Potential issue with save transfers

Couldn’t find a similar topic, forgive me if I missed one. Just recently updated to Xbone and grabbed the HC, and just now got to transferring saves.
In a bit of luck, a character I lost some time ago happened to be in my cloud save. However when I saved the character to the HC, a warning that the download failed popped up. Even so, the character downloaded, but where it was once op8 it is now level 50.
I decided to move my level 72 sal first out of caution, and the same warning popped up once again but no levels were lost that time, although I haven’t been able to open the game yet to check inventories because I was told to transfer every save I want first.
Was this just a fluke due to the character save being too old(March 2015) or am I running the risk of losing my main characters if I keep transferring?

I have never seen that happen, although I still have my 360 so I’m doing the upload/download thing between two physical consoles.

In theory: since any 360 game saves are kept completely separate from XB1 saves within the XB1 system, you shouldn’t lose anything - all the original saves should still be there. Age of the save shouldn’t matter at all.

I would suggest filing a support ticket, since what you’re seeing is not expected behaviour:



Not really sure what happened with the character. All of the other ones ended up downloading without problem, and without the odd error message, as you said.
Didn’t need to file a ticket, since I didn’t really lose anything I care about. Still, thanks for the advice man

Try uploading/downloading the same character again - just chose “Save as new” as the option on the download. If this is successful, you could always use the level 50 one as a new mule.

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