Power leveling 50-70

Is there any efficient way of doing this?

I was doing the BA round of the Holodome for some time but I’ve found the new hotdog arena thing in the claptrap dlc to be faster and more fun.

Where is hotdog arena?

Mutator arena in the Cortex.

Yeah sorry I forgot what the name of the place was called so I’ve just been calling it the hotdog arena. The mission to first get to the arena is called “Hax0r” then “l33t hax0r” or something close to it. But after you do the first one, you can replay the arena as many times as you want!

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Ohh, ok.

At level 50 I was able to start UVHM and got to the Sentinel (& beat it) around level 53. After that the Guardian Hunter mission becomes available. That mission is a great way to get fast XP (I also used it to test weapons; you do know that instead of trying to ‘capture’ a Guardian you kill them over & over?) But, 50 to 70’s a lot of levels so you might want to do other things, too (Holodome, Mutator, etc.) Good thing about getting to the UVHM version is that enemies scale to your level so no worries about being underleveled.

If you want an efficient and easy way (but VERY boring) Just compete the first mission “welcome to Helios” again and again by reseting your playthough, all of the enemies are very easy so you don’t need to keep upgrading gear but it’s SO TEDIOUS