Power level Lvl 63 to 72

Any advice or someone willing to help me out. Jumped back into the borderlands 2 game after the free weekend lol. Anyway, looking to get my Commando from Lvl 63 to 72. Trying to do it the easiest and fastest way possible so I can farm the Lvl 72 gear and start OP. Thanks.

this link gives all info GT, how to message me and time that I’m on

Have u completed uvhm as im gna b startin it again soon with me char that has ir 2 do u could jump in for the free xp like gt gra5er1

Yeah I completed UVHM already. And that sounds great. I’ll message you when i’m on. What times and days are you usually on?

is some able to get my 58 siren to 72
gt; MidSilentKage

I play on uk time normali about 7pm tue thurs n sun for deff sumtimes others just depends what mood the wifes in lol