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{TYPE} Grenade
{MFC} Atlas
{RED TEXT} Try again!
{EFFECTS} Homes in to the closest target and keeps bouncing of to home in again. Distance becomes shorter until the effect ends.
{DESCRIPTION} It works like a bouncing tracker grenade but without a set number of bounces. The farer away it starts homing in for the first time, the longer it will bounce.
Uses 2 of 3 modifiers:


{ITEM NAME} T-Gewehr
{TYPE} rocket launcher
{MFC} Jacobs
{RED TEXT} Es braust unser Panzer im sturmwind dahin
{EFFECTS} transpass armor and shield
{DESCRIPTION} Imagine a sniper rifle but a really big one, like the germans use in the war against the soviets
Uses 2 of 3 modifiers: Crit %/ + weapon damage/ + splash damageimages


{ITEM NAME} Unforgiven Masher
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Jakobs
{RED TEXT} It’s a hellava thing…
{EFFECTS} Masher /w high Crit modifier
{DESCRIPTION} THis is for all the players of BL1 who are missing the best pistol in the game. There has been no option since then. Its exactly what it says here. An Unforgiven with Masher ability. It would always be 2 shot, slow fire rate and have a knock back effect like the new Yeeti pistol, and the high crit like the normal Unforgiven.

Maybe it could be a Pearlescent if those come back


Name: Monster Masher
Type: Relic
Manufacturer: Eridian
Red Text: It’s a graveyard smasher
Effects: Doubles the number of projectiles fired by all weapons. Projectiles deal 25% reduced damage and accuracy is reduced by 25%. Overkill damage is applied to all projectiles, not just a single projectile.

Basically shotguns, mashers and other multi-projectile weapons suffer a damage loss as a result of the fact that overkill damage is only added to a single projectile (and thus has a much lower max damage applied). This would remove that penalty, as well as increasing projectiles fired in return for a damage and accuracy penalty.


Since Fl4k doesn’t have Mordecai’s Gun Crazy or the real Two Fang, I HEAVILY support this!!!

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Amara: Phasebrawler
Points in: Illuminated Fist, Sustainment, Laid Bare
Activating action skill grants max rush stacks which gradually decay. Rush stacks now increase melee damage and melee speed. Stack cap +5.
Red text: “Skadoosh!”

Inspired by the Phasezerker, but this time for melee builds. The addition of the two Fist of the Elements skills, along with the mod’s special effect, will create the opportunity to explore melee builds based on the Brawl and Mystical Assault trees which, with such skills as Restless, Soul Sap, Stillness of Mind, Laid Bare, Remnant, Awakening and Avatar, could be extremely potent. Right now M4 melee builds tend to go into Brawl and Fist of the Elements so this would break new ground for Amara players.

A few words on the skills chosen:

  • Illuminated Fist. One of Amara’s best boosts to melee which has yet to be used in a legendary mod. A nice damage boost and the ability to make punches deal elemental damage of your choice. Would be substantially improved if Amara received the ability to swap her action skill element without menu switching.
  • Sustainment. A powerful life steal skill which, yes, benefits from elemental melee. Combined with Illuminated Fist, your melee now keeps you in the fight longer.
  • Laid Bare. Potentially my favourite skill in Mystical Assault. Now you will be activating your action skill to trigger melee bonuses and at the same time debuffing your foes so you can deliver even greater melee with, yes, even greater life steal. Skadoosh!

Red text is a reference to Po from Kung Fu Panda, whose growth in the mystical side enabled him to win fights. Zen destruction indeed.


{ITEM NAME} Anti-Amp
{TYPE} Shield
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} Safety first!
{EFFECTS} While shields are not full, shots deals less damage and refill a percentage of shield power.
{DESCRIPTION} basically the opposite of an amp shield. Sacrificing damage for sustain.


Project ARMOR
Maliwan shield
0 Shield Capacity
0.0 Recharge Delay
0 Recharge Rate
When the fighting man resembles an Armadillo.

  • 50% health
  • 20% damage reduction

Can roll BRAWLER (300% melee dmg) OR any combination of 3 mods out of:
Adaptive (HP + resist last element)
Roid (melee dmg)
Fleet (movement speed while depleted)
Spike (return damage when hit by melee)

Hidden special effect:
Life regenerated (or stolen) forms an ARMOR (yellow bar) exoskeleton (capped at 100% Max Health).

It always bugged me about 0 capacity shield that instead of making a character BEEFY, they just make them useless, because SEVERAL mechanics in BL3 work against the very idea.

  • Incendiary damage shreds through you like a HECATE 2’s bullet through a birthday cake. Literally any mod with incendiary gun can 1shot you.
  • Health doesn’t stack properly because the calculation for max HP has brackets placed badly. Only the base HP (~12k at 57) is increased by shield/passive %bonuses. The flat health you can get on relic or class mod is NOT.
  • Lifesteal has TRAVEL TIME, and shooting at range it takes up to like 5 seconds to reach you to heal you. In addition, using a 1shot kill weapon often means that the entire “heal” is wasted because you are momentarily at full HP, but the next second you catch a bullet that shreds your entire HP bar and puts you into FFYL. It’s especially bad after all DoT grenades were stripped of all capacity to lifesteal.

This shield marginally increases your health, while giving the excess health regeneration and lifesteal for a sort of a buffer that gets depleted first (while for gameplay purposes having different weakness than a standard shield - thus making you LESS prone to being one shot by any incendiary bullet). The possible melee damage mods make it an alternative over THE SINGLE AVAILABLE SHIELD for melee damage build (Brawler Ward), otherwise it rolls only defensive mods that somewhat go with the theme (and are not a stupid gimmicks like drop charges etc).


Red Star
Vladof allegiance relic
random 3 out of:

  • 45% Vladof accuracy and handling
  • 25% Vladof fire rate
  • 100% Vladof grenade damage and 50% radius
  • 25% Vladof kinetic damage
  • 50% Vladof heavy weapon damage
  • 8% magazine regenerated per second

Ready to fight back?
Increase Weapon Damage by 2% per hit, misses remove all bonuses. (caps at 80%)

(basic thematic VLADOF. Shoot and shoot more and faster. And the grenade damage there because the ‘basic’ Impact grenades are currently the weakest ■■■■ in game and really need a buff)

Sniper rifle (a big anti-tank sniper rifle)

  • low fire rate (under 1.5)
  • 6/9/12 magazine, 1 bullet per shot
  • near-instant bullet speed
  • 100% critical chance on small fries (normal enemies, not named/badass/boss)

Doesn’t use sticky bombs. Has only 1 firing mode. Bullet causes kinetic damage , then explodes 1 second later in a 320 radius, causing 4x the Weapon Damage in the gun’s element.

Because WHY NOT?! Cobra is a legacy weapon from BL1.

Torgue allegiance relic
random 3 out of:

  • 40% splash damage
  • 100% Weapon Damage as kinetic and -50% fire rate*
  • 5000 Health
  • 50% splash radius
  • -25% damage reduction
  • 15% movement speed

Reduces splash damage taken by 75%. Steal 10% splash damage as health.

(Torgue doesn’t discriminate against other manufacturers! Explosions is all that matter!)


you could just get the pearl and try to roll vladof stats?

Pearl can only roll 12% fire rate, all other stats it can roll are useless for Vladof. Your magazine is already near-endless (on Moze at least) so magazine size and reload speed do not matter, and health and health regeneration are ‘meh’. Not to mention Pearl was hotfixed to only go up to 90% damage.

Love this idea. Amara’s melee builds do tend to feel same-y, would be good to open up an new style.

Ooh, a reverse amp would be a great mechanic. Even just the first shot while shield is depleted doing reduced damage and restoring some shield, that would be epic.

I’ve always thought an armour shield (yellow bar, weak to corrosive, strong against shock) would be amazing. This is a great take on the “rough rider” style shields and an armour shield.


Vercuvian Ham
Eridian relic
25% Damage Reduction
80% Max Health
5% Health Regeneration when shield is depleted
-100% Shield Capacity
Is there ANYTHING ham can’t do?

combination of 3 random mods out of:
10% Max Health
80% Melee Damage
10% Damage Reduction
15% Chance to Reflect Bullets

(Vercuvian Ham is one of the hardest known materials in the universe. Can be (and had been) used as a shield, melee weapon, starship-grade armor, emergency food source or any number of other applications)

  • supreme defensive capabilities for “beefy” characters, no use if you rely on shields. It will not help your gun damage any (unless ya Zane), but can roll some melee damage as it can be(and has been) used as an effective mace
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COV ‘heavy weapon’
- melee range effective
- movement speed is slightly increased instead of decreased
- uses heat mechanic but does not spend ammo
- initial hit resembles a melee attack, holding down LMB makes target unable to move and deals continuous high damage and splash screen with blood

Perfect for Krieg’s DLC. We may be unable to get chainswords, but buzz axes are almost the same thing after all


Name: The Wall Street
Type: Shotgun
MFC: Hyperion (Shield Ability limited to Amped or Redirect with a slightly above average power)
Red Text: No one on earth can make it fall
Elements: None, Shock, Fire, Corrosive
Effects: The Hyperion Shield is a far above average sized, full-frontal body shield with a lot of health,resistance, and shield regen. Enemies that get too close will be knocked back by the shield’s energy and stunned. The shield set up is on a decent delay (but not after a reload while the shield was already active). While deployed, the shield slows you to a near crawl that lasts a bit after the shield is retracted / breaks.

Description: This shotgun is designed to be almost like a movable Pillbox for a character. It makes you commit to a spot, be it to survive a predicted strong attack or to set yourself up as a meat shield / face-down a wave of target prac- I mean enemies. The name is based off of Mark Henry, the former strongman and current wrestler known as “the wall”. The red text is an homage to his theme. This theme and name is also connected to a Dark Souls Troll Video series all about 1 thing- taking giant shields and shoving people off precarious areas to their death. The “street” part is to maintain the Hyperion naming convention of business / economics that a most of the legendary shotguns have.
Taking the idea of a mobile pillbox mixed with the dark souls video gave me the idea of a giant shield that can push back enemies, but the restriction of being near immobile and delayed in setup is to prevent people from walling up and charging through enemies (which is taking away a whole exclusive use of Zane’s Shield Ability). The knockback still means you can always charge into a group and drop it, but it has a tradeoff of being as exposed as you can get charging into crowds. The slow speed and setup also helps justify the full frontal body protection and regen since you really can’t dodge anything. It’s best utilized down a chokepoint where enemies can’t flank, mowing down enemies that can’t put enough DPS on you to break the shield. It’s worst when enemies can put down enough DPS to break it and you can’t kill them first.

My one design recommendation- The shotgun would have a much larger physical gun-shield to justify (and imply) the giant energy shield.

Name: Jenkins’ Jargon
Type: SMG
MFC: Hyperion
Elements: None, Cryo, Radiation
Effects: The shield effect is locked into Amped only and has tiny health (like in the 10s to low 100s at max) but will never break and is always regenerating. The Amp damage output has high scaling compared to how much damage it actually takes. Aiming down sights will slightly increase your speed instead of decreasing it. While not aiming down sights the gun fires at a completely useless fire rate. Natural DPS should still be decently high to really push for that run and gun approach.

Description: This gun’s name is in reference to Leeroy Jenkins, the iconic WoW meme. Besides the useless hip fire, the gun also has no real hyperion shield, only slightly shaving off a bit of damage each shot while the rest spills over to you. The main goal of the shield is to just keep the Amp damage proc active, promoting you to get hit a lot so as many bullets as possible get amped.
The gameplay of this gun is to follow the namesake and Leeroy Jenkins. charge in like a maniac, get shot and shoot back harder. The more bullets flying at you the more you get hit, and the more amped bullets you get, all at the cost of being forced to tunnel vision down the scope (and no real shield) or have no damage at all.

Not too much on the design. Maybe give it a natural hot-rod color set and build around that?


Love the ideas but I don’t get the amp thing. Aren’t amp shields about emptying your own shield with firing so when you get shoot, it’s not even working anymore?

I dunno what that’s about either…
There used to be a time when Re-Router actually synergized with Moze’ Bloodletter Mod, at least on fairly high-damage, slow firing weapons like pre-nerf Flakker (amped shot returned 120% dmg as health, which Bloodletter converted into shield instead, which topped the shield and allowed it to amp again) … but since then everything that made Moze good was nerfed (DoT grenades no longer heal, Bloodletter ignores healing of both Vampyr and Re-Router… you get the idea)

The very idea of amp shield gives me the creeps… despite me around with an Adrenaline Initiative shield (0 capacity)

vampyr works pretty well with bloodletter
its basically my build
but i also tried rerouter and didnt see any healing

Only really on Cloning Maddening Tracker (because other grenades heal too little or only once - and that’s if you manage to hit). DoT grenades like Hex, Quasar, Storm Front, etc were all stripped of their ability to lifesteal with Vampyr. I’ve seen the gameplay videos of old glorious Moze age. Moze now cannot compare.

But this is really getting out of topic, better contribute

Jakobs shotgun (Torgue ‘collaboration’)
Quake before your DOOM.
Damage: 1600x3
Accuracy: 94.5
Handling: 62
Reload Time: 2.1s
Fire Rate: 11.55
Magazine Size: 12
+50% Critical Damage
+110 Splash Damage Radius
Consumes 3 ammo per shot
Critical hits return 1 bullet to your magazine and ricochet 1 bullet at the nearest enemy

  • iron sights and 12-bullet magazine are fixed parts
  • cannot spawn masher/double
  • looks roughly like Flakker with flipped over Jakobs triple barrel sticking out of it’s bulk (instead of Flakker’s single barrel hole)making the gun visually longer and a drum magazine instead of the cartridge one

Big F*&$ing Gun is a gun created by Dalton by improving upon big bulky Torgue shotgun (like Flakker), harnessing the power of an explosive Torgue shotgun with the accuracy of Jakobs sniper rifle and reliability of Jakobs revolver. Can only spawn with Iron Sights to make it more of a shotgun-esque assault rifle than a masher sniper rifle. It has a triple barrel (^) and a fixed drum magazine of 12 bullets (4 shots 3 bullets each). Bullets have fixed triangular formation (same shape as barrels) with no spread and almost pinpoint accuracy. Each bullet can proc Jakobs passive regardless of other two bullets. Bullets explode again after ricocheting. The gun has half the damage of Garcia but it’s more accurate and depending on your aim, can shoot both faster and longer (and EXPLOSIVELY).


{ITEM NAME} Multipasser
{TYPE} Pistol
{MFC} Torgue (+Maliwan Parts)
{RED TEXT} You no trouble. Me…Fifth Element.
{EFFECTS} Fires 5 extra bullets in a star pattern, each bullet deals a different elemental damage type and fires in a fairly tight group.
{DESCRIPTION} Damage dealt will be high at 2x ammo and no alternate firing mode. Bullets will cause a bit of splash damage and travel at slower speed. High recoil, moderate firing speed, medium magazine and accuracy, above average reload speed. Anyone who played BL2 probably recalls Unkempt Harold, this is meant to be a similar replacement (except no extra pellet version, this one just comes ready to blast faces off). Design would be for close/mid range combat like Dirty Harry, since the bullet speed would reduce accuracy.

The name and quote are from the movie Fifth Element (the picture of the pistol is actually a handgun used in the movie as well) and figured it was a perfect match for something like this.