Post your user created weapons (PC editor ONLY)

(barnes3) #101

have you tried to “do a loot drop” on a test map like in yeticaverns video at top of this thread ?
sorry I couldn’t be more help!

(Angry Crux Guy) #102

I think I may have just goofed up something on the part itself (or property)

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #103

Whatever you send me is not the Hellfire with the bad.rar. All I got was a halfassed Crimson Lance…

(Angry Crux Guy) #104

At least it wasn’t just me, thought maybe I was just missing something incredibly obvious.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #105

It was kind of obvious when it said that it was missing .upk’s when I loaded it up.

(Angry Crux Guy) #106

I thought it was irrelevant stuff or something (not the weapon) that was missing/having fits like say the soldier trying to access something in a upk that isn’t there.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #107 <- That normally tells me, something related to weapons is missing. So I believe that we’d need that .upk file as well to tap into the Hellfire.

(Angry Crux Guy) #108

Touché, I just think "oh look, another pop-up KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!"
Maybe I ought to read what they say a little more closely :P

(Im Special) #109

So i forgot to ask. What does the “flavor text” do on your guns?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #110

*Text does nothing btw. they represent (in most cases) what the unique part on a gun does. :wink:

(barnes3) #111

very sorry it wasn’t right ,but all I did was fully load the bad upk and the gun was there!!
ill have another look for you and let you know

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #112

To commemorate the completion of all Legendary Shields for the next pack I’ll sneak-peek 2 shields for you guys. (Seeing as y’all do this I might want in on that…) Anyway here are 2 examples of the 2 types of shields you can expect to see in the next package.

(Some say sic sense) #113

The Flatline looks like a Pearl to me. 750% health boost? The Steelwood (that’s a pearl shield also by GJ) only has 500% boost and 1 point of capacity. So unless we get an overhaul for Pearls, the Flatline will be pretty OP for its’ rarity.

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(barnes3) #115

give this a try ??may be better!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #116

That worked. It seems the Hellfire was not made with 3rd party programs like my Vulcan Fury or Black Hole. Its just adding various WeaponParts into one GestaltSkeletalMesh, aka a mess…

(barnes3) #117

well at least we all can have a look at it and maybe get some ideas??

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #118

Whatever floats ya boat. Just know that whatever this guy did to make this weapon. Its not even in the same postcode of weapons which have edited GestaltSkeletalMeshes like the VF, BH, OS or JN I made…

(Angry Crux Guy) #119

[quote=“marcusf, post:109, topic:64629, full:true”]
So i forgot to ask. What does the “flavor text” do on your guns?
[/quote]It’s what you want the red (or whatever color you make it) text to say. Semi late so whoops.

Fibber, +200% love :heart:

In other news stuff besides titles (and prefixes by extension) are still being a bitch and not wanting to work :confounded:

(Im Special) #120

Yes i am well aware, thats just how i formulated it.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #121

I know, I’m just poking fun.