(potential spoiler in image) How do you 100% all the planets?

I think Promethea is where the total zone progress said I had 14/15 missions, but when I look at each zone individually I’ve gotten all the missions and there are only 14 total.

I also think that’s one of the places I have more than the total number of one of the objectives. Like 2/1 Fast Travels.

@BillyTucker99 I was having the same issue on pandora and I think I figured out the issue. The circle of slaughter. They don’t appear on the tabs or on the list of completion but upon discovering each of the 3 circles of slaughters they count towards you’re planets progression. Hope this helps cause I was having the same issue as well.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with 2/1 Fast travels, I got pretty confused there for a second:

hey iv now done all the planets and galaxy % reads 106% if n when you lot finally get everything done tell me if there is a reward or anything in game that shows thanks