Power creep seems unnecessary

There’s a lot of cool new gear in the last few dlcs, but every since the ION CANNON I’m dreading the day that any of them are nerfed into the ground. IC getting nerfed isn’t bad in itself, rather, it got nerfed too hard. Same thing happened to Kaoson. Nerf ok, super nerf bad.

With that, why are we getting gear each time that is objectively better than what we had before, when it’s just going to be nerfed later?

Plasma Rifle is awesome, I love it, but not because of the power: it looks cool, feels cool, sounds cool and shoots fast, and is another welcome DOOM reference.
I don’t mind if it gets nerfed to make it balanced, but I fear that yet another cool gun is going to be over-nerfed.

In a game like this, I much prefer cool gimmicks and ideas than some kinda of meta build. This isn’t pvp, why nerf these guns later on, let alone make them so op in the first place if it is necessary to nerf them?

Note: I don’t mind balancing gear or nerfs in general, I’m objecting to power creep making old gear worse in comparison only to later get nerfed into obscurity.


So that you buy it first


Lol. You’re right. Funny, though, that the pattern of nerfs after the fact described by the OP is one of the reasons I’m NOT buying it until I see what they do to it (among others like wth Director’s Cut even is).

It seems to work for other people
"Oh look, another weapon that can 1 shot everything! Take my money! Huehuehuehue!
(1 month later) Oh nooooo, why did you take away my fun :’( :’( " some will never learn


Really does look like that that’s the strategy doesn’t it :joy:

It’s like they don’t even care for longevity…

Yeah I’m not sure exactly what goes on in the development process when it comes to deciding the numbers. The theory mentioned above about intentional powercreep to boost sales seems plausible, but I’m leaning to an alternative explanation.

I think they just don’t know what “balanced” feels like so they just take a guess with the numbers and aim toward overperformance rather than underperformance. Take a look at the buffs they’ve done over the past number of months: usually they’re way too low or really, really high. Sometimes they strike a really good balance, but it all just feels kind of random. I’m really not sure that they have a good gauge of these things and as a result they just end up making things really overpowered (or underpowered as I argued above). Naturally after they get feedback they bring in the buffs and nerfs because they realize how far off the mark they were. That’s my speculation at least.

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Nothing ever did get over-nerfed in the moment. But everything that has been nerfed has been greatly overshadowed by the next expansion, or hotfix. The kaoson is still great, the Ion Cannon still has uses, but they’re greatly overshadowed by all the other OP stuff in the DLCs. Nerfing shouldnt be a big worry, except for skills. Skills and characters getting nerfs, or redundant buffs, are the bigger problem.