Potential Anointment Quality of Life Idea

Hey GBX, just shooting out a potential idea for anointments. Could you show us in some way when the anointment on our guns activate and deactivate? I was thinking of putting it as some sort of icon ( I was thinking a purple icon because they’re anointments) under our level/guardian ranks bar, right next to the other buffs/perks on characters. The icon fades just like the other buffs from perks to let them know exactly how long the buff will stay.

And what do you all think about this change?

Tl:dr: Just a little QoL idea for anointments and knowing when their buffs are activated and deactivated.


I liked the way the skin on TPS glitch weapons changed colour depending on what you rolled. Something like that could also work. (Would be better for me than a screen icon since I can barely read what’s already displayed around my XP bar without assistance :telescope:)


Yeah, some sort of on-gun signal would be great. Having it glow a certain colour or something would work really well.
I’d still like an icon at the bottom of the screen, too. For colourblind people, or those who struggle to see such an effect. Borderlands 3 does an amazing job of supporting people who benefit from such options, so this would assist them. =]

Putting an ASE timer alone would be great.


I think that idea could work as well. It might be harder to design some way for the guns to glow (i.e. some Jakobs pistols), but I wouldn’t mind that either.

thats not happening , they cant even make some annointment work as intended

I definitely agree that this feature is needed. Also, did they remove the specific text on an item describing how long the anointment lasts? I seem to remember this being added a few months ago but now the last few anointed drops I got to not specify how long the anointment lasts.


I asked this before. It would be really nice to have some kind of indicator. Also seeing many icons lit on your character’s screen (like Zane when his Seein Dead com activate) is also helpful in figuring out if you are maintaining your overall dps.

Edit: Also this would help in figuring out why certain TY builds are strong (were there multiple ASE working? Etc)


The game already has a timer for the effects stored on memory, making an icon of that shouldn’t be really difficult.


Give me a glowy gun.

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It’s a great idea, and a very reasonable one.

There are so many times I have wondered and asked questions on forums…and I don’t even fully trust the answers I’ve gotten.

It’d be nice to be able to see what is happening.

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