Post your Zaney fun builds

Everyone here already knows the state Zane is in now. So just for :poop: and giggles I have been running builds that are just weird and fun, because why not, they all wreck M4 anyway.

I have been running an ASE nade build. Now with the points you can still run drone for the anoints if you want, or you can stick with clone for ASE. Goal is just to spam all the nades. If you go drone, go on “Grenade thrown 25%”

I left 1 point as a freebee to post depending if you go clone or drone. (spec where you want it)

Gear, uhm just Seein’ Dead like every other build. You want splash/grenade dmg perks. That’s it.

Post yalls as well, just see what crazy weird builds we can flood Zane with.

That’s crazy my guy. Before seeing dead came out we had the same exact build lol. Same build and same philosophy(1 action skill, clone explode, grenade throwing,splash damage)

What i do now with See’ing Dead launch is I let my clone throw my grenades for me instead of exploding him, so I benefit from synchronicity with the drone and clone out(and a few other action skill up skills). When he dies I get my ASE(i let him die on purpose). And then my drone is also throwing grenades. It’s like a passive grenade build.

The issue I ran into pre see’ing dead is that I run the flakker, that reloads after every shot. And You can’t reload and throw grenades at the same time. So it destroyed the flow of my combat. Now that I no longer throw grenades, I can just focus on shooting the flakker. For boss encounters I will still explode the clone though.

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I tried it that way, clone/drone just can’t pump out grenades like my throwing arm. :mechanical_arm:

I agree. It sucked when I had to stop. I just love the flakker so much. If I was using any other gun, Id still be throwing my grenades

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What build are you using now?

Id have to wait till i get home to show. I haven’t played in like 2 week due to the loot situation. But It’s basically a flakker + grenade playstyle.

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mine is zane grenadier, cant stand the barrier.

Post it if you don’t mind and have the time. Trying to get idea juices flowing!

How do you stop your clone from dying almost instantly?

Clone gets a copy of your shield. If you want it to last longer use stop-gap/rico as examples. Also boom. enhance. for HP. If it is taking too much dmg, swap it as well out of harms way.

However with ASE, if it dies, you benefit with bonus dmg.

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By far my most zaney fun build lol, and what’s great is it actually works surprisingly well

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I love running a CCC rough rider build, I don’t see much of these around so I’ll post it here. Of course I use a see’n dead but before that it was pretty lit with a cold warrior com. The advantage of the new com is now I can afford a few points I playing dirty, depending on the mod my points in donnybrook and playing dirty may be slightly off. Especially with see’n dead this build doesn’t even need anointed gear or specific guns to do endgame content like the slaughter shaft as long as a good cryo grenade is equipped. Cryo damage while sntnl is active helps this build out alot, and either an icebreaker or victory rush for an artifact.
Always regenerating health and not worrying about shields lets me be pretty aggressive and never have to worry if CCC replenished my action skills, usually it does. I usually play Fl4k so barrier builds are a nice change of pace for me since I can spec for survivability without sacrificing damage.

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