Potential Action Skill and Ability predictions for Borderlands 3

Dual wielding - I suspect we’ll have this again. If limited to a certain guntype like Nisha’s then perhaps SMGs will have a turn. Perhaps a trinity/neo influenced class.

Time bending - Maybe we can have a class that slows down enemy and enemy projectile movement within a sphere around the player or some artifact. All other players would see this. Could be a decent siren ability.

Teleportation - certainly possible, probably within certain limits (where you’ve been)

Anyone else have any thought on what we might see? What do you think?

Also, gearbox. You can use any ideas I post on your forum. I claim no rights to them. :slight_smile:

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Multiple burds!


I think this could be a fantastic Siren ability! I would like to see a male Siren, unless it was spoken in BL2 that they are always female, I think they could make a male look like a BAMF

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A swarm action skill could be pretty cool, like mini ROBOT BEES and they could spread to other foes if they are in proximity!


Dr. Ted class

Im at school, no phones allowed. I am such a rebel

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Corrosive-based skill tree. I’ve been waiting for one since Ceraunic Storm was unveiled.



Bees and Time Bending sound awesome.

Nano robot bees. Nano swarm.

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What about time-bending bees?

edit: after reading this whole thread, maybe a swarm of time-bending nano robot bees is better

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Oh man, was it in Bioshock 2 were you could combine Bees with the Tornado Thing to be a freeeken BEENADO?! Beenado would totally be a capstone skill…

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I think it was mentioned in either BL1 or BL2 that only females could be Sirens. That may be my bad memory but i remember it from somewhere.


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Mordecai Assassin build was a precursor. I want to see corrosion retake it’s badass status from the original, and would be so thrilled to see a class that really showcased this. I’ve been learndeding from skul and I can say that acid is no joke, a strong acid can turn a dude into mush pretty quick. Plus, green is the best color.

What about a transgender Siren? GBX has been including many homosexual characters (though no playable ones yet… Axton’s bisexuality was a retcon of a technical error, so I don’t count it). Transsexual is also a part of LGBT, and it would be an interesting way to work in a male siren, which I’m not pining for, but it would be cool to see.

EDIT: Sorry for double post

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A character with living armor as a action skill that talks. Maybe eridian, idk. It could maybe take on either a aggresive or defensive role. Nother one would be a character would specialize in e-tech weaponry. You know we saw e-tech weapons in BL2, how about some shields?’ A eridium shield thatd say benefit your skills in one way or another. A dual wielding melee character that can be optional, one or two with two she gets way more buffs.

7:47-8:47 in this video is completely relevant to all of this.


We need and I want a character with a bow, a cyber bow!


See I couldn’t remember!

Yeah the transgender siren would be very interesting but I don’t know how they would pull that off and how many people are freaked out by that?