Potential Arms Race Fixes

I think everyone can agree that the Arms Race is a missed opportunity even if some people are getting some fun out of it. I liked the idea but the implementation is nothing special
and I think that there are so many things that could make it great.

Besides the guns there is very little randomness and differences between rounds and it gets boring very quickly. As it is, there is just a possibility of getting an ok gun
and making your way to a dedicated chest if you can before just going to the boss. There should be more urgency and chaos that makes each round feel fun and unique. Even the concept of
of a game show is lackluster, with not much in the way of excitement. Not much from the “Showrunners” and the music is slow and boring most of the time. There is not much incentive to keep
doing it unless you want a DLC gun. I don’t even really play it because it is fun, I basically just want the Dark Army with a Urad Anoint but I never get it and farming for it is a slog
each time I do.

I thought of some improvements that could really shake the mode up and make it the hectic experience that I think they were going for.

    The first and I think easiest thing to fix is that players should start at the outside of the arena and make their way in to the center as the Murdercane gets smaller. It is currently
    not like that and you start more near the middle and only have about enough time to make for one straight dash to a dedicated chest. I feel like the worst thing is to be dropped in the center,
    make your way to one outer edge chest as the circle moves and now you are locked out of other areas, forced to make your way back to the center and just stay there until you go into the boss arena.
    The best thing would be to start in the outer edges somewhere, maybe even make a few small starting spots. This way, you can start moving around the map, making choices of where you want to go in
    the alotted time. You could try and go for one chest over another. You would eventually still get locked out as the circle closes but at least you would have a chance to go for multiple chests.

So I don’t know the current time frames for the Murdercane but it should cover the entire arena first, then close a little 7 minutes in, then again 5 minutes after that,
again 3 minutes after that, then it should end at the boss 1 minute later. The entire round will thus last 16 minutes, then however long it takes to finish the boss. If these
times are longer or shorter than what the mode currently is that’s fine, the times are not important. The point is that the intervals of when the Murdercane shrinks should get shorter
to make things hectic as the match progresses. I don’t believe it is like that currently and the timer on the side of the screen is no help in showing when the Murdercane is moving.
Also don’t have the Murdercane move, just have it shrink.

    There should be 4 outer spots that characters drop in from and no one drops in at the same place. I have played it in co op and it is not that hard that you must have
    a teammate with you at all times, especially in the beginning, so starting at different spots could make things interesting from the get go. You could all start separately and come across
    each other and team up to tackle areas or challenges. Since you would now start in your own area, this is related to the next change.

    So this would possibly resolve complaints that all characters feel the same without action skills. At the start of the match, since the fix would allow for individuals to
    drop in at their own location, they would get a box with some gear, as well as a new terminal called something like the PERK Terminal. Essentially players activate it and it
    gives them a choice between 2 random Perks at the beginning of the match. The terminal then disappears or is locked for the rest of the match.

These perks would stack with other terminals that players could access around the map. This would eliminate the sameness to every round, as you now have another layer of randomness
besides just the guns you find. It could then allow for some versatility with picking up a Pistol as opposed to a SMG. Maybe since you have a Pistol DMG perk it would do more Damage.

Potential Perks could be:
+5% Pistol DMG
+5% AR DMG
+5% Sniper DMG
+5% Grenade DMG
+5% Fire Rate
+5% Reload Speed
+5% Movement Speed
+5% Health
+5% Shield
+5% FFYL Time
+5% DMG Reduction
+10% Magazine Size

There would also be a number of Perk terminals in random locations across the arena. This would be determined by the amount of characters in the round. As a single player you
would only have 1 PERK Terminal on the map, after the starting terminal. 4 Players would have 4 terminals around the map. Each time a player opens a Terminal, they receive a random Perk,
then the terminal disappears or is locked for everyone. For instance, if there are 4 players, then a single character could potential just go for the perks and lock out the other players,
or they could work together and each get one. Perk terminals will also always come with Airdrops. I don’t know how many airdrops there currently are but there should at least be 1 per round.
With this system in place, a single lucky player could potentially get up to 30% Weapon Type DMG (1 Perk at the start, 4 Terminals and 1 Airdrop). However, this would be really rare
because the perks are random to make each round different.

I don’t know if this makes up for the lack of action skills in Arms Race, however, it would do alot to make things different and interesting each time. Characters are still the same but each round
is different. I do think adding action skills would break the mode and they should not be added but that’s just me.

    As it is, the mode is just so boring and it could really use something to make it more chaotic and interesting. There should be a series of random events or occurences that happen at each
    of the intervals of when the Murdercane shrinks. These could be taken from Mayhem Mode or just be something that changes the nature of the round for a limited time.

Potential Modifiers would be:
(Weapon Type) Damage reduced by 50% for 15 seconds. This would require you to use different weapon types.
Grenades cannot be used for 15 seconds.
Floor is Lava for 25 seconds.
Big Kick Energy for 25 secons.
Shield depletes slowly for 25 seconds.
Pool Party. Enemies explode with elemental puddle. 25 second duration.
Not the Face. Critical Hit damage is reduced by 75%. 25 second duration.
Holy Crit. Non-Critical Hit damage is reduced by 50%. 25 second duration.

Only a random one of these would happen each time the Murdercane closes or they could just happen at odd times to make things more exciting.

Lastly, besides Air Drops, I think other random things could happen to open things up for more decisions and risk. There could be a challenge or something that occurs, stating that you need to kill
5 enemies in 10 seconds for a red chest to appear. Something like this could make for fun gameplay tweeks. Maybe there could be a team challenge where the first person to 10 kills gets a chest
or Air Drop. Maybe you could fight a buffed enemy to get a random perk that is worth 10%. There could be so much here worth exploring.

    I think this would be the hardest to do since it would possibly require creating a few more bosses, but I think the final boss should also change each time you play. At the end you would fight one of
    3 different bosses, each with their own arena that you could face at the end. It would be random which boss you fight at the end, they don’t need to be stronger or anything but maybe
    just different each time you play.

    Weapon extraction at the end of the mode should not be linked between players. I mean what the hell, is this a bug? I believe when you finish the round there is an extraction terminal
    with only 5 slots or something. I extract 3 guns and my co op partner can now only extract 2. This can’t be intentional. 5 slots is fine but each character should have their own 5 slots.
    If this is actually how it works and I’m doing something wrong fine, but it should be fixed if it isn’t.

That’s pretty much it. Most of this is just about making the mode more random and chaotic to make things fresh and fun each time.
I think the last thing would be the amount of Badasses or stronger enemies should appear more as the match progresses. That would be interesting but not necessary if any of
these ideas were implemented in some way. What do you guys think?


I’ve played through this a few times in coop and have not seen this behavior. Maybe you have coopitition mode enabled?

I’d agree with most every suggestion aside from the floor is lava. That would be horrible for when you have to stop and check your map to figure out where to go next. The enemies are too dense to regularly find a spot clear of baddies to stop the lava flow.

Another suggestion I’d make, which I think should be in the main game also, is to allow the game to pause if everyone in the party is in their menu. This works on splitscreen, but not with online coop. Would make coordinating a little easier in arms race if everyone could pause the action temporarily to figure out where to meet up or where to go.

Also allowing one player to mark the map and everyone see that marker on their map would be an amazing QOL thing to do. Perhaps give each player a different map marker color or something so everyone could mark where they want to go.

I think an easy addition is to have each VH start with a given perk. For instance: Amara: elemental dmg, Zane: movement/reload/swap speed, Flak: Crit dmg, Moze: grenade/weapon throw dmg.
Add an affinity to weapon type (ie +10% smg for Zane), more diversity and more players choosing a specific VH instead of “whatever they’re all the same”


I like this idea a lot, it gives each VH a hint of their skill tree personality without creating a massive balance issue.

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That would be cool to have each VH have an innate element or gun boost . I think I didn’t initially go with something like this was because it would limit players that only use one character. Having them choose a perk at the beginning of the round would get around this but I think having each VH specialize in something would work too.

You had me at perks :partying_face: then lost me at modifiers. :unamused: Did we learn nothing from mayhem 2.0? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yea I can see that. I feel like modifiers weren’t implemented right in the main game but I really think they would add a lot to Arms Race because of the nature of what I think it should be.

There should be more mayhem and excitement to Arms Race and I think modifiers and more random elements would really help. Any thoughts on how to improve the mode?

The modifiers could be tied to little mini games/modes within Arms Race. Like true gameshow style. Find random wheels to spin to either give you a perk or a modifier if you get a bad spin, or even a good modifier like speed demon. The bad ones could last until you complete some kind of task, like opening a certain chest or getting to an airdrop.

Would make getting the modifiers completely up to the player in a random gameshow kinda way.


Before I give my $.02 on Arms Race improvements I should point out that I don’t share your opinion that Arms Race is a “missed opportunity” or that it needs more “chaos”. Especially the chaos bit. One of my favorite hilarious comments on the forums is this one. It speaks to the chaos issue. So one of the nice things about Arms Race is that most of the time I can clearly see :face_with_monocle: what I’m shooting at. Now I don’t think the main game needs to be as bare bones as Arms Race because BL3 is a after all a RPG and chaotic shooter.

The only thing I would like from Arms Race is to a way to increase difficulty when playing solo. My idea is that the longer the player stays in the harder it becomes. Here a few ways (in no particular order) that I think that the difficulty can be increased.

  • Increased enemy shield/health up to 4 player scaling
  • Increase the aggressiveness of the AI
  • Increase the number of badasses that spawn
  • Increase the number of enemies that spawn

The way I’m thinking about it is that Arms Race isn’t purely about farming for some of the best gear in the game and trying to extract them before you die or getting pissed that you got none of what you wanted, but it’s more of a appreciation of the gun play of BL3. So its basically leaning more into the FPS side of BL3 instead of the RPG side, which is what Arms Race does now. I’m just advocating for more of it.


What if the chest I want is on the opposite side? I see a lot of frustrated savequitting with this idea, although it is somewhat counteracted by your later suggestion to make the early murdercane slower. Then again, maybe they should do away with dedicated chests anyway.

Seems like an unnecessary complication for parties.

Why introduce new perks, why not use the existing skills? And the perks should at least offer more than a weak-a** 5% damage increase, especially in such a short gamemode.

I think I’d want these to be optional in exchange for extra goodies, a sort of risk-reward system.

Agree, different biomes, enemies would spice things up for sure. I know it’s more work, but the different bosses could have different arenas, too, the current one is an underground concrete shed and that’s it. Kinda drab.

Agree with this too. The player gets to be stronger via skills (and better guns, obv), and enemies also become more powerful. This is how the game can reward us with more than the crappy 5% bonuses I was giving you grief about.
Gunfire Reborn, which is pretty much what Arms Race is supposed to be, gives you a choice of perks that double or triple your damage (which is far more exciting), and it works because later enemies are more hardcore.

Ok ok. How about 10% then haha.

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Lmao this guy :smiley:
Yes, if it’s 10%, I’m on board. You’re on, boss.

Hmm. I see your point studdugie but I disagree. I dont think increasing the overall difficulty of the mode would make it any more interesting. I really feel like the whole thing is missing something (beyond skills) hence why I see it as a missed opportunity. Maybe not more chaos is the right wording but definitely something more than it is now. Then again if you like it as is then maybe the mode is just not for me which could totally be true.

Whoa but for real I like the idea of spinning a wheel and getting either a perk or a negative buff. That’s what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately there is nowhere else in the game where difficulty isn’t made trivial by all the systems (e.g., skill trees, coms, anointments, mayhem scaling, etc) in the game. Because some of these systems aren’t available in Arms Race it feels like it may be a place for reintroducing difficulty to the game.

I’d like to see some more random events that draw on existing dlcs and the like. Imagine you’re running around the Arms Race and:

  1. Moxxi joins the broadcast and to spice things up has loaderbots defending an airdrop which includes a slot machine.
  2. Joey from the Cartel event interupts the broadcast saying he has a special surprise for the Vault hunters. For the end boss, you end up fighting a group Cartel sub-bosses.
  3. You get the black screen warning and instead of the usual purple guys, the Laserdactyl swoops in.

The possibilities are endless.

I wished it would have choices…

Different enemies and Sponsored runs (manufacturer only and dedicated drops for those manufacturers)

The skilltrees I couldn’t care less for at this moment in this game.

Still, not going to buy it hahaha

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Do you mean that only that manufacturers gear is available in chests?

Yeah :innocent:

With that they could add even more légendaires :blush:

Promotes more targeted farming

And wouldn’t be the “go for Tediore and win” kinda thing people make of it atm (which I’ve seen comming from miles away)

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