Potential lore ideas for BL3 from a tired human

You guys all know how mysterious Zer0 is and how we know literally nothing about it? What if there’s more than one. So there may be Zer0 and more with various number related names, and similar badassery. Sorry if this sounds stupid, I was just about to go to sleep and thought this up. I will provide financial compensation for anyone displeased with my half-arsed post

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You mean like…

Oney - One
Wot - Two
Reeth - Three
Rouf - Four

I’m pretty sure somewhere these 5 are connected or at least someone speculated that they are connected.


Speculation, yes. Seems pretty unlikely to me though, given how inept they seem to be.

The only really in-game clue is in the final head hunter pack. If you play as Zer0 the final message you get… well, this isn’t the spoilers thread, so I’ll let you either play it or look it up.

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Wot also has the same voice as Zer0 for whatever reason. So between the numbers, the fact they’re all considered assassins, and the voice sharing is good enough for me. And yeah I think the Wam Bam side quest had something as well, but I also thought there was a base game echo recorder that helped with the speculation too (maybe?).

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Not any of the ones actually associated with Zer0, no. And none of the ones you pick up during the Assassins quest fit the bill either.

My personal hunch is Athena being connected with the Wam Bam Zer0 echo, but that’s largely because she’s my 2nd favourite Vault Hunter (after Maya). (Well, plus the sword thing.)

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Yeah, that final quest in son of crawmerax is kinda unusual. The assassins in southpaw may have some relation to Zer0’s backstory but its unlikely

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