Potential FPS Boost (PC): Needs Testing

Thanks to Ugatz in the other thread for this one, just wanted to make this more visible and potentially get some more people to try this.

Basically, set your Social/Group Privacy option to ‘Local’. I saw at least a 6-10 fps difference in-game, although no difference on the benchmark. Note: using DX11, on a 1080ti rig with a high end Intel CPU.

Feel free to test this and post results here. I wonder if this has something to do with the CPU bottlenecking problem…

“CPU bottleneck problem” What? My cheap intel CPU is 6 years old, 19% live usage running and gunning, 22% live usage driving around as fast as I can all in 2560 x 1440 resolution. Also it’s running in a lesser power state @ 2.3Ghz instead of @ 4.2Ghz since Borderlands hardly uses CPU power unless loading fresh into a level.