[Potential spoilers] Borderlands 4

I know 3 just dropped… But considering sales figures we are likely to get a forth.

When do you think we will receive it?

What’s your fan plot idea?

My idea is a full cast of sirens, all hunting for the mega, mega, mega vault. Through the story we learn why and who created the sirens. The why being combined they are able to open the mega, mega, mega vault.

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mega mega mega vault? meh.
We learned in BL3 who and why created the sirens. The Eridians created sirens to operate the vaults while they were away.

We also learned in BL3 that the Eridians are still around, in some sort of digital/spiritual form within the vault-sealing machine. Now that the destroyer has been destroyed, they no longer need to stay inside the machine. I expect BL4 will have the Eridians come out, and in doing so they will simultaneously release all of the remaining vault monsters, which our vault hunters will then need to hunt down.

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The eridians created the guardians to protect the vault. There is no origin to the sirens.

The eridians were all killed by Nyriad and their essences were used to trap the Destroyer in Pandora. The destroyer wasn’t destroyed, the key simply stopped opening the vault.


a year before the new consoles are about to be replaced.

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I can’t remember where, but I remember reading some time ago that BL3 was planned to be the last installmemt in the series and would close all lore loopholes. It delivered, I wouldn’t expect a 4th.

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Never underestimate the power of money and consumer demand.

On the topic at hand however, let’s just wait for campaign DLCs to come out. There are a series of plot holes and missing stuff like the wereabouts of Axton, Salvador, Athena and the other guys from TPS that weren’t actually bad guys. Also we never saw the eridian guardian that saved Athena from getting killed at the end of Borderlands The PreSequel either and that’s just the stuff I remember as of this momment, I recall there are many other plot holes that would be incredibly nice to know about.


@Slif_One I know you played the PreSequel a ton, man.

How can you say it even remotely attempted to close all the loopholes?

As @Edomaro says above, it just blatantly ignored (or put off without mentioning) huge chunks of the end events of The PreSequel.


“Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 2: Typhon DeLeon”


I’d play it!

you don’t walk away from the only cash cow you have


I wouldn’t call the whereabouts of past characters major plot holes. I’d like to know where they are now, but that’s character specific and not necessarily important to the main story.

Why was the destroyer so small and how were we able to kill it so easily? There have been fan theories for years, for so long that the once biggest question got dwarfed by the events of BL2.

What and why are the guardians? We had a vague idea of their purpose and we learned of their origin in TPS, but now we have a lot of Guardian lore, where before they were largely a mystery.

What even are the vaults and why do they exist? Again we had a rough idea, but more of their history and origin has been uncovered, particularly the vaults featured in BL3. I, for one, did not see that coming.

What is the Siren connection to the vaults? Now we know. We still don’t know of their origin, but it seems that’s a mystery of the Borderlands universe and I’m okay with that. We know more about how their powers are transferred. Again, did not see that coming.

What happened to the Eridians? Now we know.

Where did eriduim come from? Okay, we can only piece together what it actually is and what it does, so that’s not totally complete, but we at least know something about other than shiny purple power crystal thing. But not much more than that.

The only things I must know are, what was Commandant Steele’s Siren power and who/what was “The Watcher” in TPS. It wasn’t even mentioned in BL3. I’d like to know more about Steele, but again that’s character specific lore.

TPS wrapped up how Jack knew about The Vault of The Warrior, BL3 wrapped up the events of BL1. I’d say that’s case closed, the rest are minor details. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to know more, but there are no big unanswered questions.

If there is a BL4, I’d expect it to be a new story altogether. BL3 satisfied my questions about plot holes in the lore of the Borderlands universe, and there are still DLCs to come.

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Several years from now.

I’m getting a Destiny 2 vibe here where we’ll get regular dlc expansion packs and major upgrades (like forsaken, and the upcoming shadow keep).

Kind of hard to imagine Gearbox ending Borderlands after the DLC cycle is over for BL3. It is a huge franchise that is a major success.

If and when we get a Borderlands 4 I kind of hope they go back to singular planet, just have the locations varied like in BL3. It was nice having some major new environments and enemy types. However, I still miss the Robots from BL2. Being able to pick them apart limb by limb was part of the fun. And their goofy animations and one liners.

As for the story. They need to bring back in the writing team from BL2. And craft us a villain that rivals even Handsome Jack himself. Going so far to even having them known each other before the events of BL2. I can even see a scenario where one of the major weapons corporations have succeeded in a major hostile take over of the rest of the manufacturers and are hosting an all out event on a planet to open a vault that is on the level of the Destroyer. And the Vault Hunters are there to try and stop it and/or destroy the Vault Creature before it is released. I can even see them taking a few choice existing Vault Hunters and flipping them to the other side so that they are Boss’s that we as players have to go toe to toe up against.

Or better yet…have the story be from two different perspectives and at the beginning of the game you choose to play as a good or bad Vault Hunter and have the game play out two different ways. Based on that it could make for some interesting match making session and you encounter each other and work against each other making missions fail or succeed depending on who completed the task first. That would be very interesting.

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Alright, fair enough.

I guess I’m still just very annoyed about the lack of Watcher from TPS!

Well. listening to Typhon’s logs that would be more or less a porn game :rofl:

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Haha, his and letas love shack in the vault.

Randy Pichford has been on record saying GBX is far from done with Borderlands.

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Just because a game adds lore does not mean it’s plot hole free. Plot holes form when you ignore things from past plots in this case games and there story’s.

Lilith is awarded credit for beating jack. Like hell she did, zero and them are not even given that credit arena eyes are the ones that did it. She was a damsel.

Shot ton of stuff from TPS being ignored. The story saying the destroyer was not killed but later in a writing says it’s not the destroyer. Vault of destroyer vs great vault what??? Killed in game 1, proven dead in TPS, not dead in 3. The leeche couldn’t absorb the destroyer but tyreen the new leeche can. Like come on in can let the first game destroyer not being the real one go but make that ■■■■ be talked about in story and less confusing.

Why were all the vault hunters gone, no longer crimson Raiders. They were sent to find the hundreds of vaults. But this was changed to they left on there own accord and there are only 3 other vaults outside pandora.

The watcher, Athena, and so many more just not here.

A so called war coming soon that they would need many more vault hunters, yet this war was beaten by less vault hunters then jack.

Jack. Twins.

Lilith. Lilith
Roland. Brick (barely)
Brick. Mordecai (barely)
Mordecai. Maya (brief)
Axton. Zero (brief )
Maya. Amara
Salvador. Zane
Zero. Moze
Gaige. Flak
Kreig. ---------
-------- total 9
Total 10.

Aurelias charecter development in TPS is ignored she becomes just straight evil.

No mention of Elpis population.

these are all plot hole that no lore building will settle.

Now what would I want. Bring back the multiple other planets vaults to start. Have it to where we start off looking for the other sirens, we hunt the other 5 great vaults which are in each of the other 5 inhabited galaxys. Each holding a piece of the destroyer(to explain why it was beaten). We fight against the only living faction of eridians(been pulling the strings since the start) who want the universe cleansed of life so they intend to complete the destroyers revival by opening all six vaults. Each vault can correspond with a siren and the 7th being the key to opening the great vaults. With every vaulthunter being involved even if just briefly like in 3 but all would have a role in the finale fight. watcher was actually warning us of these other eridians and not the twins.

It’s a extremely rough idea considering its the first time I considered the 4th story. But I’d bring back the watcher and the idea of this huge war. And have all sirens present, with the eridians taking the power of the leeche and taking all the sirens powers. Not by leecheing but a machine used similarly to what ever was used to make the sirens to begin with in a we made you and we can break you kinda way.


I love the idea of going to 5 different great vaults in 5 different galaxy’s to kind of resemble the destroyer and teaming up and finding the other sirens,it is believed with some theories that there may be a 7th siren looking through the meridian logs but could be to powerful or dangerous but maybe after the destroyer or whatever we meet them if there is a 7th siren

If BL2 released in 2012 and BL3 released in 2019 my best guess for a BL4 launch window would probably be sometime in the mid 2020’s.