Power level pleeeease

Hi can anyone help me power level my sal to around level 30/35 I just need to have enough skill points into gunzerking skills for the blood so much blood trophy. My psn is Wookin_Awesome either message me on psn or reply here thanks in advance oh yeah it’s ps4 btw

Actually the place for asking for power leveling is in the PSN Online and Trading section- this is more or less about Sal in general- builds, weapon advice, general strategies, etc.

Whoops can a mod please Move this when they see it thanks

Moved. Good luck.

Psn is drinkingcloud, i can help if you still need it. I usually play around 11pm central timse

Well I’m in uk so I’ll add u next time I’m on ps4 and if we happen to be online at the same time at some point I’ll drop u a message thanks for the offer