Potential work around to infinite loading screen glitch

Hey everyone, I have been here for most of the day looking for fixes for the glitch that causes infinite claptrap loading screens.

Fix that worked for me:

  1. Go to the epic games launcher
  2. Go to settings, scroll down until you see Borderlands 3. Enable “Additional Command Line Arguments”
  3. Copy paste this into the text box “-DX11”
  4. Run the game, it will crash, run it once more, then when it offers to reset the settings, do it.

What this does:

I kind of found it by accident, but I know that BL3 will offer to restore default settings if it crashes more than one time in a row.

What this fix does is force the game to crash when you launch it and gives you the options to reset to default settings outside the game.

The reason the command is “-DX11” is because I know the game is based on the unreal engine and I thought my issues where being caused by the game trying to run in DX12 which is currently bugged for a lot of people. So i tried some unreal engine command line parameters to try and force the game into DX11 at run time, ik for those who know about this sort of thing more than I may laugh, but hey, I got the game working by breaking it, the fact I even had to search for these kinds of commands to fix a brand new game is stupid enough.

I hope this helps.

tried this. didn’t work for me

Also didnt work for me…just trying everything really, :confused: i just want to play the $100+ game i paid for :confused:

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I feel you, I am just desperate now man

Sorry it didn’t work for you guys! I feel you, it shouldn’t be possible for a game of this size to be unplayable the moment it launches.

Were you guys trying to run the game in DX12-mode and now you’re stuck on that? If so, then here’s a workaround: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Borderlands_3#Inability_to_load_in_DirectX_12_mode

You may have to hit F5 on the page after opening the link to see the linked section.

It works for me, and I’m so glad it did. PS : My game is installed on an other HDD.