Power creep and self damage is an issue

The continued power creeping is causing an annoying issue : Splash damage.

Any source of self damage will just properly One shot you now.

My super bulky IB just hit the dust in one hit if I use splash damage and a projectile explode too close to me.

Playing Moze, I think that self damage kill me 4 to 5 time more often than actual enemies


Welcome to “we won’t do op levels”


This is actually hilarious lol

It’s like playing Halo…

That’s what happens when damage gets scaled up while health and shields stay the same.

It still baffles me that they didn’t bump up enemy damage along with their health in mayhem levels. It left this weird place we’re now in where one shot with a white splash weapon will hit harder than all of your health and shield combined. And self damage ignores health gate.

With Moze I’ve built her to take advantage of this with the double downer shield and the new blue guardian perks. I generally go into ffyl on purpose now since it lasts forever and I’m doing more damage that way. I only have to be careful I don’t do it too much or else the ffyl timer gets too short to survive.

Edit: For Iron Bear, unfortunately we are stuck with using hardpoints that don’t to self damage or be extra careful about what we are shooting. Sadly Auto Bear isn’t that smart and will kill itself instantly with the wrong skill setup. I’ve been really enjoying the hammerdown protocol. For some reason IB is immune to nukes.

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That’s the weapon scaling
It actually doesn’t help with anything but making selfdamage and lifeleech unbalanced
And a bunch of weapons and other stuff

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How ELSE am I going avoid that nasty 45 second Save/Quit time on PS4, when farming Killavolt?

I’m Rooting for that 5 second death penalty reset.

I was wondering why IB and AB sometimes just got insta-gibbed. It didn’t really occur to me that it was self damage. I use rocket pods usually so now that makes more sense. I will have to try the nukes to see if it boosts AB survivability.

Yea the nukes don’t hurt IB for some reason, neither do the railguns

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I assume the minigun doesn’t, either but what about the minigun with exploding rounds augment?

It kill IB instantly.

After some test, the railgun with the chain lightning augment seem really really good. IB seem to benefit from overkill and it massacre everything. Mine can clear Slaughtershaft totally alone with rocketeer class mod. I’m just running around to loot

i lowkey like this.
makes iron bear a one shot wonder, but you still have to put some brain into positioning and timing.

personally i use rocket pods for long/mid range attacks on dangerous targets (annointards) and for close range and general area cleanup, nukes, since they dont do self damage.

Yeah, I end up with the same thing. If I pilot IB, guided rocket pod seem by far the best bet : Huge DPS output and you can swifly burst target after target.

For auto bear and rocketeer, I prefer the railgun, anything explosive and the bear suicide instantly

mh, good point. Im just hellbent on not using autobear mods ever since we escaped the grasp of pre-blood bounty skill damage.

tbh, i think the rocket pods were designed either as an anti-air weapon and crowd control. Choose many - blast many.
But if instead we use it all on 1 target, its fokin brutal damage xd

I was doing that before the damage scaling. Didn’t realize that I could proc the mini-grenades on myself. I haven’t played since DLC 3, been out of town. But after reading many posts, I expect that I’ll probably be dying every other step, especially in “chunky” areas with a lot of unforgiving surfaces.

I run double-minigun; Exploding Bullets + General Winter.

EB self-kills if used on an enemy in melee range but GW doesn’t. Splash Radius only makes this worse, so I avoid both that and AoE buffs on my artifact and COM.

For IB anyway, it’s annoying but I can live with it. I hate that it ignores health-gate for Moze herself. That just sucks.

I can only imagine how bad it must be for Moze. Even as Fl4k, I can’t get near enemies if I don’t want to down myself with my own splash, because I always have radiation ASE on all my shield.

That means no melee with slayer/groundbreaker, and no CQB using my favorite Jokob’s shotguns. I guess we need to play expecting to go FFYL all the time unless we are using mid/long range weapons.

Lmao, anointards. I love it.

For pilot builds anything is good as long as you’re careful. I love that IB has so many viable options now.

For Rocketeer AB builds we have mini guns (without explosive rounds), bear fist, rail guns, and nukes. Not a shabby collection of options there either.

Our bear is finally in a great place and I love it. Honestly the issue with self damage kinda balances out the insane damage he can do. The general scaling issues still remain, but I really hope they don’t take this away from us. I’m having fun again.

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i rly dont get how torgue cross promotion doesnt give a reisstance bonus, seeing moze is the queen of blast.

Make it to self damage, and at 5/5 cap it at 100% as reward for whoever feels like investing 5 points in TCP - Now youre allowed to go up to the face with explosions. Aint that awesome?

(BUT make sure the cap is a max 100%, i can already see bugs where mods with bonuses to TCP can cause a 130% resistance to deal negative damage to ourselves and basically heal on explosion hit. Bug or feature? HAH)

My Rocketeer gets me up to 10/5 TCP. Soooo 200% reduction? An invincible splash warrior would be so much damned fun. And Torgue would be so proud.

Edit: Currently my favorite thing to do is plant my auto bear with his dual nukes, pull out my Nukem with the bonus incendiary on AB active and just nuke everything! Haha, including myself.

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