Power-Level Please (PS4)

Hi Just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to power-level me on PS4, Either on TPS or BL2 it would be greatly appreciated, my PSN is RyxNooo, and i’m always online, thanks in advance

I added you

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could you also help me please, im 59 at the moment

Hey ranger can you power level me as well? My psn is Die_Blass_Reiter

Would you mind helping me out with power leveling? Call_Me_Deej_

Add me plz dad2014723
Power lol plz

I stopped power levelling a while back as it takes about 9 hours to get you from 1-72

I can powerlevel anyone in this thread, Borderlands 2 only, PSN: hitman10466

At 69 and a friend need needs healp i can pay any amount of in game money and i have lv 70 weapons psn vindogg2_ds

I can level you

PSN: hitman10466

ill power level you 1-72 PS4 PSN unknow1234567890 msg me if want to be lvl 72 i do 1 character only

Can u help my brother and i today around 10pm im Zewgestu and he is Aszhole95

Sinister_Catch. Need co op/ leveling partner(s)

I added u names Zewgestu


A year late. but if you still can, add me: peet_a_

Would someone mind helping me get to OP 8? I’m OP 4 now and am tired of grudging new weapons out ever OP level. I appreciate the help. Psn is jdhiatt. I’m on the PS4.

Looking for a power level! Even if I’m just chilling in the back of your game, I’m down.
PSN: RamboMan636

xHYDROxPONYx needs some help if anyone has the time.