Potential balance problem regarding enemy vehicles in Guns Love and Tentacles after patch

Is it intended that Technicals (enemy vehicles) in Guns Love and Tentacles DLC should take approximately 30 seconds to a full minute of continuous fire from a missile Outrunner to destroy?

Vehicle damage doesn’t scale with Mayhem, it will be changed in 2 weeks when DLC3 will be released.

Good to know, thanks for the info.
If you’re willing to follow up?
Does that mean that after the new DLC is released that this will not continue to be the way vehicular combat will work under mayhem levels? Or will that adjustment only apply for people who purchase the DLC3? ( I have already purchased it, I’m asking for the sake of those who may not have)

It will be in Phase 2 balance patch, not a DLC. All vehicles will be affected, you don’t need DLC3.

Thanks again for the confirmation :grinning: