Post your user created weapons (PC editor ONLY)

(Angry Crux Guy) #81

It says 140, is that 140 individually gift wrapped loot pools? 0_0
Maybe you could organize them into weapon types so there’s only ~9 pools or so in that (spawner?) skill. Would that work? (that’s kinda what I’m planning on doing so now is as a good time to ask I suppose)

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #82

If you see 140, it means that what you proposed didn’t work. Trust me I tried, it fails hard. 1 Thing you should ALWAYS remind yourself of when you are UDK-ing. A lot of things that one has to do are a CHORE!

(barnes3) #83

here’s my first gun I made more of a test run really but works ok

now this is strange made a revolver with a sniper barrel and sniper bullets but this is how it turned out .but it works well

going to do a bit more playing around to see what happens !
I take it mr_GJ made this a wonderful weapon one of my fav’s
how did you make it ??

(Some say sic sense) #84

What is this behemoth and why can’t I have it?

(FantasticBlackBoy) #85

This weapon created by Qwerty1996100 and it drops in QMFM DLC [Unoficial Mapslot 45] this mapslot have in my Mod pack.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #86

Holy ■■■■. XD Merging gone wrong much? XD Love it though! XD

@barnes3 Don’t 4get to post a download link to ya guns. When my LP ends I’m going to have a new series running where I try to review all custom made weapons/items made by everyone (including my own).

(barnes3) #87

could you explain (basically) why my revolver has turned out like it has lol
given having a sniper barrel and sniper bullets why dose it work or not work ??
also was the liquid hellfire made with only the udk?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #88

To explain very basically. You’ll need external programs to achieve PartMerging, like I did with the Juggernaut, Oneshot, Vulcan Fury and Blackhole. Simply adding sniper barrels to revolver barrels is not gonna cut it. PartMerging is prob’s one of the most advanced Custom Weapons/Items forging skills out for BLCC.

As for if the Hellfire being made by it, I dunno. I’d have to check its individual .upk file to see if it did, but from what I can see from the itemcard. It didn’t. Whatever he/she did to make this weapon, it turned out to be a heckjob.


Could you send me the Hellfire’s’ .upk file?

(barnes3) #89

your polite way of saying its probably going to be out of my league (lol) learning curve steep means f##ing vertical (is a quote for the comedy show bottom to mean almost impossible)

ps sent udk via email

(Angry Crux Guy) #90

Oh crap, better make sure my stuff is really good then not that they weren’t going to be mind you.

(Im Special) #91

Dude, ya gotta give us a download link. Im hyped as F*** after seeing that. Let us try it :smiley:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #92

-Beefs up- Show m wat u got BRUV! XD

@barnes3 At which address did you send it?

LOL, I’m not trying to discourage you. Its just a very complicated procedure which doesn’t stop at simply PartMerging. There is way more to it to have your gun/item being built out of different things. And the other problem is that you’ll need someone to show the procedure to you. I mean I could write down step-by-step on how to do it, but my fingers would give out 1/4 of the way through typing the whole thing. I was lucky that Sleep is me m8 and that he could show it to me personally. But I can’t say the same for all y’all out there. :disappointed_relieved:

(barnes3) #93

still a work in progress I’m going to do like you and do a little pack
I looked at how you made yours and was impressed enough to have ago myself
plus there nothing special really (yet possibly)lol

(barnes3) #94

no its ok I know I’m out of your league .and quite happy at the moment tinkering in udk .still lots to learn and do like coms/shields etc
just find it strange the gun seems to work and really it shouldn’t ?
ive noticed each part of a gun has a customfiringmodedefinition. can I mix them ie body has corrosive grip has explosive and or will they stack?
also how do I do a gun with 9 times 100 damage ?

p.s did you get the upk?

(Im Special) #95

From my point of view, my guns are far from impressive. Your guns look cooler then mine, not sure how yours fires yet. But can’t wait to see how they will work. #HYPED

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #96

I asked you at which e-mail address you send it for a reason m8. :wink:

(barnes3) #97

sorry missed that bit !!!

‘The Gun Smith himself! D’

(Angry Crux Guy) #98

I officially hate shields (or figuring out the code/what’s wrong with it to add my custom stuff like say a spawning shield into my backpack). Trying to get my stupid spawning shield to successfully not self-destruct itself upon starting the game/loading a character. Odd since so long as the package(s) are not in the (steam borderlands) packages folder the game will make a shield that has all the custom parts (body, materials and title) omitted so I have a shield that’s just a left and right side deciding that they’re best buds for life.

Edit: As soon as I put the packages in the proper location not even the “best buds for life” left+right shield wants to be in my inventory aka it’s no longer there in the game menu but strangely it is popping up in willowtree.

(barnes3) #99

my gun files and the liquid hellfire (in the bad rar file)

my gunpack file is still work in progress
gun1 is the first attempt
gun2 is a modified version of gun1
gun3 I’ve only just started making

(Angry Crux Guy) #100

Well now it’s no longer surviving the experience of being made (or maybe I just goofed up and thought it was but in actuality it wasn’t). Interesting though since for my custom weapons it’ll work so long as I don’t try to use a custom weapon part (prefixes and titles are fine though)