Power Fist & Melee Weapons/

Is the damage from Wilhelm’s “Power Fist” skill modified by him holding melee-boosting weapons?

(Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - I’ve been Googling to find an answer, but haven’t been able to find anything conclusive.)

Yes, it is.

It receives melee and explosive damage buffs, along with the 3X multiplier with cryo and maybe the crit boost from cryo as well.

Good to know. Thanks!


My very 1st character when this game came out in PC. Its mainly used with cold war skill oncew enemies freeze hit em with that no need meele boosting weapons insta crack just use cryo weapon preefrebly absolute zero

The absolute Zero can’t come with a melee accessory and while it is a great laser for both freezing and damaging enemies, the fridgia is a better weapon when it comes to just freezing enemies.

Also, Cold War barely boost the cryo chance of a cryo weapon. If used with something like a Thunderfire it procs like crazy, but on weapons that can already freeze it’s pretty pointless.