Power Level from 67 to 72 & Trade

Looking for someone to help me power level from 67 to 72. Have items to offer.

**I am also looking for a KerBlaster Lvl 72, BlackHole Shield Lvl 72, Fire Storm Lvl 72, Infinity Pistol Lvl 72, BOOM Puppy Lvl 72, **

I have… B*tch Lvl 72, Shredifier (Slag) Lvl 72, Slagga Lvl 72, DP Harold OP8, Orge OP8, Swordsplosion Lvl 72, Kitten (Fire) Lvl 72, Legendary Solider Class Mod Lvl 72, The Bee OP8, Magic Missile OP8.

I probebly have afew of the items u are looming for dude that u can gladly have message me online gt gra5er1