Potential Borderlands Merch

So I’m always down to buy merch from the franchise but a lot of the time, I can’t seem to find anything close to what I REALLY want.

So let’s have some fun! What could potentially be future merchandise for us to buy that you’d love to see?

For me personally - I’d love metallic pins of the roses with the characters faces on. There’s be so many to collect and you could have lots of roses on your bag or whatever you prefer to pin. Could even make them different sizes for ranges of budgets.

And of course, I’d want a Rose with Handsome Jacks face in it but I doubt I’ll ever see that. Just finding anything on wish and such with Handsome Jack is so few as it is :frowning:

Edit : OOH! Or keychains of the in game trinkets! Gimme that Handsome mask - gimme!


No no more. Etsy takes too much of my money for borderlands prints as it is :joy:

It’s funny because I have been searching the internet for high quality Handsome Jack prints and never seem to find any. I ended up saving money back in the hopes of getting a commission done.

But shiny red metallic pins…and the world will just be like ‘oh look at those pretty roses’ and will probably miss the faces of ruthless killers within them. It’s a win win!