Potential TPS DLC?

Whaaaaaat?! :open_mouth:

Here is the article I came across:




I honestly have no idea. The BL2 VR we know about is for PS4/PSVR, so I’m not convinced that this would be the explanation for the BL2 updates mentioned. There are too many things it could be for guesswork, so I’m just going to wait and see.


Long and short of it is you should follow supmatto on youtube & twitter. He broke the story and continues to investigate. People gave him a lot of grief when he first mentioned it in reference to another site reporting on a inside scoop. Then he followed up with this confirmation. Time will tell, but we know that the VR is a Playstation exclusive at launch.

People seem to poo poo on speculation on youtube, but curiosity is natural. There’s a balance before going to far to the point you get hit with a cease and desist, but at this point the speculation hasn’t been shut down. Only a shush tweet about not saying too much from a GBX employee to a content creator who may also have info. It’s all on twitter. Dig away.


i do not have a twitter account, and that is on purpose.


the ■■■■ is a twitter?


I have one but I do not “submit” (subscribe? :sunglasses:) to background noise sites.
As for SupMatto. I got YT notification. Lot’s of hype from a long time. DLC here, DLC there. Trailer is ready… Lot’s of “it can only mean that…”
Really? Why oh why would Gearbox goes thru all the loop jumping of creating TPS content at this time?
Really… So that they might have a chance to recover the production cost? for what? Hype Bdl3? I rather have all available ressources working on Bdl3 than spending time, money and ressources on a game that, sadly, didn’t met it’s expectation. (I like it but I love Bl2)
Could turn out to be true and I’ll be wrong. But I wont jump on the hype train. Worst case I’m wrong and I get a nice surprise.


As they develop and create…
What I’m thinking, is it’s possible that to help create/advertise the upcoming new installment, they realize a DLC to the highly underrated BLTPS would help explain/bridge the story into a cohesive plot, with hopefully, little to no holes. A solid story/plot is how i can see them releasing another DLC. When TPS was released, we had some new goodies coming to BL2(skins/heads), and that was long after it’s last DLC release. Why couldn’t TPS be similar, a DLC to help create/develop a great story/plot in the making.

Sorry, I’'m at work and keep getting pulled away. My thought is all over the place, sorry. hopefully you can make sense out of my gibberish. lol


All of that is based on the presumption that they are doing this before completing BL3 content, or being past the game development stage of that process.

There’s more perspective from other people on the twitter feed about the potential DLC, or whatever the content may be. However it plays out, to his credit, his hunches have helped telegraph at least one major announcement, and very likely another.


It seems like a remarkable waste of resources to create new content for a game that received a mediocre response. People have been pleading with GBX for 2 years for BL3 and they’re taking their time getting that right. They no longer have Australia to take it on.

Edit - if they made more BL2 content, people would gobble it up.


you don’t think their are “other(s)” that can take that on? I mean, who heard of 2K Australia before TPS was released.

Also, there was a DLC that they had started on but never fully finished. it had to do with Aurelia and some kinda of cruise spaceship. It is possible, the code and most of the development side was already done. just not fully completed. This could be a very easy release, especially if most of the work had already been done. :wink:


I tried watching the linked video, but he took so long to even start addressing the details that I couldn’t stand it and closed the tab.


thanks for the tip. I haven’t watched it. now I won’t. The article was enough for me.

I learned long ago to ignore any gaming news and most news in general. If it happens awesome! I’ll have a reason to jump into borderlands again. If it doesn’t happen then no skin off my back.

There was already 1 unreleased or unfinished dlc for tps, so a new one seems really far fetched to me. Also I really don’t like the mentioned YouTuber


I never heard of them till now. so I have no opinion as far as that’s concerned.

New info, more evidence focused with lots of collaboration & cooberation.


Play at 1.5 or 2x speed if you must but if you want info it’s there to be had.


I just assume that if I don’t know the person from this forum, I don’t want to listen to what they have to say. Is that wrong? :laughing:

That said, the above video has some very interesting stuff. I actually made it through the whole thing.


Maybe you guys will get to see promethea in the next update. I’m just saying because of the Easter egg from the Attikus operation in Battleborn. It’s the only Easter egg that I could find and the hidden message from Oscar Mike versus the Battle school. Maybe there will be an Easter egg in the next DLCs for those Borderlands games.

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I discussed this elsewhere, but at this point I’m of a mind that they are beta testing the VR compatibility with Steam VR, Oculus Rift, and other PC peripherals for an eventual release of Borderlands 2 VR on PC after a period of exclusivity on PS4.

As for the Presequel, I hope it is altogether new unreleased content. Many say that since the game was not a hit by Borderlands standards that makes no sense.

My thought on that is this: On PS4 and Xbox One the only version of the games built for those systems is The Handsome Collection. For them to sell DLC for that game they would need new content. BL2 is saturated with DLC, but TPS is not. So in essence if they were to release DLC for TPS on the consoles it would actually be Handsome Collection DLC, so the stigma with TPS would be lessened. I doubt they would want to exclude people on other platforms so that same content would be made available for PC. That would explain the Presequel updates on PC.

What that content is, I have no clue, though I have hopes. One component of all this, I suspect, is the adoption of some of the more reasonable and practical fixes that were effectively Beta tested by the community via the community patch. Things like currency pick-up including eridium, corrected scaling for skills etc. in UVHM and OP levels. Corrected item rarities and drop rates. I can see all those things, and maybe more added to the game, along with any other things they found to beneficial while developing the VR.


That would make quite a bit of sense, especially if the PSVR version does well.

Not only that, but the 360/PS3 versions of BL2 are basically at the memory limit. So if new content were to be released that included older systems, it could only be for TPS (other than maybe heads and skins).