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Name: Plasma blaster
Type: Smg
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Drop: World drop, katagawa jr, katagawa ball
Element: Shock, fire
Red text: Agh, it burns!!!
Effect: Smg with a clip size of 60, high damage & reload speed, fire rate of 12,00, 1.5x - 2.0x intergrated scope, no charge-up time, fires blue plasma rounds that deal greatly increased damage to flesh & shields, can cause enemy shields to overlode & explode damaging everyone nearby, secondary fire mode lobs a ball of plasma in a parabolic arc, upon impact with a surface or enemy it explodes & leaves behind a puddle that lasts for 3 seconds & deals very high fire damage overtime

Name: Pulse repeater
Type: AR
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Drop: World drop, katagawa jr, katagawa ball
Element: none, shock
Red text: High tech, high firepower
Effect: AR with a clip size of 60, damage comparable to the monarch in bipod mode at close range & very high crit damage, fire rate of 13.00, 1.5x intergrated scope with built in ammo counter, fires blue laser-like tracer rounds that can bypass shields (even ballistic shields & anointed militant frontal energy shields) to damage enemies directly, increased damage against armor, can regenerate it’s ammo, secondary fire lobs a hover grenade that will chase after an enemy, upon detonation creates a static field that stuns organic enemies for 3 seconds, continuosly damages them while their in the field & can convert robotic enemies (except bosses) into allies for 1 minute (converted enemies can still be killed)


Artifact - Evolution

Red Text - Do what it takes to step through

Effect - Reserves all of your shield capacity and returns it as health.

All sources of healing are doubled.

The theory is simple, a Deathless for HP instead of shield capacity. This would have awesome synergy for any shield with a depleted effect.


The only problem i see is fire damage

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I thought about saying Evolution added 1% Life Steal to all damage, but that’s such a boring way to do it

Try to guess what my plasma shooter is a reference to

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 1.37.20 PM

{NAME}: Pain Train
{TYPE}: Class Mod
{VH}: Moze
{RED TEXT}: Whoo Whoo!
+Killing an enemy gets you bonus reload speed (10%), movement speed (10%), critical hit damage (10%), damage resistance (25%), and restores shields (20%). This effect stacks up to 3 times
+Whenever Moze’s shield would hit zero, she gains invincibility for 3 seconds. This has a 30 second cooldown.
{SKILLS BOOSTED}: Drowning in Brass, Scorching RPMs, & Experimental Munitions (Up to +3)
{DESCRIPTION}: SoR-based mod, designed for maximum momentum. Bonuses also apply to Iron Bear. Like Illuminated Fist on Muse for Amara, the COM can boost a 1-point skill (EM) up to 4/1.

Reference is Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.


Future State

Maliwan SMG

  • Elements: Corrosive
  • Effects: Fires lasers and plays EDM sounds (similar to the Hellwalker). Killing an enemy grants you a temporary skill point as well as bonus damage of a random element. All temporary skill points are lost upon dying, exiting the game or loading a new map.
  • Description: Reference to Woz from Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Name: Shadow pact
Type: Grenade
Manufacturer: COV
Drop: World drop (mayhem 10), captain haunt (mayhem 6 - 10), loot ghosts (mayhem 10), tyreen the destroyer (mayhem 6 - 10)
Element: none
Red text: Fear the shadows
Effect: Upon detonation opens a rift that lasts for 10 seconds, summoning the souls of the most recently defeated enemy/s to fight on the players behalf & support them in battle (the summoned apparitions will be shadowy versions of the recently slain non-boss/ named enemies & can still use their original abilities), example shadow apparition nogs will use their drones to buff the players shields, shadow apparition med troopers will heal the players & shadow apparition tinks will make turrets, the rift creates an aura that can heal players ( restores 2% of max health per second), grants them temporary armor equal to 10% of their maximum health (the armor doesn’t regenerate), will always spawn with longbow, shadow, rift & dark support mods,


I don’t know if this counts towards the original intent of this thread, but I would love a gun system where you could swap out parts. You could dismantle guns you pick up for specific parts that they have and then reuse the parts on a new stock. Then there could be different rarities of stock where each one has a specific number of attachable places (or whatever). I think you get the idea. Bottom line, I would like to be able to build my own gun in-game and change it up as I go.

I think that guns are an easier gear to do this with, but I would be fine with making builds of any gear in-game. To keep the overall game in balance…ish, there could be some sort of cap so that Legendaries are still viable. For example, just don’t allow legendary items to be scrapped for parts. If you crossed a certain quantifiable threshold, the gun could then become a Unique, maybe even let you write the flavor text. The possibilities are endless with regards to variety and trying out different parts.

Anywho, that is my contribution.

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It’d be pretty cool if Moze got this class mod now she’s going to have a dedicated fire tree (though probably put some purple skills on it). Some of my other ideas on this thread have ended up looking like items later put into the game. The Anarchy shotgun, Robin’s Call, Fish Slap and, most recently, the Muse com.


Name: The lead storm
Type: AR
Manufacturer: COV
Drop: World drop (mayhem 6), Hot karl (mayhem 6 - 10)
Element: None & incendiary
Red text: raining down lead
Effect: Minigun styled AR with a ludicrous fire rate & no conventional clip, has a 3-second spin-up time before it starts shooting, cannot break but does overheat, deals physical damage but when it overheats it gains bonus incendiary damage that increases in damage the more it overheats (up to 100% of it’s physical damage), terrible at long range but extremely effective at short range, aiming down the sights will instead pre-spin the barrels, the player moves 15% slower while they are spinning the barrels, designed to look similar to the cod bo2 death machine

I added this weapon here because the game has a lack of the big heavy minigun like weapons


Second Breakfast
Red text: They’ve heard of it.
Legendary shield

Effect: whenever struck by an enemy, you have a 50% chance to inflict a low level incendiary damage over time effect on yourself. When the fire DOT is active, however, the Second Breakfast has a chance to drop three different kinds of boosters 1) heals a portion of your shield, 2) boost your incendiary damage for a brief time, and 3) increase action skill damage for a brief time.

You may be thinking, “Huh? Deliberately choosing a shield which helps to kill me, why?” The reason is that Moze’s new skill tree has a whole bunch of skills which trigger from inflicting status effects, including ones you inflict on yourself. This shield harnesses that to create an item which might otherwise be undesirable yet in the hands of Moze opens up some nice rewards. The boosters stop you killing yourself, boost the damage type you will already likely be focusing on and further boost Iron Cub who you may well have on the field. Chuck in an Elemental Projector and…


Nice to see that this thread is still going strong. The new skill trees have gotten me interested in making some new ones and reworking some old ones. Hope you guys enjoy.

Moze COMs

Hell, it’s about time.
+ Drowning in Brass
+ Behind the Iron Curtain
+ Matched Set
Moze gains +35% fire rate. When shield recharge begins, gain up to an additional +70% fire rate for 5 seconds. The lower the shield at the start of the recharge, the greater the bonus.

Big Bot
Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!
+ Double Time
+ Feature Creep
+ Stainless Steel Bear
Iron Bear gains up to 75% bonus damage, the closer an enemy is. When Security Bear’s shield breaks, Iron Bear’s armor is restored by half of its value.

I tip my hat to you, one legend to another.
+ Click, Click…
+ Selfless Vengeance
+ Grizzled
Moze and Iron Bear have a 50% chance to fire an additional shot. Additional reload speed increases the chance.

Cold Front
Let’s kick some ice!
+ Explosive Fury
+ Harmonious Havoc
+ Redistribution
Moze and Iron Bear gain up 50% bonus Cryo damage, decreasing as Moze’s magazine empties or as Iron Bear spends fuel.

Ball me, Blazer.
+ Means of Destruction
+ Pull the Holy Pin
+ Vampyr
Moze has a 50% chance to throw an additional grenade at no cost. Enemies damaged by Moze’s grenades take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.

Never was so much owed by so many to so few.
+ Biofuel
+ Explosive Fury
+ Experimental Munitions
Moze’s critical hits against enemies affected by a status effect deal 25% increased damage.

A family that slays together stays together.
+ Never Going to Give You Up
+ Feature Creep
+ Drowning in Brass
Moze and her allies gain +15% fire rate. Iron Cub and Auto Bear gain +25% fire rate.

Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall.
+ Nitrotrinadium Engines
+ Limit Break
+ Explosive Punctuation
When Moze’s shield is depleted, her cooldown reduction increases her health, her gun damage, and Iron Bear’s damage at 50%, 50%, and 25% effectiveness, respectively, instead.

Oh, take me back to the start.
+ Deadlines
+ Torgue Cross-Promotion
+ Big Surplus
When Iron Bear is destroyed or consumes all of its fuel, it triggers a random elemental nova, dealing damage based on total fuel consumed. Reductions to Iron Bear’s fuel consumption now increase it and Iron Bear’s damage.

Shock Trooper
Rubber shoes in motion.
+ Armored Infantry
+ Phalanx Doctrine
+ Harmonious Havoc
When Moze shocks an enemy, restores 5% of her max shield. While enemies are shocked, they are slowed and take 15% increased damage. Moze gains immunity to shock damage.

Give them nothing, but take from them everything .
+ Phalanx Doctrine
+ Selfless Vengeance
+ Scrappy
Moze gains up to +80% reload speed, the lower her health or shield is. When Moze reloads, she and her allies gain +22% shield recharge rate and -21% shield charge delay. Each stack lasts 12 seconds.

Let me show you something.
+ Explosive Fury
+ Superior Firepower (3)
+ Torgue Cross-Promotion
When Moze or Iron Bear apply a status effect to an enemy, they create a matching elemental puddle at the enemy’s location. Moze and Iron Bear take 90% less damage from status effect damage.

Den Mother
Forget about your worries and your strife.
+ Scorching RPM’s
+ Drowning in Brass
+ Auto Bear
Security Bear’s shield is 100% more effective and 25% larger. While Auto Bear is active, Moze and her allies regenerate 4% of their max heath and 1.5% of their max ammo capacity each second.

If you don’t want to die, think.
+ Double Time
+ Nitrotrinadium Engines
+ Scrappy
While Moze and Iron Bear, equipped with Security Bear, are moving, they gain +30% chance to absorb bullets. When Moze and Iron Bear absorb a shot, they gain +4% increased damage for 12 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.
+ Redistribution
+ Scorching RPM’s
+ Armored Infantry
When Moze gains fire rate, she gains +1.75% increased damage and +1.5% accuracy instead. Her projectiles have a greater chance to knockback enemies.

Zane COMs

I wear the chain I forged in life.
+ Cold Bore
+ Playing Dirty
+ Like a Ghost
First 2 shots from a fully loaded magazine have a 75% chance to ignore enemy shields and a 33% chance to ignore armor.

There are two kinds of pain in this world.
+ Man of Focus
+ Commitment
+ The Art of War
Zane’s Digi-Clone comes equipped with an unmodified MNTIS shoulder cannon. Digi-Clone shooting the MNTIS shoulder cannon counts as Zane activating an action skill, but has it’s own charges.

Good luck, I’m behind 7 proxies.
+ Hearty Stock
+ Ready for Action
+ Confident Competence
Whenever Barrier or Digi-Clone take damage, Zane restore 5% of his shield. Amped shots deal 10% increased damage.

Never let them see you bleed.
+ Synchronicity
+ Borrowed Time
+ Supersonic Man
Zane has a 33% chance to avoid fatal damage and restore half his maximum health instead. While in FFYL, Zane’s action skills persist indefinitely.

You like my pet, huh?
+ Seein’ Red
+ Violent Violence
+ Commitment
SNTNL benefits from Zane’s kill skills.

Somebody stop me!
+ Man of Focus
+ Domino Effect
+ Playing Dirty
When Zane’s action skill cooldowns and durations are activated or reset, he and his Digi-Clone gain 15% gun damage and do not consume ammo for 3 seconds. This effect has a 12 second cooldown.

It’s not about changing the world.
+ Brain Freeze
+ Cool Hands
+ Domino Effect
When Zane reloads, he gains +30% critical hit damage and +100% melee damage on his next melee attack. This effect lasts for 12 seconds and stacks up to 3 times. The bonus melee damage resets when he deals melee damage.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
+ Headsman’s Hand
+ Sheer Will
+ Rise to the Occasion
For every 2 seconds that Zane is not moving, he gains 6% increased damage and 10% damage reduction. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

Grand Azure
You got boost power!
+ Violent Momentum
+ Adrenaline
+ Tunnel Vision
Zane’s Barrier benefits from unequipped augments and provides full bonuses when picked up. When Zane passes through his Barrier, he automatically picks it up and gains +30% movement speed for 18 seconds.

Man o’ War
And if that don’t work, use more gun.
+ Man of Focus
+ Sheer Will
+ Eraser
Zane’s MNTIS shoulder cannon fires 4 consecutive shots, instead of 1, at a cost of 1 charge. Each shot deals 40% of the original damage and has reduced accuracy. MNTIS shoulder cannon benefits from increases in accuracy.

Hey, as long as it works.
+ Duct Tap Mod
+ Pocketful of Grenades
+ Domino Effect
When Zane, SNTNL, or Digi-Clone throw a grenade, Zane gains +12% splash damage and +5% splash damage radius for 18 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

Shadow clone jutsu!
+ Borrowed Time
+ Like a Ghost
+ Trick of the Light
When Zane swaps places with the Digi-Clone, he spawns a lesser Digi-Clone that benefit from Digi-Clone’s augments, but has 20% of the original’s heath and 10% of its damage. Digi-Clones have a 10% chance to taunt enemies on attack. Can spawn up to 4.

CROSSFIYAAAAHH! You’ll get caught up in the CROSSFIYAAAAHH!
+ Borrowed Time
+ Good Misfortune
+ Sheer Will
Enemies damaged by Zane’s actions skills take 20% increased damage from his other actions skills and vice versa. When enemies are damaged by both action skills, they take 30% increased damage from all sources for 12 seconds.

First try.
+ Man of Focus
+ Tunnel Vision
+ Nerves of Steel
Zane shares 20% of his accuracy with his allies and gains 25% of his accuracy as critical hit damage, projectile speed, and aim speed.

High Roller
Never give up and good luck will find you.
+ Déjà vu
+ Headsman’s Hand
+ Praemunitus
When Zane’s magazine is half empty, his shots have a 33% chance to deal +60% increased damage.

Amara COMs

Surprise and fear… fear and surprise…
+ Violent Tapestry
+ Wildfire
+ No Mistakes in Nature
When Amara damages an enemy affected by a status effect, remove the status effect and deal 500% of the status effect damage.

There’s the whole world at your feet.
+ Restless
+ Ascendant
+ Trust in Yourself
Amara’s non-Rush related buffs* are 50% more effective. When Amara activates her Action Skill, those buffs are shared with nearby allies at 33% effectiveness.
*Samsara, Helping Hand(s), Find Your Center, Transcend, Wrath, Dread, and Joyful Freedom.

Let go of your earthly tether.
+ Transcend
+ From Rest
+ Clarity
Gain +50% max health. Equipped shields have no capacity, but are considered both filled and depleted.

I don’t see enough dots, more dots now.
+ Wildfire
+ Catharsis
+ Conflux
Enemies take 9% increased damage for each status effect applied.

Tiger style.
+ Do Harm
+ Alacrity
+ Awakening
Critical hits grant a stack of Rush and melee damage grants five stacks of Rush. Max Rush stacks: +10.

But inside your heart it is black and it’s hollow and it’s cold.
+ Trust in Yourself
+ Burn Both Ends
+ Mindfulness
When Amara takes damage from an enemy, her next action skill and melee gain +10% critical chance and her next shot gains +20% critical hit damage. This effect stacks 5 times and resets when Amara deals damage.

Let’s get this party started.
+ Arms Deal
+ Laid Bare
+ Heavy Rain
When Amara damages an enemy with an action skill, she gains 1 grenade and regenerates 40% of her missing magazine over 2 seconds. This effect has an 8 second cooldown. Magazines of splash damage weapons are increased by 8.

King Kong palm.
+ No Mistakes in Nature
+ Combo Breaker
+ Jab Cross
When Amara uses her Action skill, the duration of the action skill is increased by 3% for each stack of Rush. Max Rush stacks: +5.

So anyway, I started blasting.
+ Infusion
+ Indiscriminate
+ Personal Space
When Amara melees, she gains +15% chance to fire an additional shot and +25% slide speed for 12 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

If no one else will defend the world, then I must.
+ Samsara
+ Helping Hand(s)
+ Burn Both Ends
For each stack of Rush, Amara gains a 1.5% chance to reflect enemy projectiles. When Amara activates her action skill, it refunds 5 Rush stacks. Max Rush stacks: +5.

Turn down for what?
+ Mindfulness
+ Catharsis
+ Trust In Yourself
When Amara’s shield breaks from full, a random elemental status effect is applied to nearby enemies. Each time Amara’s shield breaks from full, she gains +30% shield recharge rate and +15% splash damage radius for 30 seconds.

Silver bullets?! Doesn’t lead kill good enough?
+ Infusion
+ Tempest
+ Fast Hand(s)
Amara’s guns deal 9% (18% for kinetic guns) bonus incendiary, corrosive, or shock damage, automatically matching to the correct element.

Maybe some people don’t like it as cold as I do. But I don’t care.
+ No Mistakes in Nature
+ Go With the Flow
+ Unweave the Rainbow
Every 4 seconds, Amara slows nearby enemies. Enemies with multiple slow stacks become frozen.

Well bargained and done.
+ Alacrity
+ From Rest
+ Mindfulness
For each stack of Rush, Amara gains +1% fire rate and a 1% chance to not consume ammo. Reloading grants her 10 stacks of Rush. Max Rush stacks: +5.

Oh yeah!
+ Personal Space
+ Helping Hands
+ Mindfulness
While Amara is shielded and takes damage, she restores 27% of her max shield over 3 seconds, then releases an area-knockback. This effect has an 8 second cooldown. Enemies that are knocked back take 15% increased damage for 5 seconds.


The unseen blade is the deadliest.
+ Leave No Trace
+ Two F4ng
+ Hidden Machine
FL4K gains +40% critical hit chance when attacking an enemy from behind.

+ Frenzy
+ Hive Mind
+ Sic 'em
Attack Command always crits and grants 5 stacks of Frenzy.

Pack Hunter
Bake him away, toys.
+ Barbaric Yawp
+ Pack Tactics
+ Gotta Go Fast
On action skill use, summon a random pet for 30 seconds. This effect has a 45 second cooldown.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
+ Hive Mind
+ Pack Tactics
+ Furious Attack
FL4K gains 15% of their pet’s damage as increased damage. Can gain up to 25% increased damage.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
+ Turn Tail and Run
+ Rage and Recover
+ Frenzy
FL4K and their pet have a 33% chance to gain Rage and Recover and a stack of Frenzy when damaged by an enemy.

I am disrespectful to dirt! Can you see that I am serious?
+ Psycho Head on a Stick
+ Barbaric Yawp
+ Gotta Go Fast
When FL4K shoots their pet with an elemental weapon, their pet is surrounded by a matching elemental aura, constantly damaging all nearby enemies, for 15 seconds.

Back off man, I’m a scientist!
+ Agility Training
+ Better Toys
+ Overclocked
Gravity Snares spawn a singularity when placed. Enemies near a Gravity Snare take 20% increased damage.

Get down, Mr. President!
+ Success Imminent
+ Fuzzy Math
+ Keep Them Safe
While their pet is shielded, any loss of shield for FL4K is dealt as damage to their pet. FL4K’s pet gains +100% movement speed.

It’s all about the greater good. The greater good.
+ Turn Tail and Run
+ Ambush Predator
+ Throatripper
FL4K gains up to +50% bonus radiation damage, +60% accuracy, and +160% projectile speed, the further away an enemy is, and up to 15% movement speed, the closer an enemy is.

Power Xtreme.
+ Gotta Go Fast
+ Throatripper
+ Monkey Do!
FL4K’s pet gains a copy of their artifact. FL4K and their pet have a 20% chance to trigger a slam when attacking an enemy. These effects have a 2 second cooldown.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
+ Overclocked
+ Turn Tail and Run
+ Agility Training
FL4K and their allies gain +50% magazine size and +33% ammo capacity. When FL4K activates an action skill or when it ends, 25% of their gun’s magazine is loaded.

Critical Mass
The power of the sun in the palm of my hand.
+ Head Count
+ Persistence Hunter
+ Not Even a Challenge
While FL4K’s action skill is active, they gain +6% critical hit damage each second.

Bloody thou art; bloody will be thy end.
+ Better Toys
+ Keep Them Safe
+ The Fast and the Furryous
FL4K and their pet gain +3% lifesteal and +3% increased damage. When FL4K’s or their pet’s shields break or fill, FL4K and their pet gain an additional stack for 30 seconds. The effect stacks up to 4 additional times.

It’s f****** raw!
+ Go For the Eyes
+ Who Rescued Who?
+ Hive Mind
When FL4K is damaged by an enemy, they gain +3% damage reduction for 12 seconds. This effect stacks up to 25 times. Enemies who damage FL4K are marked for 5 seconds, taking 50% and 100% bonus corrosive damage from FL4K and their pet, respectively.

The problem’s plain to see, too much technology.
+ Furious Attack
+ Overclocked
+ Second Intention
FL4K’s magazine size is decreased by 50%, but they gain +8% reload speed and +7% increased damage for 5 seconds when they reload. This effect stacks up to 5 times.



Vladof assault rifle
What a glorious set of stairs we make.

  • Elements: None
  • Effects: Fires arrowheads with a small arc. Low base damage but high critical hit bonus.
  • Description: Reference to the song “Bloodhail” by Have a Nice Life.

{ITEM NAME} Raider
{TYPE} Assault Rifle
{MFC} Vladof
{RED TEXT} Kitty got wet!
{EFFECTS} Melee damage while this gun is equipped is significantly increased the emptier the gun’s magazine is and reloads the gun.
{DESCRIPTION} The base model for this gun is an Oddy-Knocky and it comes with a unique bayonet attachment. Its reload animation is replaced by a melee animation and performing a melee attack reloads the gun. This gun is meant to give players who aren’t investing in a melee build the ability to occasionally to hit hard with a melee attack. The red text is a reference to Uncharted.

{ITEM NAME} Attache
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Tediore
{RED TEXT} Non capimus
{EFFECTS} Always slowly homes to it target.
{DESCRIPTION} The base model for this gun is a Sureshot. There’s nothing particularly special about it other than its thrown speed is slower, but it makes up for it with higher damage. This is a reference to the suitcase bug in Hitman 2.


{ITEM NAME} Smart Bomb
{RED TEXT} “I need more quarters!”
{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Torgue
{ELEMENTS} Explosive
{EFFECTS} Grenade triggers instantly when thrown and automatically kills all enemies on the current screen.
{TRIVIA} The name is taken from the early 1980’s classic arcade game, “Defender” where you had a fighter craft that also carried smart bombs which would obliterate all enemy forces on the screen when used, often as a last resort move as you were being swarmed. The red text refers to the ability of some arcade games to provide additional life tokens by adding more money (i.e. quarters) and extend playing. Players would often call out to their friends for assistance when they felt they were getting into trouble and might lose their last life.


I actually contributed by sending ideas in to gearbox… here is a link to my photobucket where some of the ideas are in image form. enjoy.

images and details of new weapon/ammo types like the bubble gun and gauntlet weapons, non traditional ballistics that work underwater…


Hand of Hephaestus
Red text: Don’t judge someone until you’ve stood at his forge and worked with his hammer, eh?
Gunner class mod

Skills: Stoke the Embers, Fired Up, Harmonious Havoc
Two possible effects I could see working:

  • Whenever Moze inflicts an incendiary status effect on an enemy, she and Iron Bear gain a stack of Blazing Hammer. Each stack gives a 3% boost to incendiary damage and a 5% damage increase against shields or armour. Stacks last 30 seconds. There is no stack cap.
  • Whenever Moze switches to an incendiary weapon, the gun will randomly roll an additional element from either shock or corrosive. Enemies effected by two kinds of status effects take 75% more damage. Iron Bear benefits from this bonus element.

The point of this class mod is to give Moze a legendary class mod dedicated to boosting her abilities with fire, particularly within the purple tree. Personally, I think I am more of a fan of the first effect, although I think both could be good. Both effects also help Iron Bear/Cub so would be nice for mixed builds.

In the first, I could see the incendiary stacks quickly going wild and while it would take a little time to be able to overcome the penalties against shields/armour, it would get there in time. I do feel the legendary mod should have the capacity to overcome the main drawback of a pure incendiary build, but it doesn’t feel right just switching off those penalties without the player putting some work in first.

The second option gives more of an instant boost and a flat damage increase, but in my head it feels less dynamic and the player would get stuck on one weapon. It could, however, be nice for Iron Bear builds where you have infinite ammo and just stay on one weapon to keep your anointment going.

Title of the class mod refers to Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths, fire and volcanoes while the quote comes from the author Rick O’Riordan.


A collection of class mods designed to throw back to previous vault hunters and bring them into the new world.

Gunner class mod
Foreveeeeer and eveeeeer!
Double Time, Specialist Bear, Click Click

Whenever Moze gets a kill or empties her mag and reloads, she gains 1.75% damage but loses 1.75% accuracy. 20% of her shots ricochet. Also, Iron Cub has claws now and flies. Stacks are lost upon dying and reduced upon manually reloading.

Note: you probably wouldn’t want to spec into Bottomless Mags very much at all with this class mod, so I gave it some of the more damaging skills you wouldn’t be able to reach.

Beastmaster class mod
You fellas meet the missus?
The Most Dangerous Game, Galactic Shadow, Head Count

Fl4k’s gravity snare transforms into a turret which explodes when thrown, creates a damage-reducing bubble, fires rockets and debuffs enemies struck.

Siren class mod
My siren is the prettiest
Mindfulness, Remnant, Find My Centre

For 20 seconds after triggering her action skill, Amara goes into berserker mode. She gets a 25% increase to her movement speed, melee damage and melee attack speed and gains 10% life steal from her melee but can no longer use weapons or grenades. She will shout, grunt and taunt the enemy a lot while in berserker mode.

Note: who wasn’t expecting this playstyle when we first learned of the siren arms?

Operative class mod
Stay in one place, would you?
Headsman’s Hand, Domino Effect, Calm, Cool, Collected

SNTL has a 25% chance to freeze or slow targets with any kind of damage. Frozen or slowed targets take 50% more damage from critical hits and splash damage.

Note: would Zane mind having his gender transformed? No, I don’t think he would.



Feel the might of Hyperion!
Or Dahl or Torgue or whatever.

  • Effects: Gain increased effectiveness with certain manufacturer gimmicks:

    • Atlas: Damage to marked enemies
    • COV: Decreased heat per shot
    • Dahl: Semi-auto damage
    • Hyperion: Weapon shield effectiveness and capacity
    • Jakobs: Ricochets per critical hit
    • Maliwan: Charged shot damage
    • Tediore: Reload damage
    • Torgue: Sticky damage
    • Vladof: Underbarrel damage

    Receiving a brand loyalty reward in the mail doubles the artifact’s effect with the reward’s manufacturer until you leave the current map.

  • Description: Reference to Jack’s skill Sponsored By… from TPS (minus the weapon swapping part).