Potential TPS DLC?

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That’s a good point actually. Never thought about that. If they had a lot of assets for more content in TPS, why wouldn’t they have already done it though? Been a while since all that went down.

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could have been legal issues, creative content and ownership of such…legality crap. When a company goes under and has creative ownership of new content, that could be why it took so long to release…or it was all part of the ultimate plan? its fun to speculate. :blush:

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That’s where I’ll put my 2 cents.
Now to think they put so much effort into it and it’s all now fixed at this moment in time… Sounds like a fairy tale.
Unless someone can look up at Gearbox or 2K staff and see a bunch of former Australia 2K staffer… Doing the final work on someone else software can quickly become a nightmare. They did it (kinda) with Doom wich was a huge title and got burned. I doubt they’ll take such a risk with TPS.
imo if there was any “secret release” it was the VR version and that’s it.
Unless you’re calling customization items a DLC…

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I am not, but technically that would be accurate. “DLC(Down Loaded Content)” is downloaded content. Either way you look at it. :blush:

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Technically… Yes!

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These days, pretty much the entire game is down-loaded content. Maybe we need to go back to terms like “expansion pack”, “cusomization pack”, etc.?

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Have you all been keeping up with SupMatto’s updates? The discussion, tracking of the steamdb content updates and formats fleshes out what this might be a little more clearly, as far as being something more extensive, with localization files in multiple languages being a recent update and a designation as DLC to be paid for vs. being an “update”.

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So guys… I’m not completely familiar with development techniques, but this video seems to suggest we are getting more DLC for either BL2 or TPS…

I know it was rumoured before, but uh… More DLC… I would buy it immediately, even at the expense of food.

Anyway The Clap will return to you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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One of the few sources I would claim to be reliable on the subject but…
And it’s a big BUT!
Stuff like that need to make sense from a money point of view first. Sure there could be some money to be made from peeps like us but overall? From a “worldwide” point of view? Doesn’t seem like diverging ressources from the new game developments toward an old game dlc make much sense.
Unless… Unless there was something left on the table for TPS and Gearbox found a way to acquire the rights for cheap AND some guys (or gals) who actually worked on it.
Then… maybe then there could be a possibility.
imho of course.

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Releasing some DLC for the newly released VR game makes sense, and that could explain it of course, but I like to hope anyway :slight_smile:

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I think it makes some sense monetarily to pump out a new dlc. Before bl2 release they released the claptrap dlc for bl1 to get people hyped on the series again. Also I heard a theory that, while just a theory, makes a lot of sense. Something like 17 million copies of bl2 were sold, 4 million copies of bl tps were sold, and only 1 million copies of tales were sold. Both of the latter two games continue the story line and bl3 will pick up with all the consequences of those games intact. So the argument is that this dlc would drop dialogue info that catches everyone up on the current state of the story.

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Should be obvious, it’s for more VR milking.

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Why would a steam update be a way of milking a ps4 exclusive VR version?

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It’s a timed exclusive. BL2 VR will likely be released for PC in 5 months or so, and it will be available through Steam. Whether or not these mystery files are related to a BL2 VR release on Steam might be uncertain, but that BL2 VR is only PS4 exclusive for a limited time isn’t.

If they want to catch players up to the story, they’ll do it in the new game, as they did in BL2.

The Claptrap DLC (Sept 2010) was released a full 2 years before BL2 (Sept 2012).


The vid that @Kuolemanlaakso posted has the most plausible theory : that it’s either BL2 or (less likely) TPS DLC to get fans back into the fold to ramp them up for BL3 - possibly with some storyline tie-in to bridge the events of the two games. I highly recommend watching that vid- if nothing else it’s very interesting how some of these projects get cobbled together.

Whatevs, imma buy it.

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Triple S League (6:22 in the vid) uses words like ‘supposedly’ and ‘reports’. Supposedly? Reports? Supposed from whom? What reports? What is the source of this scheissenrede? A hopeful child’s motivated reasoning in a reddit comment? The arsch of a gaming podcaster?

They say, in this very video clip, “take this with a grain of salt” " and “If this is true, it’s going to be really amazing”. These terms both mean, “This is not credible information”.

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“Unidentifed” sources always been the core of journalism. Many politicians or businessman would like you to believe undisclosed sources always mean a lie. They have good reasons for that. Ever heard of “deep throat”?

Not necessarily. That is where we as “the audience” need to do our job and sort good sources from the bad ones. Hayden doesn’t have an history of throwing nonsense out just for clicks.
Personally I lean toward all these secret files being related to Borderlands VR. If it’s the case and nothing else come out before Bdl 3. Then a lot of these youtubers will loose their credibility. Damaging their reputation for a very long time.
On the other hand there’s been several presumed leaks about characters. Originating from the same sources. Both playable and npc. That cannot simply be dismissed.
Only time will tell.

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The one thing I keep reminding myself is that Randy himself said they are working on lots of things for Borderlands fans. VR and BL3 + DLC + the new Gearbox Merch Store are three such things. Two of those things I believe only apply to a niche audience among the fans. Tales is pretty much done at this point, with Tell Tale folding, and the theatrical film seems a long way off, as it’s still in development https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4978420/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2

There was no real DLC for The Handsome Collection other than Claptastic Voyage. Yes it’s been 3.75 years, but considering possibly being a year from the release of BL3, with their desire to have the shortest window between announcement and launch, releasing more gaming content for another title would be the only way to get people back into playing Borderlands if they don’t bite on the VR release, which itself is cost-prohibitive.

Also, for people who left Borderlands behind on the last generation of consoles (PS3 and XB360) this would be a way to get them to finally buy it on their new consoles. And per Take Two, this would be a way to add a microtransaction to an existing title that would not be outside of what Randy likely feels is acceptable monetization.