Potential TPS DLC?

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Even if it doesn’t do well, Sony licensed it exclusively, so the development is generally already paid for and completed outside of the hardware optimization for other VR devices. It would be a waste of resources not to make it available on other platforms and generate additional sales & player engagement.

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This would be great if we could get new cool DLC in style of Tiny Tina assault on dragon keep, Sir Hammerlock or captain Scarlett.

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I don’t know what to say… I don’t enjoy TPS as much as 2 but it also doesn’t deserve the hate it got, also the Clappy DLC is probably my favourite DLC in the entire franchise, so… I want this!

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Promethea DLC? :wink:

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or maybe Promethea pre-sequel 2

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Speculation is fun, eh? I routinely play with one of the texture artists at GBX and he gets a kick out of these threads when I mention them to him. While he’s not a developer, I would take his word over someone who has no contacts within GBX. I’m not saying that the video is wrong, only to not take it as more than what it is: one guy’s opinion based on what he thinks he knows. It’d be great if he was right because I’d like to return to the moon with new content, but TPS’ time has passed and GBX is currently working on BL 3.

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Maybe you guys will get to see the lost world of Jennar…

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MentalMars is my go-to source for Gearbox news outside of Gearbox personnel themselves. If he doesn’t report it, it’s rumor and likely not true. In my opinion.

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thanks for that.

Substance you say…? lmao this is all so good. Keep feeding the hype. lmao :rofl::joy:

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I didn’t want to say anything about it, but the reason I kept pointing to following on twitter is because Mental Mars has been active in the conversations I have had with SupMatto regarding all this trying to suss out ideas. One of the GBX employees that chimed in on those convos, did so to shssssh Mental Mars when he was giving us an idea if we were on to anything, and that his site would be a good place to look to for a future scoop. Didn’t want to seem like a clout chaser, and it’s better for people actually look into things first hand on their own, rather than relying on the word of others alone.

Nothing wrong with being hesitant, but it’s unfortunate when that gets projected onto any and everything contrary to one’s expectations.

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Please let these rumors be true. Because I don’t think B3 will come in 2019.

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I admit I’d have loved new content for The Pre-Sequel. I loved the game (especially the gameplay) but it was a bit easy and short. But I don’t see why they’d release new DLCs after so long.

If they did, though, I’d totally buy it.

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Thanks @MentalMars for the update video!


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Thanks for posting the introduction of the article. If anyone wants to read the full article: https://mentalmars.com/game-news/are-borderlands-2-and-the-pre-sequel-getting-new-dlc/

The difficult thing with reporting on rumors is if you should cover them or not. Some are so ridiculous that they waste your and my time, however, some people still want to believe them. Some rumors I ignored but suddenly the mainstream media starts reporting heavily on it. Then I think it’s my “job” to also inform you. Give you the details of the rumor and also give you my opinion on how likely it is, what this could mean, or debunk it all together. Lately, I also started adding polls to these articles, this way you can also share your opinion if the rumor is believable and check what the majority things about it.

I ignored this DLC rumor at first because I thought it was a stretch. Because if GBX & 2K needed to get players up to speed on the Borderlands timeline it would be way easier to create an infographic or a story cinematic that provided you with the necessary info. However, the content packs that have been discovered in the SteamDB, which are actively being worked on, are adding to this rumor I think. 1+1 could be 2, but it can also still be 2 individual things. So that leaves us with the question, when do things start to add up?

A lot of people took this tweet from Randy as a conformation that he is doing MO-CAP for Borderlands 3.

However, at the time I was already aware of GBX doing a Penn & Teller VR game. Guess what, Penn posted a MO-CAP suit on his twitter a bit later.

So was Randy a Psycho Bandit or was he helping out on the Penn & Teller VR game…?

I try not to get too much caught up in the HYPE. But if a GBX / 2K spokesperson says it’s a good time to be a Borderlands Fan! I think there is something up.

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Things to take into account. If any team has been put together to work purely on Borderlands 3, then that’s what that team is doing. They have a new game engine which no doubt would have taken priority in all game development systems for a new Borderlands.?

TPS having any DLC makes no sense at all, due to the fact it has no continuity towards B3. B2 is dead and buried, surely!*?! How and why would they bring together a whole team to create a large DLC project when all those resources are mentioned above. We already know at the end of B2 they left it open for continuity so there isn’t anything really to add.

Is it possible with the new VR version coming out that code was played with for reasons on that project, and using it as a test bed for code in a newer large scale project? Or simply it made sense to alter code because of the system being used to play the VR with.?

Personally i’m not convinced they would release content for either TPS or B2 considering how important it is for Gearbox to build the biggest baddest follow on, B3. In which all their resources would be focused, and using a new engine.

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Being convinced of something isn’t a requirement to allow speculation to exist.

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I didn’t debate the speculation…did I. I find it intriguing how people find this code and analyse it. So no, I have no issues. Just adding a comment.

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Depends on where you put it. The TPS ending is set after BL2 and clearly points forward. There’s stuff alluded to in the background dialogue that could well be fleshed out and would tease towards whatever is in the next game.

From a practical perspective, if GBX wanted to add anything to BL2 at this point it would have to be current gen + PC only - there’s no way any more game content (other than purely cosmetic items) can be squeezed in on older hardware.

Testing the viability of a PC BL2VR is not an unreasonable suggestion. Using existing code base to play with things for the next game (or some other property) is also not unreasonable. And if it tweaks certain obssessives along the way, that could be considered a bonus?

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I appreciate any and all opinions. This is an open discussion and I like what I am reading.

I think most of the work could have already been done. With the 2k Australia “loss” who knows what went down behind closed doors. Maybe the code had been written, they just needed approval, or another check point in the Quality Control process. We can speculate all day, but if there is any truth to this. I feel like the majority of the “work” had already been done.