Power down console and reinstall as problem solutions

I sent various tickets to Gearbox lately, regarding problems with cryo Zane, DLC mission progression blocks and drops, matchmaking and DLC5 anoints popping up on non-DLC5 owners. This was their response:

My circuits are detecting a series of unfortunate events leading up to issues with your Arms Race content, matchmaking, the Cryo damage while using STNL on Zane and progression blockers on two missions the Riding to Ruin and Call from the Deep. That’s quite a few things, but don’t worry my dear recruit! We’ll get to the bottom of this together! I highly suggest trying a few simple troubleshooting steps that are known to resolve the Arms Race, Zane and matchmaking issues for starters. Could you please perform them for me and let me know if they had any effect on your gameplay?

First, we’ll try a full power-down of your console. This works for many issues, so please try it out!

Hopefully that helped! If not, we can next try a complete re-install of the game - don’t forget to backup your files!

Next up, concerning the Call from the Deep mission, let me know if the full power-down of your console has helped! Hopefully, that helped! If not, then we’re going to ask that you try fast-traveling away from that map and then travel back to it. When you travel back to it, instead of driving to the location you need to be in, we’re going to ask that you run back manually. I know it might take a bit of time, but this has been known to clear through some progression blockers before. Once you give all that a shot, just get back to me with an update and we’ll go from there!

Last but not least, thanks to Vault Hunters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect enough info about the Riding to Ruin progression blocker to notify the development team, and they’re currently looking into it.

Are any of the solutions provided known to work?

Just tell them you did it and resubmit


This does actually fix a number of issues with BL3 - I’ve done it myself, particularly after a hard crash, just to make sure stale data is cleared away. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will fix your specific problem, but it’s worth doing once in a while generally just as routine system maintenance. Plus, it doesn’t take long and is a lot faster than a full re-install.

I’ve had problems in other games that required me to remove my profile from the console (with cloud backup), perform a factory reset, and reinstall. In my case (XB1) I used the option that leaves games/apps in place but resets everything else. Again, that resolved some nagging save file issues, although it didn’t involve BL3.

Definitely try the power reset first though.


I do a full power-down of my Xbone fairly regularly. And I am not talking about the kind you can do through the Xbone software. Turn the console off, unplug it, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in, and press the power button and let the console reboot. This hard reboots the console and appears to fix a lot of issue with Xbone hardware and software IMO.

The OP should not discount the solution proposed by tech support, it does work a lot of the time.

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Some great advice here and hopefully it works for you. Also though it also depends on what console you are running BL3 on as well, if you are in the same boat as me/others (XB1X) it might not work but as another said resubmit or don’t agree that it is fixed if it isn’t. Good Luck.