[Potential Spoilers] Borderlands 3 and Gun Companies

(NoksNonsense) #1

I didn’t know what topic to place this under since there is none for “Borderlands 3” or Tales from the Borderlands. But regardless I have a question for anyone reading this. How do you think ATLAS should make a return in Borderlands 3 and/or Tales from the Borderlands 2?
As anyone who has seen or played Tales, we know that Rhys has taken over ATLAS and plans to lead it in a new light that will be helpful for any and all. Kinda similar to the Crimson Raiders i suppose. Comments involving either gameplay or story are completely relevant so say whatever you want. Do you think they’ll be the pioneer’s for vault discovery but with a new tone? And should they maintain their “all around” kind of model for their guns or should there be a new niche to them?