloning Maddening Tracker (homing/divider/mirv/bouncy) with fire element but lower damage, and both force and transfusion augments built in. Grenades travel at twice the speed as normal tracker. Makes buzzing sound.

{ITEM NAME} Glass Cannon
{RED TEXT} Don’t shoot your eye out now, kid.
{TYPE} Shotgun
{MFC} Jakobs
{EFFECTS} Mag size is always 10. Reloads one bullet at a time. Always comes with a melee attachment. Based on Scattergun model. Always x25 pellet count. Base damage total around 800k at m10. 300% crit modifier and crits deal splash damage. While holding this weapon, damage taken increased by 500% and all resistances are disabled.

{ITEM NAME} Diamond Cutter
{RED TEXT} For ultimate precision.
{TYPE} Sniper Rifle
{MFC} Hyperion
{ELEMENTS} Fire or Rad
{PARTS} Always Iron Sights & Reflect Shield
{EFFECTS} Shoots continuous laser beam. 100% accuracy and handling. Absolutely no recoil or sway. The longer the beam is on an enemy the more damage it does up to 200%. Shots penetrate all enemies. Basically a laser pointer that does damage. Uses overheat mechanic of COV weapons but reloads like a normal Hyperion weapon.

{RED TEXT} If I’m gonna die, I want to die comfortable.
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Pangolin
{ELEMENTS} All at once
{AUGMENTS} Any (max 3)
{EFFECTS} Average shield stats but provides armor instead of shield. Armor provides 80% damage resistance. On shield break, trigger a shockwave that will push enemies back and remove any status effects.

{ITEM NAME} Panic Pill
{RED TEXT} There is nothing to fear but OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Atlas
{EFFECTS} Primary fire is stronger than usual AX7 model. Tracker dart (aka “panic pill”) inflicts massive elemental debuff on enemies for 20 seconds based on weapons element. Enemy will constantly try to dodge (as if dodging a grenade) and will aggro the nearest enemy until debuff is gone.

{ITEM NAME} Anti-Gravity Gun
{RED TEXT} The name is a bit… misleading.
{TYPE} Heavy
{MFC} Torgue
{ELEMENTS} Rad and Shock always
{EFFECTS} Shoots small orbs, alternating between elements. Slightly above average for Torgue heavy. While holding this weapon, heavy movement speed debuff is ignored, movement speed is increased by additional 50% and the player has a low gravity effect. Performing a slam from the apex of a jump will reload the weapon.

{ITEM NAME} Knuckleduster
{RED TEXT} Slap-slap-slapping you silly cuz you disrespectin’ me!
{MFC} Hyperion
{PARTS} Always Iron Sights & Melee Attachment
{EFFECTS} SMG version of a Facepuncher. Has a chance to ragdoll enemies like a shotgun. Makes movie-like slapping noise when firing.

{ITEM NAME} Cl0ning M4chine
{RED TEXT} Where there was one, now there is two.
{TYPE} Class Mod (Flak)
{SKILLS} Gotta Go Fast, Pack Tactics, Hidden Machine
{BONUS STATS} Special’Pet Damage’ bonus stat first, then any 2 other normal stats.
{EFFECTS} Creates a “digi-pet” holographic clone of Flak’s pet. Any time Flak’s pet or digi-pet kill an enemy, both them and Flak gain a stacking 10% movement speed boost. Max stacks 10. Stacks decay after 15 seconds. Hidden effect: If Flak and a friend interact with both Flak’s pet and digi-pet at the same time, the digi-pet will transform into Flak and equip Flak’s current weapon and shield. Digi-Flak will transform back into digi-pet when travleing to a new area.

{ITEM NAME} Bomb Maker’s Bible
{RED TEXT} Flammable means it can be set on fire. Inflammable means it can set itself on fire.
{TYPE} Class Mod (Moze)
{SKILLS} Behind The Iron Curtain, Experimental Munitions, Torgue Cross Promotion
{EFFECTS} After a kill, trigger a fire nova around the enemy that has a 10% chance to set Moze on fire. While on fire; become immune to your own splash damage; deal 50% bonus splash damage; gain 30% increased fire rate. Hidden effect: When in FFYL, firing the last bullet in the magazine will trigger a massive nova around Moze that deals 1 million damage at level 72. Hidden effect has a 300 second cooldown.

{ITEM NAME} Workout Routine
{RED TEXT} With guns like these, who needs bullets?
{TYPE} Class Mod (Amara)
{SKILLS} Samsara, Indiscriminate, Heavy Rain
{EFFECTS} After activating her Action Skill, Amara’s Siren arms equip two massive cannons that fire explosive cannonballs attuned with her Action Skill Element. Arm cannon duration: 30 seconds. Arm cannon cooldown: 90 seconds. These cannons gain gun damage, splash damage, and action skill damage. Basically Amara gets Pirate Ship Mode from Fragtrap (PreSequel). Hidden effect: Killing a Hyperion Loader or Scraptrap with the cannons while using the cryo action skill element will trigger a VERY LONG dialogue sequence from Claptrap reminiscing about his time as a pirate.

{ITEM NAME} Monkey Wrench
{RED TEXT} I’m very good at what I do. And what I do is none of your monkey business.
{TYPE} Class Mod (Zane)
{SKILLS} Boom.Enhance, Double Barrel, Adrenaline
{EFFECTS} Zane’s clone becomes a Jabber and can move around the battlefield. When an enemy breaks Zane’s shield the Jabber flings poo at them, debuffing, enraging, and confusing them. Duration of the clone is greatly increased but the ability to swap with the clone is removed. Instead pressing action skill or grenade again will cause the Jabber to throw poo on Zane, removing all status effects and giving him a 25% move speed and gun damage buff for 12 seconds. Hidden effect: When another player enters FFYL, press the action skill button for the Jabber to throw poo at them which revives them which gives both players Zane’s move speed and gun damage buffs for 12 seconds.

{ITEM NAME} Fabled Tortoise
{RED TEXT} Win by a hare.
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Hyperion
{AUGMENTS} Any (max 3)
{EFFECTS} Returning favorite with some new effects. +250% shields. -75% health. Crouching creates a projected bubble shield (ie. projected augment in bubble form) which can also protect other players. The more players inside the shell the greater the damage reduction and the larger the radius of the shell. While shield is active, player movement speed reduced as if holding a heavy weapon.

{ITEM NAME} Rabbit’s Foot
{RED TEXT} I think he heard you coming.
{TYPE} Artifact
{BONUS STATS} Luck, move speed (1 or 2), shield recharge rate, shield capacity, shield recharge delay, shock resistance
{EFFECTS} Removes any movement speed penalties including the cryo penalty. Increases base movement speed by 15% per kill which can stack up to 5 times. Increases speed of all animations (eg. reload speed, weapon swap, action skill activation, melee, etc). Slide speed and duration increased by 25%. Insanely increases the range where enemies will aggro (like Burn Both Ends but larger range).

{ITEM NAME} Thinking Cap
{RED TEXT} It’s big brain time.
{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Vladof
{AUGMENTS} Any (max 2)
{EFFECTS} Attaches a “thinking cap” turret to an enemies head which will target nearby enemies and shoot them before exploding and doing massive crit damage to the original enemy. Hitting a surface will spawn a smaller turret that does less damage and has a smaller explosive radius. The more attached thinking caps the higher their damage.

Thanks again to everyone that has been posting their gear. Hope to see more in the future :slight_smile:


Name: The assassin
Type: Classmod(zane)
Manufacturer: None
Drop: world drop(mayhem 6-10), katagawa jr(mayhem 6-10)
Skills: Headsmans hand(1-5), commitment(1-5), death follows close(1), our man flynt(1)
Bonus stats: 40% weapon damage, 40% critical damage, 80% magazine size
Effect: Grants wetwork augment, MNTIS shoulder cannon gains 300% increased damage, upon damaging an enemies crit spot with MNTIS shoulder cannon the shot will split into 5 projectiles that will seek out other enemies crit spots, if their are no other enemies then the shots will circle back around to damage the same target, killing a badass with MNTIS shoulder cannon causes the target to explode dealing 40% of it’s combined armor, shield & health total as damage to surronding targets,
for every enemy that gets hit the MNTIS shoulder cannon gains 40% increased damage for 10 seconds(stacks up to 5 times).
Bonus effect: killing an enemy with MNTIS shoulder cannon grants zane the following buffs for 25 seconds: 30% weapon damage, 30% critical damage, 10% fire rate & 5% movement speed, killing a badass or stronger enemy Grants double the effect, bonuses can stack up to 5 times.

I thought of this so as to make MNTIS shoulder cannon useful


I’m always looking for items which would make proper, in your face, melee builds stand out and I just came up with the following.

Name: Dying Star
Red text: Something from a famous scientist, Brian Cox or someone like that.
Effect: While up, melee is 50% faster and has a 25% chance to perform a critical hit for double damage. When depleted, the Dying Star emits a wide-reaching singularity which pulls in all targets and then unleashes a cryo nova with the same cryo efficiency as a Frozen Heart / Frozen Snowshoe.

Thoughts / explanation:
Right now, are there any melee builds able to handle Wotan, Scourge or Hemovorous which don’t include the Fish Slap or Facepuncher? Because I’d love it if there were. This shield would powerful enough to give a good boost to this side of the game. The up benefits would be multiplicative with all other melee skills and being able to regularly freeze things gives that nice 300% against frozen targets.

Combine it with this:

An ASS anoint and something like an Ice Breaker Victory Rush and we’d really be onto something.

The name is what I came up with when I was thinking of combining the Black Hole shield with a Frozen Heart — a Dying Star. Not quite a black hole but on its way and colder than any typical star would be.


Name: Para-launcher
Type: Heavy
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Drop: Necrotefayo(mayhem 10)
Element: Corrosive
Red text: Symbiotic relationship
Effect: Fires a parasite that homes-in & latches on to the crit spot(if it has one) of the targeted enemy within the players crosshair, giving the player complete direct control of it & it’s weapons for 25 seconds, when the duration ends control is lost & the parasite detonates dealing damage to the target & surrounding enemies, the controlled host will draw aggro from the player, if the controlled host recieves damage then 25% of the damage will be shared to the player, if it dies then the player will take massive damage, the host gains increased weapon & melee damage while controlled, enemies will target the controlled host like if it was an enemy, against boss/mini boss & named enemies it will function like a normal launcher


Name: The swarm
Type: Shield
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Drop: World drop(mayhem 6-10), ratch swarm(mayhem 6-10)
Red text: Sting like a swarm
Element: Corrosive(50% resistance)
Effect: Just a bee shield with greatly buffed-up stats, additonaly grants 10% lifesteal & creates a powerful corrosive nova on shield break & shield fill


Name - Underdog

Type - Artifact

Manufacturer - Eridian

Drop - Vault Card 3

Red Text - What’s powercreep?

Effect - Gain +500%(multiplicative) damage with any non-unique weapon

Passives - 2 passives only locked to Mag Size and AoE damage


Sage COM (Amara)
Skills: From Rest, Forceful Expression, Trust In Yourself
“Be like water”: after reloading her gun, Amara’s next magazine gains a 100% random elemental damage.

Every time Amara kills a enemy, she has a N% chance to keep the actual element for her next magazine


{the F is a Bayonette?}

{deals melee damage, able to crit, crits ricoshet once and restore 1 ammo}

edit: and it shoots the knife projectile that the psycho-stabber uses, for style


The Warthog
Vladof goes Brrrrrrr
Heavy Weapon
instead of one big shot the Warthog shoots 100 smoler ones in a row per triggerpull.
firerate 1rps
(just think of an A10 Warthog you could carry on your shoulder.)



Dahl sniper
Feeling vexed.

  • Elements: Corrosive
  • Effects: Fires snakes that travel in a wave pattern and explode on impact. Has an extra ability depending on the currently active firing mode.
    • Full-Auto: Chance to not consume ammo
    • Burst Fire: Bullets ricochet at the nearest enemy
    • Semi-Auto: Increased critical hit damage
  • Description: Reference to Kamen Rider Ouja from Kamen Rider Ryuki. Uses the same skin as the Soulrender.

Opposing Force

Jakobs shotgun
Hot Dog!

  • Elements: None
  • Effects: Shots always inflict knockback. Firing while airborne will inflict knockback on the user. Fully automatic and increased damage but reduced clip size.
  • Description: Identical to the Force-A-Nature from Team Fortress 2. Red text is a quote from the Force-A-Nature’s initial announcement. Name is a reference to Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Scarborough Fair Set

“Tell her to make me a cambridge shirt”
Vladof AR. Fixed double chaingun as the main firing mode, slightly reduced magazine size for a Vladof AR. Each 5th shot consumes 8 ammo, dealing +150% gun damage, +30% critical hit damage and +15% elemental damage (does not affect kinetic variants ofc).

For each piece of Scarborough Fair set equipped, reduces one ammo consumption for the amped shot.

“Tell her to wash it in yonder dry well”
Shield. The character is constantly surrounded by a aura that drains enemies’ health and has a chance to Charm them, turning them into allies. For each enemy Charmed, the character receives reduced shield recharge delay and increased shield recharge rate, damage reduction and elemental resistance

For each piece of Scarborough Fair set equipped, the Charm chance and its bonuses are increased by 2.5%, receiving an extra 5% bonus increase if the characters is wearing the full set. Does not affect the health drain

“Ask him to find me a acre of land”
Grenade in the shape of a flower. After hitting a enemy or surface, stickies to it and bloom, releasing two sprouts of sage that attaches to the nearest enemies and pulls them to the main grenade. Explodes after pulling, dealing higher damage based on the amount of enemies it stuck, counting both the main grenade and its sprouts

For each piece of Scarborough Fair set equipped, Sage’s damage increase based on the amount of enemies stuck is increased by 10%. If the characters wears the full set, gains extra 15% damage, maximizing the total bonus to 45%

“Ask him to plough it with a sheep’s horn”
Artifact. Characters receive bonus damage based on the remaining time of their Action Skill while active. The lower the duration, higher the bonus. While Action Skill is cooling down, receives increased 30% Action Skill Cooldown Rate

Parsley receives increased magazine size
Sage launches two extra sprouts
Rosemary’s enemy health drain is increased and returns part of it to the character

Thyme can spawn with any prefix and passives, but none of its effects gets boosted by other pieces of Scarborough Fair set equipped