Power level help pretty, pretty please

I had max op8 zerker, zero and krieg on xbox 360 and when I got my xbox one last year I had trouble with my gamertag transfer( long, long story).

Could someone please powerlevel just one of mine and my wife’s characters to however much you feel like. Once I get one of each to level 80 we are going to farm when we play and I will powerlevel hers and mine when she doesn’t play.
I can be on everyday after 430pm-8pm and all day friday-sunday. Gt Darth Jon77 my Wifes is Valentyne83
Thanks for any and all replies and help.

What time zone? I’m assuming this is the Handsome Collection since you said level 80, so moving the relevant section.

EST. Sorry about the wrong section, thank you.

I can powerlevel to 80 or anywhere between. I see you didn’t specify which timezone you are in. I normally powerlevel between 9pm and 11pm EST. (mon thru thur been rewatching Babylon 5, so have been starting 10pm those days).
Also note that as long as you get into one of my powerlevel sessions, you can go AFK if needed and barring the game lagging out, you’ll get XP till I decide to quit for the night.
Just send me a message on Xbox 1, GT - LunaticOne

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Thank you so much! Its Eastern standard time.
Yes I do have a mic and I normally go to bed around 8:30-9pm(work, kids etc) but I will stay up and be on which ever day you can help.
Again, thank you very much!