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Finger guns
Red text: Pew pew!
Legendary Dahl pistol
Any element

As the name would suggest, this is not, in fact, a gun. The character holds up their hand in the shape of a gun and makes firing noises in their own voice. The bullets come out with light effects and the enemies start dying. Secondary effect switches the pistol to fire like an SMG with different sound effects by the characters. Respectable stats, high crit damage.


First time posting hope these seems good.
Notice me Gearbox senpai

Bubble boy
“Is cat now”
Class mod (Zane)
{SKILLS} - Fugitive, Tunnel vision, Ready for action and Confident Competance
{EFFECTS} - Grants Zane’s barrier the all-rounder augment. When an enemy comes into contact with Zane’s barrier Zane gets a speed boost and his other barrier augments gain increased effectiveness for a short time, these effects stacks.

Did I tell you to stop?
Class mod (Amara)
{SKILLS} - Joyful freedom, Body and mind, Laid bare, Clarity and Samsara
{EFFECTS} - When Amara’s Glow up heal above a character’s max health any further healing is converted into a nova which heals allies and damages enemies. Additionally Amara may increase the amount of healing her Orb does by meleeing it.

Run from me if you want to live
Class mod (Moze)
{SKILLS} Really big guns, Double time, Stainless steel bear, Vladof ingenuity
{EFFECTS} Grants Iron cub Augment. Iron cub now hunts Moze, any damage received from Cub is added as additional damage for Moze for the rest of her mag. If Moze destroys Iron cub, Cub’s remaining fuel is added as bonus damage to her next thrown grenade. If Moze is not within Cub’s line of sight it will attack anything near it.

3vil s0n
You got me sharks with Freaking lasers on their freaking heads?
Class mod (Fl4k)
{SKILLS} Ferocity, Frenzy, Throat ripper and Not even a challenge
{EFFECTS} Fl4k’s equipped pet gains a laser mounted to their head. Laser does *** dmg per second. The laser’s element changes to match whatever status effect condition is affecting the pet.


Interesting that you chose 4 skills for each of your class mods. They typically have 3.

Would love to see Doom Eternal’s Destroyer Blade, especially if it cut things in half, but that might be a bit much to ask. d:


Just realised my idea for an Atlas shotgun ended up sounding very similar to the Multi-Tap, which came out roughly a month and a half after my post. I wonder what other items I’ve suggested could have inspired now existing items.

And this ended up looking like the Fish Slap.

Robin’s Call.

Similar to the Muse com, with the Remnant orb being replaced with the Muse orb.

If Gearbox really is listening to this thread then that’s really cool. I wonder what other items might have come from community ideas.


The ABSOTRON 9000 made by Hyperion. Red text would say when your gun is not enough, Absotron the pride of Hyperion. The shield would be multifunctional a amp/ gun firing shield that would take the properties of the weapon you have in hand and add them to the Absotron. Have one vladoff NOW you have TWO. Have maliwan now you have a bubble of that element covering you at all times. But by any possibility the bubble is breached the mighty ABSOTRON would send forth a burst of the element from YOUR maliwan gun out in a sizable radius depending on the rarity of the gun and it’s chance to cause that element to enemies. Using the happy go lucky tediore? ABSOTRON has you covered there too! Depending on your rarity of your weapon bullets WILL be fired in MULTIPLE directions in a circumference as you travel! Bullets will bounce around hitting who and whatever comes your way! Ahh COV ENTHUSIASTS when you need your heat charged urge sated have no fear! Hyperion hears you the ABSOTRON can handle with blood curdling fury your need for mayhem! When holding your COV of your choice the mighty ABSOTRON again, depending on rarity releases FLAMING blades forth out before you! And if enemies get too close ABSOTRON much like your beloved COV with its heat sensor will will truly turn those enemies into roasted marshmallows! But beware there is a heat limit and much like your fellow Cov you can systematically torch yourself as well so use wisely! Ahh and our beloved Hyperion what can we say when you need ENHANCED performance out of your guns and nades the trusty ABSOTRON will improve damage accuracy range of all beloved HYPERION PRODUCTS! ABSOTRON the next level of Hyperion and we’ve only just begun…


Was just trying to give options

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{ITEM NAME} No. 19
{RED TEXT} Masks dont protect from stupid
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Jakobs
{ELEMENTS} No element
{EFFECTS} Each crit with this weapon adds another pellet to the next shot, critical hits ricochet to the nearest enemy.

{ITEM NAME} Self distancing
{RED TEXT} If you can see this message you’re too close
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Anshin
{EFFECTS} This shield projects a constant ring, when enemys enter the ring they are dealt damage over time, if someone melees you the attacker is knocked back to the edge of the ring.

{ITEM NAME} Breathtaking
{RED TEXT} Released too soon
{TYPE} Shotgun
{MFC} Atlas
{EFFECTS} If every pellet hits the target they all crit, 5% chance for Pellets to “glitch”.

{RED TEXT} Coyote endorsed
{TYPE} Rocket Launcher
{MFC} Tediore
{EFFECTS} On reload Launcher is dropped and has a 5 second delay before homing in on the user.


I love the idea behind that Jakob’s pistol. Part of me wonders if it would be a better fit for a sniper rifle?

Some fantastic ideas there. I echo @vCarpeDiemv, that pistol effect sounds fantastic. I could almost see them adding it to a sniper, assault rifle and shotgun as well like they did with the Call weapons.

With the Self Distancing shield, I hope they get the damage right. Some damaging shields (Rectifier, Impaler, etc.) still do barely noticeable damage even after Mayhem scaling.


I just went with pistol because it felt right, it could easily apply to anything else, a vladof shotgun with a big mag and autofire could be fun too.

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Unfortunately Vladof doesn’t make shotguns, but I guess the Monarch, Dictator and Lightshow are all close to this concept. Also, as a specific automatic shotgun, we could look to the Butcher but it’s made by Hyperion.

Name: The recruiter
Type: Grenade
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Drop: World drop, geneviv (whatever her name was)
Element: Shock
Red text: Ahh, fresh meat
Effect: A lobbed grenade that upon contact with a surface or enemy will explode & create a stationary ball of energy, continously shoots out bolts of lightning that will convert nearby non-boss/ special enemies into allies that will fight alongside & support the player for 30 seconds, converted enemies will gain a 250% damage boost, only 5 enemies can be “recruited” at a time, converted enemies will explode into a very powerful nova on death or when duratin expires if their at 10% health or less, converted enemies will count as dead for the objective if possible


Name: ChiMIRVphobic!!!
Type: Heavy
Manufacturer: Torgue (?)
Red Text: I thought they stopped making these…
Elements: Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and rocket is always radiation.
Effects: fixed parts, Unique boxy design akin to Tediore rocket launchers from BL2. Thrown when reloaded akin to the Bunny from BL2 with rubberized effects, but increases damage and radius with each throw. Always costs one ammo on reload, will send grenades and Novas in each element 7 times akin to Tina’s Hippity Hopper. Large magazine, no sticky. Rockets Nova in each element randomly and have a significantly reduced projectile speed. Costs 2 ammo per shot.


N7 Vanguard
Red text: I should go.
Hyperion shotgun
Any element

This gun has decent accuracy, a one shot mag and low damage. Its unique perk, however, is what it’s all about. When you shoot a target, your character flies forward at incredible speed and smashes into that enemy, dealing heavy melee damage and creating an elemental nova matching that of the gun. As such, it can be slotted into melee builds to quickly get you up close to foes or it can be built around for a splash nova build (the limitation being the need to reload between every shot). Downside is this weapon would not work on airborne targets or ones who are out of reach of the terrain.

Name and red text reference the Mass Effect series.


{ITEM NAME} The list
{RED TEXT} Check twice
{TYPE} shotgun
{MFC} Torgue
{EFFECTS} Shots fired explode on impact and stick, stuck explosives explode on reload. If enemy is above 50% health shots do extra damage, if enemy is below 50% health, double chance to apply status effect.

{ITEM NAME} Birthday present
{RED TEXT} But last year I got thirty seven
{MFC} Hyperion
{EFFECTS} On empty mag 2 rockets are fired out that target the last targeted enemy.
This gun always spawns with a mag of 36.

{ITEM NAME} Zodiac
{RED TEXT} Happy new year
{TYPE} Rocket launcher
{MFC} Vladof
{EFFECTS} This launcher has 12 firing modes, (fire, corrosive, rad, shock, cryo, No element, homing, Multi pellet, Vacuum, Knock back, Sticky, Random). When Random is chosen 2 modes are used simultaneously, but they change every reload.

{ITEM NAME} Nichirin
{RED TEXT} Slayer of Demons
{TYPE} Sniper rifle
{MFC} Jakobs
{ELEMENTS} All but no element
{EFFECTS} This rifle does extra damage if used against one type of enemy, each time the same type of enemy is hit damage is increased by 5% this stacks 20 times. Hits on other types of enemies resets this.


3310 Brick
Red text: Knock, knock.
Tediore shotgun
Any element

When this gun is thrown, it does not break. It is indestructible. The enemy suffers heavy melee damage and is thrown back as if hit by a powerful shotgun blast. When held the gun will sometimes ring and different voices will answer the ring and taunt your enemies. Depending on gun parts, this can have mirvs, homing capabilities, legs. The name and gimmick are inspired by the “brick phone,” the Nokia 3310.


You would think after being the meme king phone there would be more Nokia 3310 references.

Edit : It would also make a fine melee weapon, nobody wants smacked with a 3310.


Name: D-70 proto-grenade
Type: Legendary grenade
Manufacturer: Torgue
Drop: Spendoptigon
Element: None
Effect: Upon contact with an enemy it will roll random damage of 1 to 1.000.000, upon contact with a surface it will instead roll a massive table of random effects, from spawning in driveable vehicles, to creating power-ups (like ammo, money, eridium & health & shield boosters), cluster bombs , spawning in random allies (regardless of faction, except bosses), flashbangs, explosions of mass destruction (ie. A nuke) or spawning in a pile of random anointed enemies (all of these are just the examples), can only spawn with the lobbed & random chaos mods.

Meant to be a reference to the cursed halo mod’s d-20 frag grenade that does most of the same things
Watch the youtube video “halo except it’s incredibly cursed” to get the reference
It’s also where i got the idea for my spelunker shotgun idea


Name: deadshot
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Type: sniper
Red text: Don’t forget to breathe
Effect: in normal mode, acts like a normal Hyperion sniper with a gun shield while ADS. The alternative firing mode, however, has no gun shield and increased zoom all the time (switching to this firing mode means you’re always ADS). Holding the ADS button will no longer zoom in, but will instead reduce sway to 0 and heavily reduce recoil, but you can only hold the button for a few seconds and as soon as you let go your sway is increased for a few seconds.
Basically you can hold the button to hold your breath, while sniping, like a lot of sniper focus games.

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