(potential spoiler in image) How do you 100% all the planets?

Howdy super fans, I’ve been trying to do a full completionist run for my first run to get the most out of everything before going onto true, I’ve been playing on after completing the boss, and been playing on mayhem three and have been having a hell of a lot of fun, however on planets such as Promethia I’ve completed all the crew missions, all the side and main missions and read all the writing in each place however it says that there are challenges still incomplete even though there is nothing on the crew tab or anything on the map, if anyone could give me a hand or some info onto what I’m missing here or if it’s something that’s true related because I know all the challenges carry over I’d be very appreciative, thanks!! promethia|690x388

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On the map tab, there should be a sub-tab showing challenges. These include finding all the claptraps, finding all the Typhon logs, and finding all the Typhon drop chests.

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That’s what I’m saying I’ve completed every one of those on Promethia and I’m still missing challenges apparently


I’m wondering about this though, because I’ve done all the challenges in the ascension bluff but the map still says 83% complete. Maybe 100% is when the whole area of the map has been covered, i.e, all blue.

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I thought that but i’ve done that in areas and it still says 98%

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I’m wondering the exact same thing!

I think you also have to find the echo logs hidden throughout the map. I have Ascension Bluff at 100% even without having the whole map blue.

OOOH my guy you could be a genius, I’ll take a look, thanks

Can confirm it isn’t ECHO’s I went back to konrads and found all the echo’s and no more challenges for that area got unlocked and I’ve completed all the crew challenges there

And I completed ascensions bluff to 100% without getting any echos

Hey. There is another tab after the tab that containts the crew missions. That tab contains Red Chests and I do beleave they count towards the 100% completion.


I only have the tab for crew missions, there’s nothing along the lines of red chests anywhere for me

If you hover on that tab and press your Richt Stick ( on XONE ) you switch over . Try it.


I’m playing on pc so it’ll be left alt, it doesn’t do anything my guy, can you post a picture of your screen with it at all? and are you playing on true?

I am not playing on true and currently not at home so I cant show you. I can show you tonight, in about 5 hours from now.

Take your time, that’s weird then since we’re both not on true, this game is so unreliable at times haha

Well, I am a completionist too ! Wenn I got all the logs and dead claptraps and radio towers , missions and locations it still dind’t show on 100%. I accidentally figured out there was another tab . It is just made unclear ingame.

Edit: https://www.gosunoob.com/borderlands-3/red-chest-locations/

This site also speaks about the Red Chests in relation to getting the maps 100%

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You’re absolutely right my guy! I went to the pyre of stars (the last place to 100% all my crew challenges) and found a red chest and set my progress from 80% to 85% I appreciate your help dude, I wish I could repay you!

Haha good. Nice to help you out my fellow VH.
No need for payments. Enjoy your game , I know I do!

Every map on Pandora shows 100%, even on the “zone progress” tab, yet the planet slide shows me missing one mission and one area as undiscovered. This is really bugging me.