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Sounds great.

So, like reserving your health and converting it to shields, you’d reserve your ammo in the mag. Sounds good, but (IMO) that reserved ammo should translate to something, so the more ammo you reserve, the faster you reload, or something, maybe. I know you’re putting a 25% bonus as well, but it’d be good to give a bigger bonus for more ammo being reserved.

Something like:
Effect: Moze’s magazines have 65% reserved, preventing her from reloading more than 35% capacity (rounded up). For each unit of ammo reserved, she receives +0.5% reload speed. Magazine bonuses gain +25% increased effectiveness.

Or does that sound too OP?

And maybe red text something like “saving the best for last, why not just just use the last?” =]

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Yeah that might be a good idea. My main thought behind it is you will nearly always be in Click, Click range which, with a potential 6 points in it, would be a pretty substantial bonus. I think CC is a multiplicative bonus so it would make a meaningful difference and make it possible to use many more weapons in conjuction with it.

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Thinking about a potential extra effect, I think I would put this on it:

“Moze also gains 10% more fire damage after each kill. These stacks are lost if she empties or reloads her magazine. Stack cap: 10.”

Rewarding, powerful and different to Blast Master, Green Monster and Sapper.

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We don’t have any legendary, alien-barreled SMGs besides Smart Gun, so…

(Gold Skin is default)

{NAME}: The Mimic
{MFC}: Dahl
{RED TEXT}: Nothing is true, everything is permitted
{EFFECTS}: Copies the effect of the last gun you had equipped. Examples:
(Switching from…)
-Tigg’s Boom: SMG spawn meteors
-Sandhawk: SMG shoots in bursts of 3 projectiles
-Good Juju: Stacking crit gimmick carries over to SMG
-King’s Call: Crits from the SMG spawn projectiles that home in on targets.
{DESCRIPTION}: Flavor text is an Assassin’s Creed quote…speaks to the unpredictability and adaption of the weapon.


I like the idea of that, but wouldn’t they effectively have to code hundreds of different things for the gun? Make sure it works as Lucky 7, Sleeping Giant, Lucian’s Call, etc. etc. It sounds like something they’d never take on to me.

How about an alternative. The gun takes on a random legendary effect each time it reloads. Reload and it may act like a K/Q’s Call, reload again and it’s a Tiggs Boom/Redistributor, etc. It could pick from, say, five effects and give you a little symbol to show you what was picked similarly to how the Lucky 7 does.


:joy: yea…good thing it’s just an idea…Dev’s would hate me :hocho:

I just didn’t want another Sleeping Giant, since when it reloads, it gets different effects too. Also, it would give players control over its affects, and create some really OP setups, like with Zane’s clone, for example.


Greanade mod
A robot chichken technically. it’s walks to the enemy. By atlas corporation so it’s homes to the enemy.
red text: Peace was never an opption


i love painkiller, nice idea xd

This past week I’ve been playing through the story again as I wait for the level cap and noticed some enjoyable weapon/gear types that I don’t see represented by current endgame gear. So, I bring you…

Vladof pistol
Red text: A world without power, without mercy

Vladof pistol with respectable stats. The special effect is the underbarrel taser. If it hits a crit then seven further tasers burst out and land on the ground to create a similar effect to the Storm Front. The weapon always drops with an element and the taser copies the element of the gun.

Gun looks like a standard Vladof pistol except its element is bursting out of it. So a fiery one is on fire, a cryo one has a frosty effect, etc. Quote is from Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Grenade (only drops on higher Mayhem levels)
Manufacturer: see above
Red text: GET THE F@#£ BACK!
Can drop in any element or none. Strong DOT.

A legendary grenade based on the NUKE effect. Explodes on impact and creates an additional nuke grenade per enemy impacted. Consumes 2 grenades but a grenade is refunded whenever an enemy is killed. Rare versions can have the singularity or homing effect. For an extra bit of pizzazz, the explosions happen in different colours - blue, purple, green, etc. - although the colour is purely cosmetic and there for fun.


Double Boiler

Maliwan pistol
Now, count up your sins!

  • Elements: Corrosive/none
  • Effects: One shot per charge. Corrosive shots have a chance to spawn a singularity that creates additional homing projectiles. Non-elemental shots deal melee damage. Corrosive and non-elemental modes are titled “Cyclone” and “Joker”, respectively.
  • Description: Reference to the titular hero(es) of Kamen Rider W.

A gun that’s balanced correctly so that the anointment doesn’t matter.

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Name: CashSplosion
Type: Legendary grenade
Manufacturer: Vault hunters
Drop: World drop/ mayhem mode 6
Red text: Show me the money
Element: None
Effect: Upon explosion enemies in the blast radius will be turned into gold ( anointeds & bosses are immune but will still take damage), if you damage them they will drop money, if you deal crit damage they will drop cash piles & killing them with a melee attack will make them explode into large cash piles & occasionly a lootsplosion, it always spawns with the midas touch, money, cash & treasure mods


I got it… …Chookity

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{ITEM NAME}____________________ Rocket Boots (literally)
{TYPE} _________________________Actual Rocket Boots Shotgun
{MFC} Hyperion
{RED TEXT} ___________ " Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" or “light on your feet”



*1 Shotguns your wear on your feet. Each blast sends you aloft 10ft and shots can be directional so then you float above it all. (some bugs already do this)

*2 and yes make them shoot rockets with a helmet targeting system.
:acmsmile: :v: peace :boom: out

[/quote] ____________________________ " Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"


I think DLC4 was missing a lot of cool new legendaries (and uniques). I’d love to have seen something like glitch guns, but with a psycho twist, like based on some of krieg’s skill trees and general psycho abilities.
But, I thought I’d suggest these:

Name: Bullet Fitzherbert
Type: AR
Red Text: I guess someone should know before I die
Effect: fires bullets with tiny psychos riding them
(reference to flynn rider, from Tangled)

Name: Psycho seeker
Type: grenade
Manufacturer: Atlas
Red text: It’s all in your mind
Effect: throws a huge bullet with a mini psycho riding on it. Psycho fires at nearby enemies as the bullet slowly homes in on targets and explodes on impact.

Name: Axe-splosion
Type: Heavy/shotgun
Manufacturer: COV
Red Text: Can I axe you a question?
Effect: Fires a psycho buzzaxe, which deals melee damage. Alternate fire mode consumes extra ammo and attaches dynamite to the buzzaxe, exploding on impact. Chance to spawn mini-mirv axes.

Name: Pretty Lady
Type: SMG
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Red Text: Hey big guy. Long time no see.
Effect: Projectiles appear like tiny phaselock balls. Deals high elemental damage.


Name: M630
Type: AR
Manufacturer: Dahl
Drop: World drop, warden
Element: None
Red text: Reliable firepower never goes out of style
Effect: AR with a clip size of 100, high damage & accuracy, fire rate of 10.00, 1.5x - 3.0x scope designed like an acog sight, fires rounds that deal increased damage to armor, reload time: 5 seconds, secondary mode, converts into a very accurate, extremely damaging single-shot heavy cannon that can pierce through armor & 3 enemies, has a fire rate of 4,00, it can fire 5 times before reloading, reload time: 7 seconds, design style: Heavy cannon from doom eternal. I thought of this because their is a lack of good physical damage weapons


Personally I would love it for this to be a Sniper rifle. We are in need of both good kinetic weapons and a good Dahl sniper rifle(sorry Sandhawk your ammo consumption isn’t worth it).

Two ideas, that are kind of similar


  • effect: shoots forwards and homing projectiles backwards (atlas)

Cool guys
…dont look at it

  • effect: casts an explosion behind you when reloading.
    (probably a tediore)

Wild Shot

Torgue pistol
Mind if I defeat you?

  • Elements: None, cryo
  • Effects: Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger but can be charged for increased damage. Low accuracy but large splash radius. Meleeing while holding the Wild Shot causes you, your allies and all spawned enemies to breakdance. Upon firing the Wild Shot, you cannot drop it or swap to a different weapon until you either die or restart the game.
  • Description: Reference to Ryutaros from Kamen Rider Den-O.

Name: Faulty Firepower
Type: AR
Manufacturer: COV
Red Text: Percussive Maintenance Required
Effect: Deals moderate damage however after shooting, your next melee attack deals double damage, and after melee attacking an enemy you deal increased damage for 10 seconds.
Gun looks broken, and emits steam after shooting, but becomes “fixed” during the 10 seconds of increased damage. So, basically a damaged gun that becomes fixed after hitting it on something, but soon breaks again.