Power Level help BL2 & TPS and farming at higher levels

Currently playing as a Mechromancer Gaige. My current level is 22 and would love anyone willing to help me get to 72. I also have a siren Maya that is at a lower level, but Gaige is my favorite so she gets the main attention. Of course some attention would have to be given to The Pre-Sequal later on. Have an Athena and Aurelia, not sure who to give my attention to.

I am willing to return the favor for others, quid pro quo. (help me and I return the favor to you and others.)

PSN: Winglucario

Online right now and have today and tomorrow off so lots of time to play. Mainly want to reach max level to be able to farm during the advance drop rate. I have a mic if that makes it better.

It’s sad how unhelpful people are. I would love to help anyone once I get higher level. I am far from a professional or even elite player.

I prefer to stay out of random matching up because I got burned by it. Joined a party who were doing easily doing a speed run and screwed me out of getting any loot from chest and drops.

Unfortunately it is sad, but I am here and willing to help out with pretty much anything. I’ve been trying to post as much as possible offering my help. But feel free to add me and when I’m online I will try to help you out. Just shoot me a message. PSN: Etsaal1988

FYI, I won’t be able to do much for a couple of days due to work, but Monday or Tuesday I will be able to help you out.