Post your user created weapons (PC editor ONLY)

(Im Special) #41

I got one question and one alone… How the hell did i miss that * facepalm *.

(Angry Crux Guy) #42

Explosions maybe?
Not too late to fix it though me thinks.

(Im Special) #43

How are you thinking? Like the prefix or the red text? Im hoping for a quick response since i have everything open atm.

(Angry Crux Guy) #44

Meant fixing the redtext, swap out the q for a g
edity: wait a minute… where’d the q go??? Looks like you fixed it already :thumbsup:

(Im Special) #45

Haha, ye i really don’t like when you post game related content for players to play with typos and stuff. Kinda ruins the experience if you ask me. So i fixed it quickly. Aswell as i posted a picture of the absolutely to OP SMG :blush:

(Angry Crux Guy) #46

If you don’t like typos then it should be “too” not “to” in the red text for the smg but IMO it’s not that bad/annoying of a typo.
Edity: Unless it’s referencing the character/something going to OP which would be a state/level of awesomeness in which case it’s fine

(Im Special) #47

I’ll fix that later then, thanks for the feedback :thumbsup:

(barnes3) #48

the more I learn about making maps/guns using the editor the more impressed I am with the skills/abilities you chaps have
and the effort you all put in (giving borderlands is now 7 years old)

many thanks for your hard work (and help)

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #49

Thanks. :smiley:

(Im Special) #50

So i just tried out @franckestanyt and @xDORSx custom creations and well lets just start with WOW, thought my gear was Overpowered but apperently not as that lvl of OP. @franckestanyt Guns was Awesome, and i loved he’s pistol especially. Even thought it’s a one handheld cannon. Pretty much a cheap to use rocket launcher. The sniper rifle was also nice. So :thumbsup: on your work :smile:. And @xDORSx shields were real cool. And when i say that, i mean like really cool effects and shizzle. Even thought you basically have lilith Special activated all the time. Great work @xDORSx, i would like to see more. You guys did some awesome content. Now let’s just hope there will be more creators coming.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #51

Welp I try my best in getting this custom content ordeal under the attention of the masses, and as my YT channel grows. The more people might try their hand at it.

(Im Special) #52

You’re doing a great job trying to get more people in to it. There’s no denying it. The problem is that people think it’s to complicated and stop half way thru :frowning:. I was one of those people, but i tried again and was able to make some super simple stuff :slight_smile:. Thanks for doing that tutorial. Hope i’ll se some more of that on your channel.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #53

Prob’s when my LP ends. (Then I’ll have to properly sit down and think about my video content again… XD (Having a LP running is such a convenience…))

(Franckestanyt) #54

Thanks marcus, and your weapons are good too, now im learning how to do a different spawn of items and starting my modding :smiley:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #55

Hey guys:

(Im Special) #56

So i watched your Jakobs dead man tale video just now and regarding the question asked in the beginning. I have W10 on my computer and the gear works perfectly when playing. And Udk lets just say it’s a wonder working with it on W10. Haven’t had it crashed even once. Not sure if it’s the same for everyone else using W10 :confused:

(rolee9309) #57

I also use W10, and no problems so far.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #58

Thanks for the reply guys, (@marcusf) as for your point on UDK crashing. Well that’s prob’s to you not having done all to much with it, given time it will crash. However this is not a biggie as it just does that no matter which platform you utilize it on apparently. I was just concerned that UDK would just crash regularly on W10, but like you said, it doesn’t so that reassures me for when (at the end of this year) I’ll sell this laptop I’m now using and build myself a monster desktop (which prob’s will have W10 as its OS).

(Im Special) #59

Ok, thought there was a problem with UDK crashing from time to time without the need to push the programs to its limits.

(barnes3) #60

it crashes regularly on me (w10) but when working on maps .
been ok when making first gun (its crap)
don’t use the build all button !!