Potential Explanation For Current Bank / Inventory Issue

Ok, so, as you all know, there is currently an uproar about the Bank being shared across every character on that gamer profile that you ever make, the Bank only having 50 slots in TOTAL shared between all those characters, and the inventories per character apparently having less overall slots (is that right? It can’t be less than Borderlands 2’s max of 33, can it?).

Now, I keep thinking of an old interview where one of the Gearbox Mouthpieces / developers (maybe it was good ol’ Reliable Relatable Randy himself) said something along the lines of, “We don’t WANT players hoarding and collecting and saving guns & gear. We don’t want them using the same one or few weapons or other pieces of gear for an entire playthrough and maybe beyond. We want players to actively have to make choices as they kill and earn and find their way to new gear, to adapt and improvise frequently as their journey and their gear drops progress.”

Now, that mindset makes sense in a game where, 1 - there are a billion guns, 2 - the effects and playstyles of those guns differ greatly (I would say in BL3 more than ever before), 3 - where there is no enemy and no situation in any of the titles that is not winnable with just fairly decent gear, and, 4 - where most, if not all, of those situations are trivialized by insane-o Legendary gear and gear combos.

I’m still not entirely sure where I stand on this whole issue, but my luck with finding Legendaries over all the games has been dismal at the best of times, and I’ve greatly enjoyed making frequent new weapon and gear choices as I progress, as well as trying out those choices to see which are effective and which get me splattered into red mist.

It keeps each playthrough fresh and exciting even if you are playing the same character.

Maybe (to paraphrase Tyler Durden) it is only by letting go of everything that you are truly free to try anything.

Get rid of some of those Legendaries and try some new guns…hey, you just might enjoy it!

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That’s all well and good but a slight contradiction that doesn’t take end game in to account. If there’s a billion guns, why can we only have around 35? I’m leaving 15 slots for shields mods and artifacts. It makes no sense. I have a vault full of legendaries and my character only has legendaries in a FULL inventory and the poxy lost loot can only hold 13… It’s poor.



I don’t disagree that that sucks.

Collecting shiny, unique, crazy Legendaries, even if only to see their effects, is something that should not be discouraged.

But not to the exclusion of all else.

And even then…use 50 legendaries so throughly that you are tired of them and never even want to read their name again, then collect 50 more and repeat.

I’m just saying…it could be worse.

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Just for clarity and my overwhelming compulsive characteristics;
BL2 has 39 max slots on a characters inventory and 24 bank slots (bank per char, not shared), plus 8 currently equipped slots, for a total of 71 unique slots per character. I know cuz I am one of the folks GB gets frustrated with who has 100+ backpack characters.



Back on my PS3 BL 1 / 2 / TPS thousands of hours days (my Borderlands prime) I had hundreds as well. It was a lot easier to make them back then.

They should just implement some kind of “pokedex” solution if they don’t want you to hold on to gear. So that you can still “see” legendaries that you’ve previously acquired. There should also be some kind of way to make it easier to grab legendaries that you’ve previously acquired as well - maybe buy them from the “pokedex” or something.



Excellent idea!

1 billion guns- and most of them are worthless.

I have at least 2 dozen legendaries from just the one play through and a little bit of mayhem play and I can easily see how at lvl 50 these weapons would just be better than any purple.
And while I like the designs of all of the glorious orange weapons I’ve found, it would be more interesting if the purple weapons were more viable.

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Whites aren’t TERRIBLE!

Neither are greens.

I don’t like the stigma they’ve been given!

(lol despite almost universally still selling damn near every white and green I find)



Of course you can find weapons of higher quality because of item levels, but with how easy high drops are to find white and greens are just getting outclassed.

Its funny, my first observation was that “common” weapons are hardly seen at all outside of vending machined. Not so common afterall.

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It gets infinitely worse the more high level characters you have. Trust me. Especially if you play on mayhem, you need a decent variety of weapons to deal with the ever changing modifiers.

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Which is PRECISELY why they made the opening story not skippable and all characters share one bank + no claptrap stash yes?

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In Borderlands 2 when I would do self-imposed challenges to spice the game up I routinely found whites and greens to be highly effective. I even did a white rarity only play through and was surprised how well I actually did. Granted you lose a ton of elemental capabilities but overall the slightly higher damage did help. Vladof, Jakobs and Torgue were definitely the winners with that challenge. :smiley:

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With previous installments I was fine with this mindset. However, it has been confirmed that the “events” will be timed AND have exclusive loot that even I would waste bank space on because I will never get the chance to earn them again.

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Most people are hoarders in this type of game, at least to some degree, and this game totally encourages you to keep all those really precioussss items at hand for the endgame.
So Gearbox saying “we don´t want people to hoard items” sounds a bit strange to me. I get a wee bit nervous when developers start talking about their “vision” of gameplay (looking at you Bungie), while completely ignoring any potential conflict with the habits and intentions of the community.
Especially with timed events in mind I´d say let people hold on to their stuff if they want to.

Derchlands from youtube had a great idea to keep the current shared bank and add an extra bank that is not shared. I think that would be enough space for people to enjoy. They can keep most of what they want and not have to always haul it with them, then drop because they’re out of space.

I myself want to collect as much cool stuff as possible and will make many bank slaves to do it. Extending the bank would save me a lot of stress. I hope this idea is considered and hope it will be part of the base game. Making it dlc will irk me a bit, because I feel like this should have been incorporated in the first place. That being said, love what you guys do. I hope this is read and considered.

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