Potential fix for Miko's kunais

Please remove miko’s kunais and just replace her primary attack with her quick melee.
Every Miko I get in solo que spends the entire game spamming kunais no matter what anybody says to them.

he would need to be entirely reworked. Hes squishy, He needs the range to stay out of battle and have space to escape. If he was switched to melee theyd probably have to change quite a bit for him, They couldnt leave the knckback on his melee either. That would be annoying…Its not that simple and regardless of all the bad mikos, When played right hes very good as is. Characters arent changed based on its low lvl play. Sorry.


Agree with this 100%. As a Miko main I’ve spent many an hour mastering the kunais and I must say they work perfect for him imo. The Kunais actually do decent damage, place a dot on ppl, and when played well can fetch crits efficiently. As for the OP saying that some players spam the kunais and play poorly, you are absolutely correct. Thing is, poor play happens on all characters you just notice it more on someone like Miko because the expectation is he will keep people alive rather than dish out damage. I would just communicate immediately with the Miko player when you may need heals, especially if you play tank. Inexperienced players oftentimes get lost in the fray of battle and don’t see low health bars until it’s too late. Unfortunatley there will always be the occasional Rambo Miko that goes ham on everyone he sees and dies as a result…just part of multiplayer.

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I’ve gotten yelled at a few times for using my Kunai.


What compounds the situation is the currently broken alt fire heal. You can’t just automatically switch to heal if you are using Kunai, you have to spam the alt fire button like 2-3 times before it will work. Or wait a couple of seconds after using Kunai to then switch to healing.

This happens to me on console as well, take two tries almost every time without fail.